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All of us have very good reasons to travel. Some people like to see different landmarks, hear different

Sardar Fazlul Karim ... our erudite, humble revolutionary

Sardar Fazlul Karim was and will always be abiding proof that greatness comes cloaked in the softness of

Life in the desert kingdom: A karaoke night on good friday

I do not claim myself to be a late bloomer in the world of music. When I was

West Bengal in crisis

Once a peaceful land with successive stable governments ruling the state with efficient governance, seems to be now

Southeast Asia no longer wants the world's trash

Southeast Asian nations no longer want your trash. Last week, Malaysia announced it was sending 3,300 tonnes of

How not to honor Jamal Khashoggi

After the Saudis murdered dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in their consulate in Istanbul, the Trump Admini-stration swung into

A success story of economic diplomacy

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reached Japan on last May 28. The object of her Japan visit was to

Britain's next prime minister could make Brexit worse

Being British prime minister is a thankless job at the moment. Just ask Theresa May, soon to depart

The mad rush on Mount Everest

The photos from Mount Everest's summit were shocking. They showed scores of colourfully costumed climbers gridlocked in the

Why the Sudanese people stand 'alone'

In the early hours of June 3 and after five months of protest, the Sudanese security forces moved

Farmers lose, millers gain-not a new game

Unless farmers gain from competitive edge in market and are able to rein in market trends in their

Preaching with the syndrome of blissful ignorance

A renowned astrophysicist in the contemporary world, Stephen Hawking, who holds Newton's Chair as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

My friend Che Guevara

"For us there is no valid definition of socialism other than the abolition of the exploitation of one human

Job creation, raising private investment should get priority

Surely we will see the coming budget will have its main focus on quality job creation given the

Essence, teaching & social connotation

The word Eid comes from Arabic; which means frequent coming. Agani Eid denotes happiness, joy and pleasure. Again,

Development of self-confidence

Self-confidence is always a vital aspect in the lives of human beings. Without self-confidence we might not be

Fresh developments in Sri Lanka

In a significant and interesting development, 9 Muslim ministers and 2 Muslim Governors have tendered their resignations on

Bangladesh-India relations written with blood

March - December 1971. Recall those horrific times that we transited then. India stood beside us whole-heartedly during

Strategic power center and boosting economy

Major challenges await the second term of the Modi government. The country's economy is not in a good

The Donald Trump mythos (Last Part)

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. He succeeded President Barack Obama on January 20,

Why Eid-ul-Fitr matters

Eid-ul-Fitr is a comparatively new festival, and not as old as Eid-ul-Azha. Whereas Eid-ul-Azha, commemorating the glorious sacrifices

Modi for second term as Indian PM

Narendra Modi took oath as Indian Prime Minister for a second consecutive term after a crushing victory in

The Donald Trump mythos (Part-1)

The overarching pretension of America is that it believes itself to be the final telomere of every human

Thy visibly invisible hand, Market!-(Last Part)

In the last instance he used the metaphor ' invisible hand' without any theological reference in his 'Wealth

The battle for Bengal intensifies

Anti-saffron intellectuals are planning to launch a citizens movement in West Bengal  to curb the 'poison of divisive

Theresa May: Broken by Brexit

The stiff upper lip is a trait that's well-admired by the English - the ability to stoically carry

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