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 Now we find that reading habits among modern generations are badly on the waning point. It is not

The Israeli internal politics inflicted the bloodshed of the Palestinians

  The tiny conflict between the liberaty coveted oppressed Palestinians and the extreme Jews and Israeli police in

Are all people equal in the eye of law?

 Any one indulging in criminal offence is susceptible to come under the fold of law for facing trial

History behind the conflict between Palestine and Israil

 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This conflict came from

River Engineering: Manageable and Sustainable Actions

Engineering works are often required where roads, railways, tracks, pipelines, cables and buildings such as rivers and their

China can never be a true friend of Bangladesh

At the beginning of the war in 1971, our freedom fighters had in their hands the "three-naught-three" rifle,

Food prices getting out of reach in Pakistan

 To live or not to live is the hard question the Pakistani common man (especially jobless educated youth)

Effective Online Teaching: Investment Required in University IT Support

 As the current pandemic is ravaging the valuable teaching and learning time especially for the tertiaryeducation levelaround the

Raise our climate ambition to remake the world: Bangladesh Perspective

 In today's world, environmental protection has re-emerged. Environmental security has become a burning issue during pandemic covid-19. Although

Mother is really icon of peerless love, greatness, sacrifice

 A mother is really an icon  of peerless love, greatness and sacrificein this worldbecause she is actually capable

Why Karl Marx and his 150-year-old philosophy will always be relevant

Marxism is not about making everyone poor, but about providing everyone with means to live a dignified and

Washingtonian CEO's Ominous Op-Ed Leads To Staff Revolt

Dave Jamieson, HuffPostContent loading...On Thursday afternoon, Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill published a column in The

Recalling Rabindranath Tagore on his birth anniversary with love and homage

The 160th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore comes off on 8th May 2021. He was born in Kolkata

Coronation during Ramadan Remedy for diabetic patients

It is obligatory for every adult man and woman to fast during the month of Ramadan. But most

Legal Protection for Medical Negligence in Bangladesh Context

 Medical negligence refers not only to the negligence of doctors but also to the ancillary arrangements, nurses, hospital

Ready wit worked well in the New Year's Eve!

 Years ago, having completed a month long tour in other different Indian cities, at the final lap of

Lahore High Court calls Pakistan Army biggest land grabber

 Pakistan’s all-powerful Army has once again seen itself being subjected to public scrutiny after Lahore High Court has

English Language Teaching (ELT) in Secondary Schools of Bangladesh

 English language skills are a priority for young learners today throughout the world in the present global context.

Hefazat-e-Islam and anti-Bangladesh activities

 Hefazat-e-Islam and BNP-Jamaat in Bangladesh have always been seen to be pro-Pakistani forces which are extreme Islamist, anti-democratic,

The two sides of Chinese GDP

 Economic reporting about China focuses far too much on total GDP and not enough on per capita GDP,

The felonious Al-Badr force led by Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971 War in Bangladesh- Last part

 Our people and the veterans fought with valor and honor. The war in Bangladesh was an ordeal lasting

A new approach to elections in Palestine

 Before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas postponed the Palestinian legislative elections, some observers thought that there would be fierce

The felonious Al-Badr force led by Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971 War in Bangladesh- II

 If you read so many accounts written by so many writers what they encountered in our 1971 War,

It is high time to aware of airborne diseases

 The transmission of disease through small particulates that can be transmitted through the air over time and distance

The felonious Al-Badr force led by Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971 War in Bangladesh- I

On the 17th day of Ramadan i.e., on April 30, 2021 falls the majuscule Al-Badr Day and on

The US cannot continue ignoring Israel's crimes in Jerusalem

It has become almost a cliché. A new US administration takes over and lowers the expectations that it

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