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Seventy-One is a very significant number of the nation's glorious chapter and struggles in history. We got an

Allen Ginsberg and the poem 'September on Jessore Road'

'September on Jessore Road' is a patriotic long poem for unspeakable sufferings confronted by Bangladesh's refugees who took

Kashi-Mathura: Will temple politics be revived?

 When Babri Mosque was being demolished in broad day light, the slogan being chanted by the leaders was,

Onion price hike: Syndicate in the onion market

 Onion is an essential commodity in our daily life. It can be said- our cooking is useless without

Saying Goodbye to the American Century!

 If we read American history and its colossal misdeed for more than seven tenners, it is luculent to

From where West Bengal was run for three decades-plus

 The headline above may appear misleading. I am not here to praise or denounce the Left Front Government

Bangladesh on way towards half century

 Bangladesh is on the way towards completion of 50th anniversary of Victory Day on December 16, 2020 thereby

Jammu & Kashmir: An active sports hub

 The youth in Jammu & Kashmir have found many ways to express their talent in recent times, whether

Flood management system needed for Bangladesh

 Recently, floods in Bangladesh have caused the devastation of life and property, which is an annual problem in

Middle East move that reshapes politics

The Middle East is a large and diverse region composed of several countries and cultures in North Africa

China’s wolf-warrior tactics are here to stay

What is China trying to achieve by its sudden lurch to a bullying, ‘wolf warrior’ global stance? For

A silent document of the miseries of our Liberation War

Analyzing the history of Bangladesh's independence, it is seen that almost every month carries the significance of various

Glimpses into the history of our near neighbor -- II

So he chose to march with his remaining companions towards Tripura/Manipur. In 1661 he along with his entourage

Climate change consequences and struggling for a green world

Climate change represents potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet. Scientists view that due to warming

Philosophy for a time of crisis

Sadly, we cannot say "this is how it has changed us," as the pandemic is still very much

Lata Mangeshkar : The nightingale of the Ganges

With a repertory brimming with songs of innumerable numbers, spanning over her long musical career of eight decades,

Glimpses into the history of our near neighbor -- I

Thinking about Manipur one would immediately have in mind the famous form of classical dance brought to fame

For real peace, Afghanistan needs a Plan B

 In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani outlined what he saw as the

A journey of a personal nature

 It's really getting interesting in the United States, this business of the lengths to which Donald Trump will

The tale of some international apple polishers of super-powers

 There are so many international non-governmental Human Rights Organisations across the world, but the most prominent ones are

Patsy Robertson - an appreciation

 The death of Patsy Robertson on 18 August 2020, only two years after the death of her friend

The game of hormones

 I know the title might seem a bit unorthodox; but this- the very words have been my catchphrase

A tribute to a close friend of Bangladesh

 Pranab Mukherjee had an important role in Bangladesh's Liberation War in 1971. He was the first

Phantoms that fought for Bangladesh's liberation- Last part

 Bangladesh Government in exile was recognized by Bhutan, India, GDR, USSR in succession and Pakistan started to ask

Why the Syrian regime is silent on UAE-Israel normalisation

 The signing of the US-brokered Abraham Accords on August 13 made the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the third

Preventing corruption in Public Procurement

 IntroductionGlobally bribery and corruption are common terms used to indicate corruption in procurement and supply chain

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