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Gifted with a pair of lotus-eye in ethereally curved physical stature, she looked like a goddess of beauty and

A joyful surprise

UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTHKnow yourself scientifically and spiritually.Man is not helpless victim of sin, disease and death.Man is the image and

A joyful surprise

For quite a long time I have been practicing Homoeopathy. As a practitioner I am well aware of my

'Bangladesh has done very well in developing human resource'

Former Indian Defence Secretary Shekhar Dutt recently visited The Asian Age office. He also held the post of Deputy

Remembering Selim Al-Deen

In conversation with a journalist a few years before his death, Selim Al-Deen took positive pride in the way

Marriage, politics and soothsayers

Whatever people might think about Imran Khan's words and antics, nobody can deny that he brings a lot of

Bangladesh--A big jump from the roots of ruins

Bangladesh with its head held high emerged as an independent sovereign state thundering from the burns and ashes, destruction

The face of a people's politician

"We recall the joy and excitement of a nation that had found itself, the collective relief that we had

Netanyahu has begun feeling the heat

It is ironical that following the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution by a majority, rejecting any

"Democracy in Nepal is not immature or illusive"

 After centuries of absolute monarchy and civil war, Nepal is set to form a democratic government. A coalition

Our world . . . without Justice K.M. Subhan

The laws of mortality keep taking our best men and women away from us. And we who watch

Bangabandhu takes over as Prime Minister

On this day in 1972, two days after his return from incarceration in Pakistan, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Why is Japan populist-free?

Even as a wave of right-wing populism is sweeping Europe, the United States, India, and parts of Southeast

Avro's innovator deserves Ekushey Padak

This article portrays a slim young boy wearing spectacles with square frames. His head is full of hair

The story of a legend

With around fifty eight thousand square miles, there lies a land in this world, a country which in the

Could Keppel have acted sooner in Petrobras bribery scandal?

It all began at a petrol station in Brazil's capital. In March 2014, the federal police in Brasilia were

The aureole of 10th January: The politico who made a new nation

January 10 of 1972 was a historic day for people in Bangladesh, it will remain in its place with

A sensible song about ministerial pomp and impunity

While most of the fathers want their sons to become doctors, high-ranking officers, engineers, bankers there is one gentleman

Passwords will not protect our data now

For years, computer experts have given us a baffling list of things we have to do to ensure our

A New Year joke?

As we have stepped into 2018, it has been all about the next parliamentary elections, and what awaits the

Is the US in a post-literate presidency?

Michael Wolff's tantalising takedown of US President Donald Trump's White House is so tightly packed with tales of political

Why Merkel may not last much longer

Angela Merkel's New Year address on German television has acquired all the familiarity of the Queen's Christmas speech.

'Fire and Fury' confirms our worst fears

What did you think would be the Republican reaction to the latest revelations about United States President Donald

Privacy for all sections of the society

Privacy is an important constituent of societies from all across the globe. It might be a legal tradition

The many stories of January

The months of the year, every year, have each their story to tell. And when the question is

In search of Trump's ideology

Is Donald Trump a rightwing ideologue - perhaps a libertarian like Ted Cruz or a "nationalist" (as per

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