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All across Europe, families and couples on vacation are seamlessly crossing borders with their

Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house

Towering dinosaurs stand among fanciful mushrooms in the sloping backyard. A life-sized Fred Flintstone welcomes visitors near the front door.

Amsterdam sex workers angry at red light district tours ban

The city of Amsterdam’s latest attempt to rein in the nuisance of over-tourism by banning guided tours of the red

Yosemite to remain open for skiing 2 weeks longer

Yosemite National Park officials say parts of the park will remain open for skiing and snowshoeing two weeks longer

Bangladeshis can visit Sikkim, Ladakh

India has lifted restrictions for Bangladeshis from visiting Sikkim and Ladakh.

Dr Yunus now in Spain on his book tour; meets star players

Completing his German book tour, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus now reached Spain with

JetBlue flight mistakenly sends hijack alert, triggering huge scare at JFK airport

A JetBlue flight reportedly became unresponsive to tower communications

Malaysia mosque bans tourists after 'sexy dance' goes viral

 A Malaysian mosque has banned tourists after a video of two female visitors in

6 best destinations to visit for your summer family vacation

Summer vacations are here and it’s the perfect time to plan an ideal summer getaway.

Mistakes every first-time traveller makes

It's inevitable that you'll make mistakes the first time you travel, just the same

Top 5 Tourist places in Rangamati, Bangladesh

Rangamati is located in the Chittagong Division. It is bordered by the

World's first underwater residence to open in Maldives

Maldives is popular for its marine life and coral reefs besides being a favourite honeymoon

Singapore ‘not a boring city’

Singapore’s tourism agency has hit back at lifestyle magazine Time Out for ranking the wealthy

Rare giant lily pads draw impressive crowds to Paraguay lagoon

An off-the-beaten-path corner of Paraguay has become a tourist attraction this month as visitors flock

Bangladesh 3rd tourist sending country to Kashmir

Bangladesh became the third tourist sending country to Indian Jummu and Kashmir, popularly known as

Paris mint lures tourists

After more than a thousand years of service, the Paris mint has thrown its

Passage of time

A door ajar off the same room, offered sighting of a man seated at

13 destinations that are being destroyed by tourists

Due to fears of environmental damage caused by tourists, the popular Thai island, Koh

Travel can ruin relationships

It's no secret, Millennials have a very strong case of wanderlust. As an avid

Countries where people live the longest

In these countries, people live substantially longer than the worldwide

The wind whistles: The summit of Little Tukuche

On the evening of Jun 5, 2016 we arrived in Nepal's Dhambus

16 trips friends should take together in their lifetime

Everybody knows that places like Venice and Paris are great destinations for couples, and that Washington

13 most safe, cheap, and hygienic countries in the world

The World Economic Forum's "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report," which is published every two years, measures

Saudi Arabia to launch Red Sea tourism resorts

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced the launch of a massive tourism project that will

Amazing lake to visit in Tibet

Yamzhog Yumco Lake: Sapphire in TibetLocated in southwest

Don’t miss these 5 rock festivals if you’re holidaying in Europe this August

From head-banging metal to rock n’roll and country, here’s where you can

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