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For in Bangla-desh's light we dream, as evening takes our hands, silently we find our thoughts illumined by

Can Higg Index formulate eco-friendly garment products?

It is known to all that garment industries play a fundamental function in the mainstream economy of Bangladesh.

The complication of defining death

How should we define the death of a person? Philosophers and physicians have long pondered this question, yet

Letter to my parents on my birthday

Dear Abba and Amma,I stand here looking at the leafless trees in the forecourt and can smell

Vande Matarm has been made as a political weapon

The word Yavana was used in the epic Mahabharata to identify the Greeks. But the ancient people of

Venezuela amar, amar Venezuela

Venezuela amar, amar Venezuela (Venezuela is like my soul). I still recall the morning view of Kukenán (left)

Let it touch the future

A large section of our children, our youths

Reflection on 21 Feb in erstwhile East Pakistan and Bangladesh

The demand of Bengali to be one of

Ekushey 1972

As Coordinator of the refugee relief program assisting

The road to Ekushey Book Fair

"Reading is a conversation.All books talk. But a good book listens as well."- Mark HaddonSince Ekushey Book

Leadership crisis as UK heads toward March mayhem

A new round of UK-EU talks begin on Monday after Theresa May suffered a significant defeat last Thursday

The Pulwama attack and its implications

The attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama pushed relations between India and Pakistan to the wall. It

Constitutional rights of marginalized people

It is said that you can figure out a country's real situation by observing the condition of marginalized

MBS' visit might boost Pakistan's economy

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been a great traditional ally for a long time. When the Godless Soviet

Imitation -- Democracy in demand?

The global capitalist ruling classes need the masses in the West to believe that they live in the

Imitation--Democracy in demand?

Perhaps, like imitation-autocracy, the term imitation-democracy explains what constitutes, one of the most complicated and frustrating aspects of

Untrodden life in Al Mahmud's novels

The love relationship between the four people in Kabiler Bone is really complex. These four persons are: Kabil,

The struggle for Iran

Stephen Kinzer opines that a line may be drawn "from Operation Ajax, through the Shah's repressive regime and

Al Mahmud: An everlasting poetic legend

When Al Mahmud wrote poetry at that time poets did not learn to become poet laureates. He wrote

Untrodden life in Al Mahmud's novels

Al Mahmud (1936-2019) is one of the major poets in Bangladesh. He got his recognition immediately after the

Why photography is not allowed in some museums and historic spots

Have you ever pulled out your camera or phone in a museum or historic place and suddenly found

The fervid days of 1969 in Bangladesh …of blood and songs

The national oppression of the Bengalis by the Pakistani rulers in Bangladesh was of vital importance especially in

Gandhi on the Indian Currency

Recently a niece, her husband and seven-year-old son Soren stayed with us for a few days. They are

Idle thoughts of receding winter days

I am a proud resident of Chittagong---as was earlier dubbed 'the mighty queen of the East' beautifully nestling

Why recreate Gandhi Murder?

This 30 January 2019, when the whole country was observing the 71st martyrdom day of 'Father of the

Why science needs everyone

Over the past century, industrialised nations around the world have built robust government-funded national research enterprises, none more

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