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More than a decade ago, in the company of a group of journalists from the SAARC region, I

Sri Lanka's foreign policy in a new Rajapaksa era

The return of the Rajapaksa family to the leadership of Sri Lanka raises questions about how the country's

Pakistan's army, sixty one years after October 1958

pakistan's army chief, General Qamar Bajwa, recently called leading Pakistani businessmen to a meeting where the country's economic

Problems and prospects of multimedia industry in Bangladesh

In a house, one set of television is enough. There is no need for multiple television sets or

The diplomats of 1971

KM Shehabuddin passed away a few years ago. Among those men who reassured us, despite all the uncertainty

A savoring day-out at Halda Valley

As the winter is lazily setting-in with crisp sunshine in early December days harbingering bone-chilling cold days and

Reality of Trump Impeachment

International reporting about the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump leaves many people outside the US confused,

Human Rights... and the matter of inherent freedom

Human Rights --- the notion that we as humans should have some sort of individual inherent freedom, that

The current Hong Kong movement

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. It is located on the

Muslim communalism and separatism as prelude to Partition - Last part

The literature on marginalization and marginalized community contains consensus opinion on the immediate self-assertive reaction on the part

Is Chinese loan a blessing?

It is beyond doubt that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays a key role in assisting a country's economic

Hurdles to acquiring RAJUK and CDA permits

The Ease of Doing business study tracks the procedures, time and cost to build a warehouse-including obtaining necessary

Muslim communalism and separatism as prelude to Partition-III

The mélange of literature so far surveyed leads to some generalizations, and raises a few questions demanding clarification

The rise and fall of Yahya Khan

General Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan, last President and Chief Martial Law Administrator of pre-1971 Pakistan, arrived for the

RAW chief knew BD liberation war imminent 2 years earlier

Despite a domestic national election at home, Delhi was fully cognizant of the dramatic internal crisis in Pakistan's

Life in the shadow of four dictators

As we recall the fall of the Ershad regime on 6 December 1990, it is perhaps as good

American Islamism flourishes under Trump

On the campaign trail, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke clearly and forcefully of the threat posed by radical

A chronology of 1971 and 35 directives of Bangabandhu

Like most countries, independence did not come easy for Bangladesh. Between March and December, a lot of bloodshed

Utility of money and its proper usage

Money is greatly relevant in our day to day life. Without money our day's movement will move an

Nato countries must band together

Seventy years ago, on a spring day in April 1949, the representatives of 12 fiercely independent Western democracies

Why China-Japan economic exchanges override political tensions

For more than a century, close economic ties between China and Japan have developed in the absence of

The arrant temerity of White House and the present Hong Kong movement

We recall how was the bodacious temerity engulfed the American government in 1971 under its leadership of president

Is BJP opening a Pandora's box in South Asia with the citizenship bill?

Notwithstan-ding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'sabka vishwas' (to gain trust of all) motto, which may have been specifically

How to understand and respect people with disabilities- some 'Dos and Don'ts'

My elder brother, James, who was born in 1943 with a genetic chromosomal abnormality, Down's Syndrome, and who

Bangladesh will move forward with modern information technology

Today's twenty-first century in the world is much ahead by the contribution of civilization and culture. The people

Jean Paul Sartre: A Voltaire of France's conscience

Any prize or award, that we speak of claiming to be the best in the world is undoubtedly

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