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Mark StroppianaIt was not a good place to do business. Too open, too many people, too

Rumi's quest for divinity

Masnavi of Rumi is an esteemed and classical book illustrating the spiritual and mystic ideas depicted by Jalal-Al-Din

Vampire girl

Nazibah RahmanEven though I love to read and watch scary stories, I feel scared at nights.


Betrayal Mahfuz Al-HossainI am saving few more dew drops in a crystal glass jar for washing


One afternoon Dinu became really upset. It was the year 1971. It was rainy season, and after ten

Let's go to some other place

She sips tea. Her classmate Manik tried to find out language. Upoma noticed it. Manik's eyes dazzled. He

A day in Bird Park

Farizaa Sabreen"I have never seen a girl like you. Birds are friendly and beautiful creature. Why

As they spread, folktales evolve like biological species

Jamie Tehrani We all know the story: Once upon a time there was a young girl


Deceived               -Mahfuz Al-HossainYour masterful treatise on tactical silenceNowadays selling online like hot cakes And have turned into inputs

Longlist of DSC Prize 2018 announced

The much anticipated longlist for the US $25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2018 was announced today

Keep aside today

-Main Uddin AhmedLet today poetry-poem kept asideTo collect some news take a rideAllow the love-dove get its addressAnd the

Approach of Cockroach

-Main Uddin AhmedA cockroach I am known to all of you,On humans now expressing my view,I never caused to

Jacker became an astronaut

Alan Stone and his wife Emily Stone both are astronauts and they worked at NASA.  They had a

Those of us

-Farizaa SabreenThose of us who played with fire,Burnt like coalThose of us who desired to touch the skyStuck inside

The Journey

-Jayati RoyIt was a sail that he first dreamt ofAnd then he sailed the seasTo Aden he went hoping


-Farizaa SabreenLove is a cryptic entityLife becomes magical, when someone fall in loveWhen people fall in love, they forget

The choice of loneliness

Mini Gautam"Papa, how are you holding up?" Jai was on the phone. He knew his father

Keep aside today

-Main Uddin AhmedLet today poetry-poem kept asideTo collect some news take a rideAllow the love-dove get its addressAnd the

Diasporic literature from classical times to postmodern era

In literary terms diaspora refers to the migration of people from their motherland to foreign countries for political,

Who was Sherlock Holmes modeled after?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, with the knack for solving crimes through observation and reason,

The story of an hour

Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her

The siren and the sailor

all friendship is a lie said the sailor to the sirenfor that is why I come to you, when

Better evenings to come

Daylight was drowsily on its way to breaking - pale light streams crawled through the window's blinds, only

Wrong Number

The phone rings. Matari picks it up. "Hello, this is 250-0998." "Sorry, wrong number," says a woman on the


From the first moment she was the one. Her black shaggy hair. Her death-is-nigh complexion. Her lost eyes

With the bliss

Many things are taking place in life,Wish they never stop being so kind.You showed me the right path,When I

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