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\Being the richest Bollywood woman actor for three consecutive years, with several hits and recent entry into matrimony

EU sanctions on Turkey can complicate matters

When the European Union's 27 foreign ministers gathered in Brussels last Monday for their regular summit, the activities

ASEAN's RCEP and sustainability challenges and achievements

As the end of 2019 drew near, Thailand hosted two ASEAN summits under the theme 'Advancing Partnership for

Destroy the beasts out-rightly ... They do not deserve trial!

Whenever we speak of rape, it comes in mind, and we must agree on one point that it

Bangabandhu and Tajuddin: A unique partnership, comradship and leadership of democray

From as far back as 1948 Tajuddin had developed a close working relationship with Bangabandu. When Bangabandu eventually

The most landmark moment in Tajuddin Ahmad's life

History cannot be written as if nations had always been around, and as if men had not found

An icon of civil rights

Born in a priest family on January 15, 1929 at Atlanta in the pro-slave state of Georgia in

Resentment against money launderers and financial thugs

A great deal of Bangladeshi immigrants living in Toronto, Canada organized a human chain on 19 January (Sunday)

Trying to save fraudsters is inadmissible

Obstructions often come up when we want to do something good. Some people support us while some other

America has become a haven for war criminals

The war itself is the American war crime. America may evade justice but, in our eyes, you are

'Citizenship Amendment Act is India's internal matter'

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently gave an interview to Gulf News, a newspaper based in United Arab Emirates

War crimes: Supreme Court upholds Qaisar's death penalty

We know war crimes are crimes that are so serious that they affect both the local and international

Animal rights and being gracious to all creatures

Animal rights are as vital and valuable as human rights. Therefore, we need to be caring and gracious

A rare breed of human in present-day Bangladesh

It goes without saying that metropolitan cities can at once be unfriendly and almost un-welcoming. Still then, we

Mujib Year: A new commitment to acceleratenation's prosperity and dignity

The birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will be celebrated in 2020

NATO existence under US dominance is approaching the end

The days of Imperial Dominance have gone long ago. The present world will not tolerate the dominances of

Castelo De Marvao - An unforgettable sojourn

Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. It is mainland Europe's westernmost capital city and

Child pornography: Curse for civilization

Child pornography is becoming a terrible wrongdoing across the whole world. Child pornography is most often made by

Discontent against Chinese OBOR and other activities

China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) projects are facing hurdles. Though the country is giving an impression that its

Is US-China deal more than 'truce' for troubled times?

United States President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He are making final preparations to sign this week

America wants a world of feudatory states

Britain, Ger-many, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia… have lost their sovereignty to America and have become its client states.

America again under a war criminal?

George W Bush and Tony Blair together attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and committed things there that are no

The Bangladesh Bank heist: Lessons in cyber vulnerability

How do you steal a billion dollars?It takes time, planning, manpower - and capitalizing on your

Modi government has dented India's image abroad

When External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, a seasoned diplomat who understands America well, declined to meet a US

Officers on Special Duty, taxpayers' money and bureaucratic makeover

The salary of the government servants come from the taxpayers' money. And every tax-paying and law-abiding citizen of

Liberalism and democracy- 2

Today, American imperialism all-over the world, enforce the same doctrine and suppress all inconvenient separate associations, transforming those

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