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Paris mint lures tourists

After more than a thousand years of service, the Paris mint has thrown its

Singapore ‘not a boring city’

Singapore’s tourism agency has hit back at lifestyle magazine Time Out for ranking the wealthy

Rare giant lily pads draw impressive crowds to Paraguay lagoon

An off-the-beaten-path corner of Paraguay has become a tourist attraction this month as visitors flock

Bangladesh 3rd tourist sending country to Kashmir

Bangladesh became the third tourist sending country to Indian Jummu and Kashmir, popularly known as

Passage of time

A door ajar off the same room, offered sighting of a man seated at

13 destinations that are being destroyed by tourists

Due to fears of environmental damage caused by tourists, the popular Thai island, Koh

Travel can ruin relationships

It's no secret, Millennials have a very strong case of wanderlust. As an avid

Countries where people live the longest

In these countries, people live substantially longer than the worldwide

The wind whistles: The summit of Little Tukuche

On the evening of Jun 5, 2016 we arrived in Nepal's Dhambus

16 trips friends should take together in their lifetime

Everybody knows that places like Venice and Paris are great destinations for couples, and that Washington

13 most safe, cheap, and hygienic countries in the world

The World Economic Forum's "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report," which is published every two years, measures

Saudi Arabia to launch Red Sea tourism resorts

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced the launch of a massive tourism project that will

Amazing lake to visit in Tibet

Yamzhog Yumco Lake: Sapphire in TibetLocated in southwest

Don’t miss these 5 rock festivals if you’re holidaying in Europe this August

From head-banging metal to rock n’roll and country, here’s where you can

Travelling is set to get expensive in 2018: Study

If you’re planning a big trip in 2018 you might want to

9 must-visit Inidan destinations to enjoy jumping sports

“Might as well Jump....Go ahead and Jump !” Though Van Halen sang

'Game of Thrones' locations witness surge in tourist interest

The “Game of Thrones” phenomenon has led to an increase in the

Love surfing? Ghana should top your vacation bucket list

Brett Davies paced up and down the sloping sands of Kokrobite beach

A lake, forests, mountains…Pokhara has many delights

Standing by a lake, with forested hills on one side and snow-capped

Getting to the top

For city-dwellers longing for fresh air, Fanjing Mountain in China with its vast forests is

Hawaiian Hokule'a canoe makes it round the world

A traditional Polynesian canoe has returned to Honolulu in Hawaii, completing the

Fasting tips while travelling abroad during Ramadan

Some of us have no choice but to travel while fasting, whether it's for business

To do list if you are caught up in a terrorist attack while travelling

Spurred by the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks around the globe, it seems that more

German envoy drives home from Nepal to Germany

Germany's Ambassador to Nepal Matthias Meyer, who has completed his three-year tenure

Tourists flocking to Himachal hills feel cheated

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nothing can

World's largest cruise ship takes to water for first time

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