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Tajuddin Ahmad's 94th birthday falls on 23rd July 2019 whereas he is one the most far-famed politicians to

Significance of science education: Impact analysis

Science has got an important role in shaping human society. This is an age where the modern society

Let's choose the best person to lead the IMF

Now that Christine Lagarde has announced her resignation as managing director of the International Monetary Fund, German chancellor

'We are all like the bright moon . . .'

The moon has since the beginning of time been an integral component of our consciousness. And since man

And the river flows on

This is a story of Runnymede, of the Thames and of the Regatta at Henley-on-Thames.It was

A president just strolled by, with a megaphone!

I am happy to commence, with two big questions! Is there a weakness, to tune out

Colonel Taher and an American journalist

More than a decade ago, the American journalist Lawrence Lifschultz gave us much food for thought. More pointedly,

Denuclearizing North Korea: What must happen next

It would be unfair to deny US President Donald Trump and his administration credit for the inventiveness and

Aim at raising GDP per capita in $5 trillion economy

World is watching with curiosity as Prime Minister Modi pledged to make India a $5 trillion economy by

50 years on, Apollo 11 is still a miracle

It was a day of miracles and wonders. That much I remember very clearly. One did not need

Proper utilization of legal tenets in India and South Asia

Basic legal tenets are vital to carry on social and cultural aspects in India, Bangladesh and other South

Rohingya crisis: Towards access to justice

The massive exodus of Rohingya, world's most persecuted stateless ethnic minority, has turned into a fastest-growing refugee crisis

The charming lost heart

She is like a flower; a red-rose or a beli-flower or a krishnachura flower or a sunflower or

The world's rainbow statesman

In these dangerous, uncertain times we live through, the absence of Nelson Mandela only makes our circumstances a

The moon as it has lived in our imaginations

We've never been closer to the moon.Even though humans have not been there for decades, our understanding of our

Modi's China challenge

With the general elections resoundingly won, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely maintain an accommodative realist policy

Amr Abdalla and a conflict resolving workshop in Dhaka

A full day workshop on "The Art of Resolving Conflict in Community, Workplace and Family" was held on

Offending human sensibilities!

We need to grasp, how our misguided beliefs are inadvertently formed, on the basis of inconsistencies of personal

Debate on Jai Shri Rama slogan, civilization and modern state

Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen has opined that the slogans of 'Jai Sri Ram' is not associated with

Meeting General Ershad

Bangladesh's longest-serving President, military dictator General (retd) Hussein Muhammad Ershad, passed away in Dhaka, Sunday (July 14), age

Finally, a cure for social media addiction

"Addiction is actually the point. That's what social media shareholders are investing in."The accusation came from

A path-breaker in the awakening of women

The compassionate face of Leela Roy looks like kindness, forgiveness, patience, empathy, generosity, respect, service. Compassion grants us

Education without poetry and music is war

There is no listening to others, no friendship. Everything is instrumental and strategic. Failure is ugly.The

The rise and rise of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's recent visit to China highlights a new template in regional politics -- the

Need for an effective flood management system

A number of districts in the north, north-east and hill regions of the country are in grip of

A perfect debut for the new Greek PM

With Kyriakos Mitsotakis now firmly ensconced in the classic surroundings of the Maximos Mansion in central Athens just

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