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Andrea CarterIt has been put away for so long, there are times when I wonder if

Small town, Saturday night

Winnie BurkeI had always worshipped Johnny Baxter, back then in our one horse town he represented

A pleasant surprise

Exhausted by staring at the computer for long hours, Riya decided to take a few minutes break. She removed

The wanderer

After years, after decades, an old wanderer meets this young lady. It's a drizzly and windy afternoon. Rain has

Emily Dickinson... the murmur of a bee

The mind is wider than the sky. That was the way Emily Dickinson looked at the world outside

Kadambari Devi: The enigmatic and mysterious

Looking into the childhood and early life of Rabindranath Tagore, we come across a central character that plays

Remembering, on starry nights

One should always trying singing at times. It does something good to the soul. It elevates the senses, it

New world order

On July 17, 2175, the world's greatest scientists, businesspeople, world-class leaders and politicians gather in the Webber Grand Auditorium

Author JK Rowling draws criticism for transgender comments

J.K. Rowling is facing widespread criticism from the transgender community and other activists after

The Bengali and his ilish ...

Not many of us are quite familiar with the reality, which is that diplomacy is often dependent on what

Gulbadan Banu Begum - Much loved yet forgotten

Riffat Ahmed"If we were to judge by history books, it would be easy to think that

Amitabha Bagchi wins the DSC prize for south Asian literature 2019

Amitabha Bagchi's brilliant novel "Half The Night Is Gone" has won the prestigious DSC Prize for South Asian

The helper's man

The nagging would come later. At the moment, the scene involves a setting sun, descending toward its place of

Shillong: Truly the Scotland of the East

We, the working lots, look forward to long weekends or a holiday or vacation. While at work, glancing at

Victim of false propaganda

During the mid to late 17th Century, 25% of the world's GDP went from the Indian subcontinent- 50% was

Narail, the Chitra and a phase of life - (last part)

Nazmun NaharA thousand memories flashed back while writing about Narail.That made me strongly crave for a

The first war of independence

Riffat AhmedIn a world not too far back into the past, the harmony of Bengal, Bihar

Forgotten Queen of Oudh: Malika Kishwar

Queen Malika Kishwar was the mother of King Wajid Ali Shah, the last king of Oudh which was

Narail, the Chitra and a phase of life (Part-I)

It's so amazing I am writing about Narail and Chitra. The moment one thinks of Narail, the sparkling

A love story that can live forever

Sad stories will make us cry, but they will also make us contemplate life in a way that

Shortlist announced for the DSC prize for South Asian literature 2019

The much-anticipated shortlist for the US $25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2019 has been announced at

Humayun Ahmed’s 71st birth anniversary Wednesday

The 71st birth anniversary of legendary writer, author, dramatist, screenwriter, playwright and filmmaker Humayun

The shores of Bosphorus (Last part)

Nazmun NaharOn the way to hotel I felt a bit forlorn without the buzzing kids, so

Four poems of Fatema Zohra Haque

  PassionIt must be a while after you leaveScattered thoughts, dry emotions, broken heartsAnd in this

Mughal women

From the very beginning, women in the Mughal era had a profound influence on the men they birthed,

The shores of Bosphorus- part-II

And about food…..? Oh God! There it was. That Magic Lamp finally, not only for food also for

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