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Forty one years ago, on 4 April 1979, long before dawn, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan's first elected leader,

Coronavirus spread: Do we forget about Rohingyas?

Now the world and especially Bangladesh, doesn't have enough time to think about Rohingya Refugees. What else could

Present state of Covid-19 in India and Bangladesh

It is for nearly three weeks that corona virus has virtually grappled social and economic lives of India

Remembering the legendary Justice Murshed

I am told by a very senior journalist as well as by very elderly advocate that it was

Is China underreporting its coronavirus figures?

Colm QuinnThe United States questions China's coronavirus figures, WHO warns of 1 million cases in "next

In the war against COVID-19, deploying a militaristic medical strategy

Weakness of the COVID-19 enemyCOVID-19, one of the world's worst viral enemies, takes up to 14

Yemen Crisis: Ending a never-ending war

While much of the world is fighting to stop the outbreak of COVID-19, Yemen, one of the Arab

COVID - 19 outbreak: Impacts on South Asian economy

Md Toufique HoosainThe novel coronavirus (COVID - 19) is spreading remarkably around the whole world, making

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who cracked the sky, shook the earth…

"Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another." - John

An effective way to continue education during coronavirus outbreak

The government has declared the closure of educational institutions from March 17 to April 9 due to coronavirus

Self-development should be on proper planning

Self development should always be done on proper planning; otherwise, our life seems to be in utter disarray.

India-USA united for peace and progress globally

India and USA are the biggest democracies of the world. They share values of democracy that was evolved

Viral Alarm: When Fury Overcomes Fear

Chanchal ChakrabartyAs the Year of the Pig (2019) transitioned to the Year of the Rat (February

A philosophical inquiry into the coronavirus

John Locke in his Essay Concerning the Human Understanding had advanced the view that the meaning of a

Nature's revenge: Climate change and COVID-19

Evaggelos Vallianatos The corona virus pandemic is no accident. Like past global epidemics, it's a warning

On music of the Indian Subcontinent

M Harun Al RashidI made some comments on a column on singer Mahendra Kapoor by my

The corona war: A transnational challenge is imperative

Pandemic is blind in its fury and swallows everything in its path.  It devours everyone - men and

Stagflation threat looms over global economy

The world economy appears to be in a long-term economic downturn from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which

As 26 March 1971 dawned . . .

The terse, grim words went out, 'Big bird in cage. Little birds have flown.' It was from a

A long walk to freedom

Patriotism is the theme for the 26th of March. Many poets have taken on the subject over the

The pandemic of COVID-19 and economy of Bangladesh

Harun Ar Rashid Mamun and Saydur RahmanThe outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease named COVID-19 continues

Radical groups hands suspected in riots in India

India and Indonesia have been enjoying excellent and most harmonious relations since long particularly during the time Indonesia

Life after corona

Brig Gen (Retd) AF Jaglul AhmedThe globalization, free market economy, consumerism, liberalism, capitalism, unstoppable technological advancement

In 21st century Pakistan, women continue to be denied agency, rights

Khaled AhmedOn March 8, women took out a procession in Islamabad on International Women's Day under

Of women empowerment

Md Zillur RahamanOnce upon a time, women were neglected and were considered only for child care

COVID-19: Made in China pandemic

Samir SaranEver since he assumed the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China,

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