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A full day workshop on "The Art of Resolving Conflict in Community, Workplace and Family" was held on

Offending human sensibilities!

We need to grasp, how our misguided beliefs are inadvertently formed, on the basis of inconsistencies of personal

Debate on Jai Shri Rama slogan, civilization and modern state

Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen has opined that the slogans of 'Jai Sri Ram' is not associated with

Meeting General Ershad

Bangladesh's longest-serving President, military dictator General (retd) Hussein Muhammad Ershad, passed away in Dhaka, Sunday (July 14), age

Finally, a cure for social media addiction

"Addiction is actually the point. That's what social media shareholders are investing in."The accusation came from

A path-breaker in the awakening of women

The compassionate face of Leela Roy looks like kindness, forgiveness, patience, empathy, generosity, respect, service. Compassion grants us

Education without poetry and music is war

There is no listening to others, no friendship. Everything is instrumental and strategic. Failure is ugly.The

The rise and rise of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's recent visit to China highlights a new template in regional politics -- the

Need for an effective flood management system

A number of districts in the north, north-east and hill regions of the country are in grip of

A perfect debut for the new Greek PM

With Kyriakos Mitsotakis now firmly ensconced in the classic surroundings of the Maximos Mansion in central Athens just

1969 Moon landing: Man's triumph over dreams!

July 20, 1969: 'One small step for Man-a giant leap for mankind'. A half century onwards, Neil Armstrong's

Great men do great things

"There is no greatness where there is no goodness, truth and simplicity "- Leo Tolstoy, renowned Russian novelist

A ride to remember

Goa is a small state on the southwestern coast of India. Panaji is the state's capital. Goa is

Justice to child is a forgotten subject -- Last Part

We provided training to 1056, participants among them 892 were male and 164 were female the participants were

Her legacy is every life she has touched

Social worker jobs allow one to help and make a notable difference in the everyday lives of people

Policeman's love

I would like to start the writing with a much-talked-about incident in Chattogram. It became talk of the

Justice to child is a forgotten subject -- III

There are Constitutional obligations on the State to ensure basic necessities for the child and to special law

Is India truly Independent?

India is on the verge of celebrating her 72nd Independence Day. It was on August 15, 1947 India

Justice to child is a forgotten subject -- II

Addressing Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in the Bangladeshi socio-cultural context is not actively supported by local

Ripples in Pakistan

Pakistan, still dreaming for a 'Naya Pakistan, continues to struggle for its credibility on many counts. Prime Minister

Navigating around the Chinese hegemon

How a rising China will integrate itself with the global economic and political order is a salient issue

She was history personified

Humanism believes that the individual attains the good life by harmoniously combining personal satisfactions and continuous self-development with

G20 Summit and its impact

The Summit of G20 countries was held in Osaka, Japan. There are regional organizations and organization of industrialized

Dream of home through Digital Marketing

Lately, the world has experienced a technological revolution, how technology is empowering businesses and individuals alike. The E-commerce

Checking plagiarism? 'Software' isn't the magic key!

Admittedly, plagiarism has been one of the widely uttered terms within the academic and the creative writing circles,

Looking forward to another term, at the Oval Office!

Donald Trump has amazed me! He has slowly moved in to occupy the slot- of one of my favorites,

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