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 The war in Ukraine has been a demonstration of what a profoundly different and simpler position victims of

Anne Bradstreet: Pioneer of American Poetry

 Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) is viewed by most of the scholars as the pioneer of American poetry. Being a

In Memory of Mirpur Liberation on 31 January 1972

 After Pakistan was born in 1947, more than two decades, the Pakistani rulers used fear, intimidation and murder

Iran: A nation mired by turmoil

 Protno Prithu BiswasIran is a country with a rich and ancient past, as well as troubling

Middle East peace is an unlikely idea for global diplomacy

 In the quarter century since Israelis and Palestinians first started negotiating under US auspices in 1991, there has

Speaking truth should be the key word in modern societies

 Truth in modern society is always regarded as an icon. We sometimes feel without speaking truth human life

Indian Republic Day Celebrations: Are We Truly a Republic in Nature?

 Every year on January 26 the entire nation celebrates Republic Day of India. This is a routine affair

Children face a future of accelerated climate change

 The climate crisis has reached a really bleak moment, one of the world’s leading climate scientists has said,

Global economic recession may pose a major threat to RMG sector

 Bangladesh has the third-largest garment industry after China and Vietnam. In 2019 it was estimated there were about

Fire is a friend but also an enemy if not careful

 Fire is a natural element that is essential in our daily life. Every morning, our daily life begins

Nepal and Sri Lanka Overcoming Crises through Political Process

 Nepal is moving forward through political process and recent election in Nepal shows that the democratic process is

Where is the American gun violence epidemic's end?

 Sufian SiddiqueTime and again, we are heartbroken by the news of another mass shooting. In

Board Effectiveness: UK Perspective and Applicability in Bangladesh

Md Ashadul IslamRole of executive directorsIn unitary board the executive directors have

Prominence of Khona's Parables in Bengali Folklore

 Khona is a widely familiar name throughout the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the arena of folk literature. History

Please Maintain Diplomatic Etiquette in Host Country

 Mehjabin BanuThe incident of naked poking into our politics by the ambassadors of several countries

HRM Taking New Routes

 Shamiha AliIn today's society, being environmentally responsible is more important than ever. Numerous companies are

The Cherry Orchard: Impact of Industrial Revolution on Russia

 The Cherry Orchard is one of the best-known plays by Anton Chekhov. This play was staged in Russia

Robinson Crusoe: A Navigator’s Voyage to Enlightenment

 Robinson Crusoe is one of the earliest works of fiction in English literature. In this book Daniel Defoe

A Tale of Love, Betrayal and Redemption

 The Return of the Native is one of the best-known novels by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928). Like almost all

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Subaltern Studies

Subaltern studies refer to the inclusion of the plight of downtrodden masses in literary, artistic and intellectual discourses.

Economic Crisis Is Likely to Continue in 2023

 The global economic outlook for 2023 is bad. Global growth will be low, even perhaps recessionary, and average

Manpower Export Opens a New Door for Bangladesh's Economy

Ali Akbar RoufBangladesh's labor market is expanding abroad despite the economic slowdown due to

Islamic Bonds Market Should Expand to Ease the Liquidity of Islamic Banks

 Sukuk or Islamic bonds can play an important role in managing the liquidity of Shariah-based Islamic banks. Although

Ugly Communal Politics in Bangladesh

 Political pundits are intently watching the political developments steadily engulfing the Bangladesh political landscape as the countdown for

UK Key Workers Fight for Their Basic Rights

 A foundational principle of liberal democracy is that all citizens are equal, and so the protection of fundamental

US Should Withdraw Sanctions on RAB

 Tilottama Rani CharulataIn December 2021, in addition to the RAB, the United States imposed sanctions

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