Monday, September 21, 2015



Medical practice in Bangladesh is in a deplorable condition. We can cast a short glance to this condition

Mueller report still threatens Trump

It's Mueller Eve, and we're presumably about to learn a bunch of new details about interactions involving President

Shock, awe and rediscovery!

News of air crashes cause deep anguish, and aftershocks. Following the recent Ethiopian Airlines tragedy, after initial reactions

Palestinian rights cannot be erased

So now we know. According to several reports in the American media, citing "people familiar with the main

Cast into danger, women find a haven

Carrie Ellman-Larsen, who teaches theater in public schools, isn't usually out late, but on a mild night last August,

Stealthy activities through unscrupulous means

Openness in any fields of activities seems to be absent in modern eras. The reason behind is funny

Thoughts on Mujibnagar Day

Eminent French writer and activist Emile Zola (1840-1902) once said, "When a truth is buried underground, it grows,

The ethos of Mujibnagar

The Mujibnagar government came home on 22 December 1971.The story of that great undertaking in Bengali

Autism Welfare Foundation at 15 years of achievements

I received a mobile call on Aril 1, 2019 from Dr Rownak Hafiz Chairperson of Autism Welfare Foundation

BJP plays cow card to hide its failure on burning issues

Many Vedic texts say that the ancient Brahmins would not only consume cow meat but also distribute it

Western democracies losing to their weaknesses of discord!

For nearly three years, super power United States, has remained caged in 'Russiagate'--a bluff perhaps, created by the

EU leaders endorse China accord at tricky time for ties

China co-hosted the annual 16+1 meeting on Friday with key governments in central and Eastern Europe. This latest

Genesis of Pahela Baishakh

Nababarsha, the first day of the Bangla Shaal, is a momentous occasion in the life of each and

What happened to Julian Assange's cat?

The arrest of Julian Assange in London has raised a long list of serious questions about press freedom

Ode to Baishakh

My sojourn began at Ramna Park, where along with the sea of faces and to the tune of

A beard revolution!

Homosapien --- the ancestors of modern men once lived in dark caves and lived on flesh of animals

Brexit: A crisis that resists hasty solutions

On Wednesday, 12 days after the U.K. had initially been due to leave the European Union (EU), Prime

Politicians in all their politeness

It is always morally uplifting to read of or know political leaders who have exhibited polite behavior throughout

Global inequality will rupture capitalism!

Early this year, the international charity Oxfam had probed through a massive, statistical data, assimilated on global inequality.

Libya just one of Putin's many bets

The strong pushback against Gen Khalifa Haftar's bid to take Tripoli endangers one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's

Remembering an iconic banker

A K N Ahmed, a bright luminary in the central banking arena both at home and abroad, passed

Uniformity in judging merits of people in India and Bangladesh

Now we witness all around the globe sea changes in every professional and academic disciplines. The logic behind

The Corporate State needs its mortal enemies!

I must take the liberty to recommend to my knowledgeable readers, a meticulously researched book, titled 'The Management

What has religion to do with Terrorist Violence?

After the ghastly tragedy of 9/11 2001, in which nearly three thousand innocent people died, American media coined

Religious extremism hindrance to democracy and development process

Extremism, militancy and terrorism are against democracy, development and human rights. These forces are working based on religious,

The EU's China conundrum

Europeans can't agree on how to handle a rising China. While European Union leaders were gathering in Brussels

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