Monday, September 21, 2015



National Vitamin-A Plus campaign is beingobserved across the country today aiming to feed vitamin-A Plus capsules to over 2.20 crore

Menstrual cups safe, practical and cheap: study

Inexpensive and reusable menstrual cups are safe and as

WHO: Too much sugar in baby foods on market

Baby foods on market generally contain too much sugar,

Medicare moving toward covering acupuncture for back pain

Medicare says it's moving toward potentially covering acupuncture for

Health tips: Simple ways to manage migraine at work

Whether or not we acknowledge it, unhealthy eating habits,

Antibiotics can weaken flu defences, says new study

Antibiotics can leave the lung vulnerable to flu viruses,

10 medical myths we should stop believing

You might assume that standard medical advice was supported

Vitamin A Plus campaign tomorrow

The national Vitamin ‘A’ plus campaign will be observed

New breast cancer drug found to boost survival rates by 30%

A new form of drug drastically improves 

icddr,b launches artificial intelligence based diabetic retinopathy detection

icddr,b in collaboration with Eyes For All PLC, United

Sugars in mother's milk help shape baby's microbiome and ward off infection

While living in a mother’s womb, cushioned by amniotic fluid and protected from the

WHO urges broader use of Ebola vaccine as DR Congo case numbers climb

The World Health Organization on Tuesday 

‘Deadly’ superbugs in ICUs

The ‘deadly’ antimicrobial resistant superbugs could be responsible for the 80 percent of the deaths

UN: Malawi is 1st nation to use malaria vaccine to help kids

The World Health Organization says Malawi has become the first country to begin immunizing children against malaria, using the only

C-sections greatest burden among childbirth expenses: icddr,b

Families may be spending the highest amount from their pockets for caesarian section deliveries

Study finds diabetes drug may prevent, slow kidney disease

A drug that's used to help control blood sugar

Caesarian deliveries incur huge cost in childbirth: study

Caesarian deliveries incur huge cost in 

Safe to transplant hepatitis C-infected hearts, lungs

Doctors can safely transplant hepatitis C-infected lungs and hearts into people desperate for a

US officials worry paralyzing illness may grow more common

One morning last fall, 4-year-old Joey Wilcox woke up with the left side of his face drooping.It was the first

Cholera cases mount to over 1,000 in cyclone-hit Mozambique

Cholera has infected at least 1,052 people in Mozambique’s cyclone-hit region, the health ministry said Monday in a new report,

Training for parents, autistic kids essential: experts

Autistic kids, their parents and other caregivers need proper training in combating the neuro-developmental disorder among children, experts said.

Hawaii weighs nation’s first statewide ban on e-cig flavors

The first state to limit tobacco and electronic cigarette sales to people 21 and older is contemplating a new

US performs first kidney transplant from living donor with HIV

The kidney of a 35-year-old HIV- positive woman has been transplanted into another patient with the virus thatcauses AIDS,

Rangpur to become free from Chikungunya, Dengu soon

Mayor of Rangpur Mostafizar Rahman Mostafa has said Rangpur would become a clean city soon free from‘Chikungunya’, ‘Dengu’ and

World Tuberculosis Day today

The World Tuberculosis (TB) Day-2019 is being observed in the country today like elsewhere in the globe to create

Millions malnourished in Pakistan despite abundance of food

A frantic mother cradling her seven- month-old baby rushes towards the special paediatric ward in a desolatePakistan town, his

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