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President Moon Jae-in's first visit to the UAE last month marked another historic moment in the two countries'

Bard of Avon and Bengal

William Shakespeare, one of the most read and greatest playwrights of the world was born on 23rd April

The great game comes to Syria

An unusual triple alliance is emerging from the Syrian war, one that could alter the balance of power

Global institutions and the globalization debate

In the arena of the massive expansion of information and communication technology, we all are more or less

Glimpses from Belgium

I found neither wood apples nor mangoes, but came across shops with chocolates and waffles on every street. A

Belittling Nehru's legacy will harm India's democracy

Last few years there is a concerted attempt on the part of the ruling BJP to ignore and undermine

A humanitarian crisis under regional powerplay

The Yemen crisis, without any doubt, is an unfortunate legacy of the Arab Spring. When Ali Abdullah Saleh was

Machu Picchu: the citadel of great Incas

Don't remember when exactly I first came across the names Machu Picchu and Incas but definitely I heard about

Ousting Zuckerberg from Facebook may not be easy

A lot of people these days think Facebook has become an incorrigible, toxic "regime of one-sided, highly profitable surveillance"

How forums for men can also negate extremism

One of the interesting articles written on the Guardian was by Richard Godwin titled "Men after #MeToo: 'There's

Syria conflict and hypocrisy of the western powers

Since its foundation in 1947 the CIA was involved in covert and overt actions in regime change or

The Commonwealth: where being a journalist can kill you

Fifty-three Commonwealth heads of government will meet for a summit in London on Thursday this week. Lord Ahmad

'The Crown' screenplays Queen Elizabeth's life-sketch

Queen Elizabeth II is set to hit another milestone on April 21 when she will turn 92 years

Ways to develop our pleasant mind

Now the world has come to such a state of affairs when we find that pleasant mind and laughter

Thoughts on Mujibnagar Day

Eminent French writer and activist Emile Zola (1840-1902) once said, "When a truth is buried underground, it grows, it

Too many problems from too many exams

From the current situation of education in Bangladesh, it seems that there is no meaning of education except passing

Ode to Baishakh

My sojourn began at Ramna Park, where along with the sea of faces and to the tune of esho

Commonwealth principles on freedom of expression and media role in good governance

On 11 April 2018, in light of the forthcoming summit of Commonwealth Heads of Government in London, the

Genesis of Pahela Baishakh

Nababarsha, the first day of the Bangla Shaal, is a momentous occasion in the life of each and every

Our democracy

We have modeled our democracy on British Parliamentary system but we still have a long way go to

Can Russia, Iran and Turkey agree on a roadmap for Syria?

On April 4, Iran's Hassan Rouhani, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russia's Vladimir Putin met for a trilateral

Huntington's legacies: The West versus Islam

The most vital message of Samuel P. Huntington, who was the distinguished professor of Harvard University, is that in

Social media looks like the new opiate of the masses

With Facebook enduring a wave of public criticism for its cavalier approach to user privacy, it's becoming more apparent

Winning is everything -- how cultures celebrate toxic competitiveness

"Steroid abuse affected my dad as it does many people. He became aggressive, overly confident and reckless... He

China and the US should talk

China and the United States are engaged in striving to revive their respective country's fortunes. US President Donald


Following the launch of genocide by the Pakistan army on 25 March 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared

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