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 The pursuit of justice for the killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is not merely a legal undertaking

Sustaining Psycho-Physical Health Staying Close to Nature

 Famed Danish author Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom

Sheikh Hasina’s Journey Towards an Inclusive Society

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken on various innovative projects to ensure the sustainable development of men and

Effective Measures Needed to Prevent Brain Drain from Bangladesh

 Quite silently, the 'revolution of brain drain' is happening from Bangladesh. But no one cares about that! No

Ink and Innovation: The Unique Skill Set of Literature Students in Entrepreneurship

 Imagine the wide range of jobs and careers you can choose—a massive field of possibilities. Now, think about

Huge Debts to China Come Due: Will the World’s Poorest Have to Pay?

 David Shipley Chinese President Xi Jinping and his top officials have a choice to

Phasing Out Dependency on Others: Its Possibility

 A community, say, ‘Subsistence Society’ lives on their own produces. It does not depend on other societies or

Fighting Colonial Spells on Psychological Turfs

 Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s book Decolonizing the Mind takes a deep look into the postcolonial mindsets of people and

Comparing Nazrul With Western Poets

 Kazi Nazrul Islam, the rebel poet and the National Poet of our country, rocked the ground below the

Hopeless Plight of Banking Sector

 The latest financial indexes reflect a very poor scenario of the banks of Bangladesh. Most of the banks

Beware of the Use of Pesticides

 Pesticides are toxic substances that help kill insects. Chemical insecticides are mainly used to control insects. Its application

Ways to Drive Out Pollution: An Analysis on It

 Pollution in modern age is a talked about issue across the globe. It not only damages environment but

Sheikh Hasina's Diplomacy and Friendship With China

 The bilateral trade and diplomatic relations between China and Bangladesh are praise-worthy. The trade between the two countries

Dreams: An Ethereal Ambit of Literature

 Henry David Thoreau, a leading author of the American Age of Enlightenment once said, “If one advances confidently

Maldives’ Stability and Indian Support

 India and Maldives are neighbours sharing a maritime border. Relations have been friendly and close in strategic, economic

Penetrative Tales on Social Aberrations

 As far as the history of modern Bengali literature is concerned, references to Abul Mansur Ahmed’s name come

Instead of Kaladan project in Myanmar, India’s Bangladesh Alternative Can Be Vital for Northeast India

 There has been a recent surge in the number of Chin refugees entering Mizoram from the adjacent nation

Implications of the Indian Position on the Impending Bangladeshi Election

 The upcoming Bangladeshi general election, scheduled for January 7, 2024, has attracted considerable international attention. Some great and

Israel Should Be Resisted from Killing Civilians in Gaza

 On October 7, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas launched an unprecedented rocket attack on Israel from Gaza. The

Competitive Situation: A Dirty Game?

 Competition is commonly used in market economy. In a simple language, it is a war among parties to

Can Myanmar’s Resistance Topple the Regime?

 Nur Mohammad SheikhA number of noteworthy worldwide events over the last two years, such as

How Students Should Carry Out Research Work

 Students attending classes in universities are more or less familiar with terms like assignments, dissertations, thesis, research at

Crafting a Future through Core Values

 Imagine a university as a big, bustling community of students, teachers, and staff. To keep this community running

Art of Controlling Basic Human Health

 Human beings after reaching certain age should be cautious about own health. This is vital for humanity all

Distortion of History Is a Crime

 Genocide specialist Jerry Costello has said, “Genocide is the most potent of all crimes against humanity because it

HRM Taking New Routes

 Shamiha AliIn today's society, being environmentally responsible is more important than ever. Numerous companies are

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