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From last couple of decades one is coming across the pamphlets, leaflets and other material containing the propaganda

Is film fraternity helpful to develop Indian politics?

In India nowadays we find that personnel from film fraternities are willing to join politics. Among all the

A new deal for South Africa

A month has passed since Cyril Ramaphosa, the head of the African National Congress (ANC), replaced Jacob Zuma

Xi, unlimited?

The removal of term limits from the Chinese presidency has caused great consternation around the world. Yet much

17 March 1920, when a shepherd king was born

Ninety eight years back, a shepherd king was born on 17th March 1920 in a remote hamlet of

In the Land of mighty Aztecs

Any idea where CDMX is? That is how Mexicans call their capital (Ciudad de Mexico) in their mother

To prevent dehumanization of human beings

"There have always been crummy jobs, and badly paid ones. Not everyone gets to follow their dream or

Rising waterborne diseases and our concern

During my college life, I read a short story named the Ancient Mariner based on a poem originally

Stephen Hawking: Physics & metaphysics

The most respected and best known physicist, cosmologist and scientific author after Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, 

May faces down Putin, but he has the upper hand

Britain is not inclined to admit we are susceptible to state capture by foreign powers - but we

How the Iraq war destabilized the entire Middle East

As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of the unwarranted invasion of Iraq, which we are still paying for in

Tribute to the Father of the Nation

He is the Father of the Nation because of his role in liberating a land for the Bengali nation.

Will Afghan peace talks commence?

President Ashraf Ghani recently gave a call for talks with the Taliban, while addressing an international conference in Kabul.

A scintillating star has faded away . . .

One of the most omniscient, lucent and resilient stars of modern day cosmology, has faded away into the oblivion.

Stephen Hawking -- A rare bred scientist of ingenuity

Stephen Hawking- the renowned theoretical physicist since Sir Issac Newton and Albert Einstein has died peacefully at his Cambridge

Down a rabbit hole of extremism

At one point during the 2016 presidential election campaign, I watched a bunch of videos of Donald Trump rallies

Population growth and higher education in BD

For anyone interested in Bangladesh and its future success an important starting point has to be the current and

State banks at back gear

"Hurdles many, prospects bright"---a news that captured the headline in the news paper (The Asian Age, 19-2-2018) which appeased

Does the growth benefit the marginal millions?

Bangladesh, one of the densely populated countries in the world, is often featured by its vulnerability to the natural

Can #MeToo help women of determination?

Disabled women are still struggling to find their place in the women's movement - and high-profile campaigns such as

Use and abuse of Bengali vocabulary

Humans are the only species in the world that can communicate with each other in a true language, although

Slum women face greater risk to safety and security

A public meeting organized by Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan on the occasion of International Women's Day revealed how

Exciting hours at the Capsa Festival

Every year Saudi Capsa Festival bri-ngs much delight and excitement to the expatriate American community in Riyadh. This year

BJP's politics of dualism could easily backfire

The Shakespea-rean phrase "fair is foul, foul is fair" can be one way of describing the contradictory nature of

Uniformity in modern primary education systems in India

India's modern primary education systems should be absolutely a uniform one. Pace of primary education is increasing remarkably but

A new order for the Indo-Pacific

Security dynamics are changing rapidly in the Indo-Pacific. The region is home not only to the world's fastest-growing economies,

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