Monday, September 21, 2015



Just a couple of days ago, the online 'BuzzFeed' portal had published a front page story, under a

White House's new policies against country after country

Though I have said the White House's new policies, actually these policies have been going on unabatedly at

Asad remains our voice of protest

Today we remember a patriot who sacrificed his future through his unambiguous demonstration of courage in his present.

Britain still stays on in Brexit impasse

A portmanteau of the words 'Britain' and 'exit', it is the cognomen for a British exit of the

Abe's make-or-break year

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has an ambitious agenda for 2019, his seventh year in office. It includes

Clean energy captures global economy 'heights'

Nearly a century ago, in 1922, Vladimir Lenin delivered one of the most memorable speeches of his life,

Once again, Kenya in grip of terror

Somalian Islamic terror group, Al Shabaab has struck once again in carrying out successfully in targeting a hotel

English in Bangladesh In the mirror of Asia

During the British Empire the territory of modern Bangladesh was the heartland of the Bengal Presidency. Formal and

Violence against women: A pandemic no longer hidden

Harvey Weinstein never imagined that actresses' complaints against his abusive behavior would trigger a worldwide movement for women's

Occidental aggression on Oriental Culture! -- II

Occidental aggression have torn the fabrics of the charms of joint family into pieces and over it pasted

Amanullah Kabir . . . the gentleman journalist

The passing of Amanullah Kabir takes away from us a thorough gentleman-journalist, one who remained fully conversant with

'Double-edged' Citizenship Amendment Bill may turn BD into Pakistan

Prominent Bang-ladeshi Hindus have criticised the BJP-led Indian government's determined bid to push through the Citizenship Amend-ment Bill,

Occidental aggression on Oriental Culture! -- I

Point furthest north or south on the earth's axis of rotation is defined as pole. With an elementary

For India, Sheikh Hasina is peace on the Eastern Front

The prompt telephone call by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Sheikh Hasina to congratulate her on winning

New government, new hope

Obviously, septuagenarians are very happy to see the new government of Sheikh Hasina has commenced its journey on

The impacts of social media on the public

Different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have changed public views about politics, social life, love

What is civil society?

A lot of discussions go on in our country about civil society. Civil society members often appear on

Is new BD cabinet leaning towards China?

Awami League and its allies won 288 seats in the eleventh parliamentary election in Bangladesh which was held

In the exciting realm of Vincent Van Gogh! (Last part)

Accumulation of worldly wealth is often achieved in the veiled shadows of intermediaries such as stock brokers, tax

Need to Reformation to Ensure Justice

The government of Bangladesh is trying to strengthen local justice systems in rural areas by establishing close-to-home, low-cost

Macron must handle protesters carefully

French President Emmanuel Macron's handouts to Yellow Vest protesters have damped the demonstrators' fervor somewhat, but failed to

In the exciting realm of Vincent Van Gogh! (Part-1)

Ever since I was a small boy, I have wondered why people perform the kinds of work they

A film's majesty immanent on distinct complexity

First of all, if you are expecting to be spoon-fed about the ending, you are looking for a

'Pollution control supervisors' for eco-friendly industrial production

Planning on environment implies the socio-economic development of society as well as stability of biosphere and individual ecosystems.

Arabs should thwart Israel's ambitions in Africa

For years, Israel has built many projects in Africa, including medical technology, agriculture, water purification technologies, development, security

Habibur Rahman ... patriot who dreamed and delivered

In the moving chronicles of life, there are people we meet along the way. The moments then go

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