Monday, September 21, 2015


The flaws in the game and the flaws that make one human

The three androids you play with in Detroit: Become Human (DBH) have specific stories and pathways tailored for

Days after cyclone

The sea beach is set to become vibrant with tourists, fishing boats and of course the glowing ray

The game that wants you to question your existence and morals

Detroit: Become Human is a game written, designed

Travels with Anthony Bourdain

Patrick Radden Keefe

After the Revolution and the rose with its thorns and petals

After the Revolution (2018) is a three-part manga that is both continuity and a loose continuity to Revolutionary


 A Big Data StoryJayati RoyI once met a manHis house filled with booksThey climbed the wallsSat

Adolescence Apocalypse: The movie that retells the postmodernist fairy tale

Fairy tales can be retold in various ways and Revolutionary Girl Utena (RGU) is no exception to this


Piew-piewMain Uddin AhmedThe dream was colorfulIt was a river side,Flow was beautifulYour hands were wide.

The postmodernist fairy tale that breaks the genre's tropes

Revolutionary Girl Utena or Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1997) is a Japanese anime (animation) series that has stayed with

Happiness is a salty potato and other life lessons from Russian literature

Viv GroskopDon't trust a woman who wears too much perfume and know your limits - Viv

The fortunate tenants

Ten years ago, a family with dreams and eight off springs- four sons and four daughters, - two

Adam Sol amazes audience with profound confidence

uring this early spring Saturday morning of May 5, 2018, every member of Presenting Bengali Literature In English

Philip Roth, the seminal American novelist has died

Philip Roth, the American literary icon whose novel "American Pastoral" won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1998,

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