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The national oppression of the Bengalis by the Pakistani rulers in Bangladesh was of vital importance especially in

Gandhi on the Indian Currency

Recently a niece, her husband and seven-year-old son Soren stayed with us for a few days. They are

Idle thoughts of receding winter days

I am a proud resident of Chittagong---as was earlier dubbed 'the mighty queen of the East' beautifully nestling

Why recreate Gandhi Murder?

This 30 January 2019, when the whole country was observing the 71st martyrdom day of 'Father of the

Why science needs everyone

Over the past century, industrialised nations around the world have built robust government-funded national research enterprises, none more

Love rises in melody

If it ever happens, while you are strolling back from work at midnight, you hear

Be in love . . .

As I switch channels there it is, red hearts floating across the screen. It

The struggle for Iran

In December 1979, several months after the Shah's ouster, Senator Edward Kennedy commented

The struggle for Iran

In July 1951, the Conservative Party was voted to power in the general elections in Britain. Attlee was

Trump's State of the Union failed to impress

US President Donald Trump reportedly loves the State of the Union. And why not? Both houses of Congress,

Opposition parties: Original, fake and domestic

At present there is a smokescreen about the fact that whether there is any opposition party in Bangladesh

The struggle for Iran

On March 15, the Majlis voted unanimously in favor of nationalization. A few days later the Senate concurred,

Why Bangladesh overtook Pakistan

Bangladesh is not some Scandinavian heaven. It is poor and overpopulated, undereducated and corrupt, frequented by natural catastrophes,

The struggle for Iran

The new emperor, Reza Shah, was a self-made man of humble origins. He had started out as a

US has engineered yet another withdrawal!

Historically, any kind of peace settlement during or after a military conflict has always been accompanied by unexpected,

The struggle for Iran

The late IK Gujral was a gentleman in the true sense of the word; a person of extraordinary

Promoting Asia-pacific political will in disaster management

Recently our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed the need for collaboration and cooperation among neighboring countries to

Thoughts on the aged in Bangladesh

As life-members of an association of the aged, we are specifically responsible to relate the present time with

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: A living legend

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. The federal constitutional monarchy consists of 13 states and three federal

Social accountability to end corruption

According to a study published by the UK-based economic consultancy Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), Bangladesh's

Hands off both, Kabul and Caracas...please!

Since the beginning of the (shameful) war in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of US and allied forces, had been

Protection of children in India

Children in India need tremendous protection all around the country. As per statistics goes by we find that

Governing Hong Kong in Xi's new era

Hong Kong's position in China's governance framework is becoming clearer. Mainland authorities have achieved a degree of jurisdiction

The sun of the moral world

The Cuban Revolution completed its 60 years anniversary on 1 January 2019. José Cipriano de la Luz y

Perspectives on recently held Taliban talks in Doha

There is much hype being noticed in the international media and other circles and a kind of cautious

The spirit of victory all around

The Grand Alliance under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the Modern Day Joan of Arc, won the election

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