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"Will our future be certain?" is a recurring question going through every HSC examnee's thoughts right now in

WHO suspends trials of hydroxychloroquine as virus treatment

The World Health Organization said on 

Japan newborn gets liver stem cells in world first

Doctors in Japan have successfully transplanted liver cells derived from embryonic stem cells into

Johnson & Johnson to stop sales of talc-based baby powder in US, Canada

 Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced on Tuesday it

Laundry in a time of COVID-19

The world is trembling. The coronavirus pandemic is taking a huge toll on our lives. Over a million has

Rohingyas need urgent eye care access: Study

A study has found that the number of people with operable cataract is three- to

What to know about malaria drug and coronavirus treatment

Some politicians and doctors are sparring over whether to

General mask use OK where hand-washing, distancing difficult: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday that facemasks could be justified in areas

Covid-19: Frequent hand-washing, sanitizing giving rise to skin problems

In the last few months, senior patient service associate Judy Tan, 56, who works

Malaria drugs' promise for coronavirus spurs hope, shortages

Excitement about treating the new coronavirus with malaria drugs is raising hopes, including with

Avoid taking ibuprofen for Covid-19 symptoms: WHO

The World Health Organization recommended Tuesday that people suffering Covid-19 symptoms avoid taking ibuprofen,

High temperature, humidity reduce coronavirus transmission: Study

High temperature and humidity can reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19,

Flu and coronavirus: Similar symptoms, different fears

Is it the flu, a cold or the new

Coronavirus: The fake health advice you should ignore

Coronavirus is emerging in more countries around the world

Sanctions-hit Iran struggles to make cancer drugs

A lab-coated technician leans over a bioreactor at an

World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO

The World Health Organization has said the world should do more to prepare for

Businesses in China capable of overcoming the challenges posed by the epidemic

As China battles the novel coronavirus epidemic, people in the country are gradually returning to

Coronavirus disease named Covid-19

The World Health Organization says the official name for the disease caused by the

WHO has confidence in China

The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in China continues to rise. Meanwhile,

Chinese embassy issues guidelines on coronavirus prevention

The Chinese Embassy in Dhaka has issued a set of guidelines for Bangladeshis on prevention

Confusion over whether masks are necessary amid coronavirus outbreak

“Do not wear a mask if you are well” read a warning plastered across

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'

A newly-discovered part of our immune system could be

Football fans experience 'dangerous' stress levels

Devoted football fans experience such intense levels of physical stress while watching their team

Vision impairment cases will rise dramatically: WHO

Globally at least 2.2 billion people are suffering from vision impairment of whom at

Australian scientists make breakthrough on preventing spread of dengue fever

Researchers from Australia's national science body have successfully genetically engineered mosquitoes that are resistant

Scientists find powerhouses that fight tumours from within

Lurking deep inside some tumours are “factories” full of

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