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 K.M. Shehabuddin passed away a few years ago.Among those men who reassured us, despite all the uncertainty associated

Liberation War hero and people’s leader

Col Shawkat Ali, Bir Protik (born January 27, 1937) a Liberation War hero and people’s leader died on

Bangabandhu and the media

 We all know history is intimately bound up with social, political and economic institutions and equally closely with

Rocky road ahead for Biden on US-China relations

 Despite US President Donald Trump's refusal to concede, the 2020 US presidential election is over and former vice

Teliapara: the first military HQ of Bangladesh Liberation War

I have heard and read a lot about a Dak Bungalow in a Tea garden in Teliapara which

It is time to decolonize the World Bank and the IMF

Most people assume that inequality between the global South and the global North (the United States, Western Europe,

Stories behind writing a book on Chaitanya Dev

Since my childhood I had been raised in a Vaishnava family though we were never encircled with the

A most incomparable delight it is so to melancholies!

A most incomparable delight it is so to melancholies, and build castles in the air, to go smiling

Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah and a forgotten chapter of DU

 Dhaka University is the vibe of Bangladesh's existence. This year the university has entered its centenary. In the

Birds on wings: Emblem of beauty and freedom

 Meticulously garbed in all whites and a speck of reds, four in numbers they were my princes---the small

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Dhaka and other places

 We know the Mumbai attack had been happened on 26th November 2008. We also know terrorist attacks are

Darkness is not under the lamp but under the university

 Japanese author Kenzaburo Oe won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994. Kenyaburo's writing was able to melt

Bangladesh Foreign Policy over last fifty years

 We the Banglees fought the Liberation War in 1971 against Pakistan brutal army to achieve emancipation from deprivation

Does T-shirt provoke man in rape?

 I am, like innumerable member of human species in the country, utterly taken aback by an answer given

Source, spread and vaccine race of the Covid-19

 The single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet is the virus. Peter Medawar, a British

Demise of a freedom fighter, an officer and a gentleman

 For nearly nine months, since the onslaught of the killer Covid 19 on our lives turning everything upside

Leadership and values in the contemporary world

 Etymologically, a leader is a person who leads. He leads followers. Followers accept a leader only when they

Myanmar election 2020 and Rohingyas' future

 The National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi, is set to return to power

No clemency to rogueries of some shenanigans

Noted educationist Prof Dr. ABM Nasir wrote sometime in 2010, "Hydra, a water beast with nine heads and

Potential uses and prospects of seaweed culture in coastal areas of Bangladesh

Seaweeds are macroscopic marine algae that form an important living resource of the oceans. Though there are about

Joe Biden has a Barack Obama problem

Three years into his first term, President Barack Obama stood before the Australian Parliament and sketched out his

Burma road-Ledo road-Stilwell road- II

Starting from 1937 Chiang Kai Shek was leading a 8 year war which was termed as the War

Gang culture on the rise in country

 Youths are the most essential part of our society. The horrifyingly vertical rise of teenage crimes in recent

Burma road-Ledo road-Stilwell road- I

 The historical Road which went by all 3 above names is almost nonexistent now. But down the memory

Reflections on a principled, erudite politician

 A strong hint of the erudition in Syed Badrudduja was his home library. Shelves stacked with books, dealing

Scotland bans corporal punishment

 Scotland has given a thistle sting to Britain's four-nation membership by becoming the first to outlaw corporal punishment

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