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French baby-milk maker Lactalis

Trouble for Sanofi dengue vaccine

The safety fears involve possible increased risk to people who had not previously been

Nigeria's flourishing 'miracle cure' business for HIV/AIDS

Blessing wanted to believe the advert on Facebook

Weight loss with the Japanese 'morning banana diet'

So are you planning to lose weight? If yes, you are probably thinking and

Eat these 26 foods for better vision

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining the health of the eyeas well as for preventing eye inflammation,

Just two sugary drinks per week may cause you type 2 diabetes, heart diseases

Just two cans of fizzy drinks are enough to increase the risk of diabetes, high

8 Incredible health benefits of apple

They are delicious, they are nutritious and a handful may even help keep doctor

New insights in diabetes, TB infection

The world’s largest annual conference on lung health in Mexico has put forward new

Diabetes, heart diseases killing younger people: NCD

The Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (NCD Alliance) warns South Asian countries including Bangladesh about the

4th ISC meeting on 9th APCSRHR held in Vietnam

The 4th International Steering Committee (ISC) Meeting to prepare for Asia – Pacific Conference to

Mumbai doctors remove 5.5kg tumour from woman's kidney

Surgeons at Sion Hospital made it to the Guinness Book of World Records this week

Brain activity, Good diet may prevent insomnia related depression

While lack of sleep is a major risk factor for depression, not everyone who

icddr,b joins first-ever global initiate to end cholera by 2030

icddr,b has joined the launch of an ambitious new strategy to

3 healthy reasons to add coconut water in your life

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside a young coconut. It helps nourish the fruit and keeps it healthy

Potato juice benefits and uses for skin and health

For those who believe in the power of natural ingredients, the local grocery store

Resistance exercise linked to reduced anxiety

Researchers analysed data from 16 previously published studies with a total of 922 participants

Japanese water therapy to loose weight

Water is an essential part of our lives and it is one of the

‘Super malaria’ in Southeast Asia

Scientists warn that ‘super malaria’, a strain resistant to

5 Quick remedies to get rid of burnt tongue

Imagine this - you're about to take a sip of the freshly brewed coffee

What is making your child obese

Obesity is the root-cause for innumerable diseases and medical complications as such high blood

6 Things not to do when you have a cold

Common colds are common, as if the name itself didn't make it clear enough.

E-cigarettes may double the risk of tobacco smoking

E-cigarettes are a fad among the younger crowd who find solace in the 'fact' that

Some incredible tricks to speed up weight loss

Happens with many people when they start working out to lose weight, the process

The correct way to put on antiperspirant

When it comes to our morning routine there are few of us who would

How to stop snoring in just five minutes a day

Every night, in homes across the country, bedrooms reverberate with the trumpeting, whistling, whining

Why babies constantly become ill

Babies repeatedly become ill because their immune system is extremely forgetful, researchers have discovered.

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