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 Water logging has become one of the major problems in Dhaka city. Many areas, including roads in Dhaka, were

Environmental sustainability and rural development in Bangladesh

 Sustainable rural development is about improving the quality of life in a locality, including ecological, cultural, institutional, social and

From rewilding to forest schools, our attitude to nature is changing for the better

 It was the Wild East manifesto that first brought it home to me. An ambitious project bringing together everyone

UN chief calls for rapid change in fight against climate disruption

To stop Climate disruption United Nations (UN)Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants a major and rapid change."Major and rapid

E-waste emerging threat for environment

 Electronic and electrical waste, also known as e-waste, is often rich in precious metals and other reusable materials, such

Excessive use of plastics threatens the environment and public health

 Plastic products have become a serious threat to the environment and public health. These include soft drink bottles, cosmetics

Air pollution linked to 15 percent of coronavirus deaths: study

Long-term exposure to air pollution may be linked to

Amazon risks tipping from forest to savanna: study

As much as 40 percent of the Amazon risks

Popy as Purba in new movie 'Bhalobashar Projapoti'

National Film Award winning actress Popy has returned to acting in the movie 'Bhalobashar Projapati' directed by Raju Alim

'Gontobbo Sureshwar Ghat'

A dead body was identified as Mamun after getting a moneybag from the body. Then the body was taken

Joey King reuniting with Netflix for 'Uglies'

Actor Joey King is set to star in the screen adaptation of young adult novel 'Uglies' in the works

'Captain Kathal: Our very own vigilante superhero'

Breaking the fourth wall, phucka mama looks at the camera and thanks the viewers for their enormous support in

Multitalented actress, lyricist, program host Adhora

Popular actress and host of present generation is Adhora Jahan. But she feels comfortable to give her identity as

Global leaders pledge to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030

World leaders on Monday pledged to take urgent action

Senegalese town fights losing battle against trash

Medza remembers the coastline of his native Senegalese town

UN, Britain to co-host climate summit on December 12

The United Nations and Britain

Mobile phone radiation may be killing insects: German study

Radiation from mobile phones could have contributed to the

Stinging tree with 'scorpion-like venom' identified in Australia

Australia is notorious for its venomous spiders, snakes and sea creatures, but researchers have

Grow zero-carbon power to meet climate goals: analysis

All new electricity supply growth worldwide can now come

Brazil’s wetlands burn, rain is only hope

Lieutenant Silva’s face is grim

Controversial Brazil environment minister taunts DiCaprio

Brazil’s environment minister challenged Hollywood

CO2 makes trees live fast and die young: study

Trees that grow quickly die younger, risking a release of carbon dioxide that challenges

Oil industry placing risky bet on plastics: report

Big oil producers are pinning their future 

World’s biggest rooftop greenhouse opens in Montreal

Building on a new hanging garden trend, 

Toronto seeks to save oak tree older than Canada

In the shadow of Canada's largest cluster of skyscrapers, Toronto is looking to preserve

Britney Spears ‘strongly opposed’ to father as her sole guardian

After more than a

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