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Fuldi'r Bubu passed away a few years ago. She had aged, she was lonely without her siblings, she

The return

D. E. Meredith The hut was at the dip of a hill on the edge of

Empty attic

Angelina put on her coat and presented both profiles to the mirror, deciding that the left one was

Jahanara! Sufi Mughal princess

Among the many famous characters of the Mughal era, stands one name that deserves more recognition and glory

The old man

I glanced at my phone. Two missed calls. The clock showed it was 2 a.m. Yet, I was

Window shopping

He stopped, wistfully wishing himself into the scene, becoming part of the magic. The street sounds faded and

A waste of space

'A waste of space."He says this from behind the steering wheel, glaring into the rearview mirror.In the backseat, I


It must be impossible for the dawn and dusk of your days to be a very, very long

'Writers can always write if they want to'

Arif Anwar was born and brought up in Bangladesh, but has been living in Canada for the past

Mark Twain and the essence of American life

Mark Twain is a perpetually scintillating name as far as American literature is concerned. The American Romantic Movement

The dog

I traveled to the Chittagong hill tracts once to explore the area. One beautiful afternoon, I set off

Benefits of reading books

When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new,

Voicing against autocracy in Russian literature

With a population of nearly 150 million and over one hundred languages spoken throughout the Federation, Russia does

Great ruler Isa Khan

Isa Khan was born in Sarail of Brahmanbaria in 1529 to the daughter of the Sultan of Bengal

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