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Isa Khan was born in Sarail of Brahmanbaria in 1529 to the daughter of the Sultan of Bengal

Sovereignty, thy name Bangabandhu

Sovereignty, thy name BangabandhuFatema Zohra HaqueHere I send you my poemO father of the nation!Scattered thoughts and overwhelming

The shadow

The shadowJayati RoyWhat's this game you play with meShe askedLooking straight aheadAt the shadow trailing her

Tuntuni on the banks of the Sitalakhya

It rains through the night. It pours at dawn. In your soul there is primeval loneliness, loneliness brought

Game changer

I love youI love you not,I love youI love you not,She repeats,Remembering a game she played Many years ago,Twenty five

The men who stole the stars

 "I know you won't jump off," Ahmad told him, "No matter how far you get to tiptoeing off

Perilous preachers

I can smell the delightful death from the fragrance of your bloodyblooming rose;I can smell the poetry of corpsesfrom

When She Walks By

Eyes so darkHeart so pureI could never love anotherThe way I love herGleam in her eyesLike a candles flameI

Mountain Kazi Tahirin Elma

There you stand still holding your head up high.The green felt coverings and shining gem stringsOn your costume mesmerizes

Nazrul --- in waves and ripples

The Rebel Poet, he who wrote of love and sang of human endurance, passed into the ages more

Nazrul's flute eternal

It is said that sometimes when Nature plays its own mysterious tune, poets sense it first. Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam: 'Romantic Rebel' Poet

No great poet only concentrates on contemporary matters. Every great poet attempts to focus on future in light

The squid who fell in love with the sun

The sun looked to him like the greatest thing in the world. It's just so beautiful, he'd think.

One night in Clapham

So I'm in this bar with Christof when a young girl rocks up at our table. She's a

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