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 Arafatul IslamLike Colombo, Dhaka has also taken on massive foreign loans to embark on

Bringing Wastewater Monitoring to Rohingya in Bangladeshi Refugee Camps

 Masha HamiltonIn the world's largest refugee community, open sewage that runs between homes in shallow

We Deeply Mourn At the Death of Veteran Journalist Abdul Gaffar Choudhury

 The veteran journalist Abdul Gaffar Choudhury went to the UK for treatment of his wife and could not

Why There is No Reason for Bangladesh to be Sri Lanka

 Parvej Siddique BhuiyanThere Sri Lanka has been mired in economic instability for the past

The New Moment of India

 The Non-Aligned Movement, the Soviet Union, and so on and so forth, are now a thing of the

Today is the Third Friday of the Month of Shawwal

 Today is the third Friday of the holy month of Shawwal. It means to be united, to be

Crisis Presents Opportunity in the FY23 Budget

 Dr Zaidi SattarFor the rising Bangladesh economy, these are the best of times. These

Divorce is Not Auspicious

 Israt JahanEvery man's first school is family. The first education is received from the

Crisis of Rice Harvesting Workers and Farmers Frustrated

 Rasheduzzaman RashedThe people of the city do not know the neighbor. Never know your

Ishwardi Airport Could Be the New Horizon of Communication

 "Let Ishwardi Airport be opened" is not my word, it is everyone's demand now. The airport was established

Sheikh Hasina for the People of Bangladesh

 May 17 is the 42nd Homecoming Day of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On this

Sri Lanka: Economic Meltdown Sparks Mass Protests

 Andrew FirminEconomic crisis has provoked a great wave of protests in Sri Lanka. People

Now is the Time to Build the Young Generation to Build the Future of Bangladesh

 The triumph of youth has been created in this world for ages. Their courage, morale and enthusiasm change

Professor Anisuzzaman Still Deeply Reminisced

 Professor Anisuzzaman, the dynamic and legendary figure in the world of Bengali language and literature is still deeply

May the Mutual Friendship between Every Member of the Family Remain Intact

 Sunday, May 15, International Family Day 2022. May 15, 1993 was declared International Family Day by a resolution

Power of Social Communication Forum and Philippine's Election

 In Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr has achieved a land slide victory in presidential election. He got at least

The Padma Bridge Is Different From Others

 The mighty Padma is the second largest river of strong current (roughness) in the world after the Amazon

Violation of Press Freedom & Bangladesh Continues to Lag Behind

The media is a reflection of human civilization. The media leaves its mark on the chest of civilization by

Rain in the Light of Qur'an-Hadith: 6 Things a Believer Should Do During Rain

 Sujla Sufla Gray Shyamla is our favorite motherland Bangladesh. In this country of conspiracy season, the rain has

What Macron's Victory in France Means for Europe?

 Rayhan Ahmed TopaderFrench President Emmanuel Macron has won a second term in office, defeating

Causes and Ways of Safety from Thunderstorm

 Thunderstorm is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful forms of nature. Beautiful in the sense that such a

A Cursory Look at Russia-Ukraine War Conundrum!

 After years of persuasion of Russia to abstain European Union and NATO countries from expansion of NATO Military

Bangladesh Played as a Balancer between 'Robust Ties' and 'Strategic Ties'

 Josim UddinAfter one year break due to the Corona pandemic, Bangladesh hosted the 8th

Why are the Students of Public Administration Neglected in BCS?

 Md Mominur  RahmanThe university is a beacon of free thought and a platform to

A Successful Finance Minister AMA Muhith

 Economist, diplomat, freedom fighter, former finance minister, ruling Awami League's advisory council member Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has

Floriade Expo in Netherlands and Opportunities for Bangladesh

 Dr Jagot Chand Malaker"God has made the Earth, but the Dutch has made Holland."

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