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Vubon RaihanContinued from lat weekOur delinquency just by the thought of causing disturbance to that particular

Begin again

Rifah Tashfiaraison d'êtrereason for being. The withered tulips on my nightstand have

On wayward winds

Vubon RaihanThe distance itself cannot drive people to become distant but silence can solely and like

Love as sweet as poison

Anton KurniaHave you heard about leaves of laughter and forgetting? Let me tell you a sweet

Ode to a Leader

Nirmalendu Goon Translated by Alamgir Mohammad'I do not observe my birthday, '- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

An accident

Nusrat Jabin MalihaYou were not sent to me by accident I didn't meet you by chance,We were meant

The Soviet Union on Charing Cross Road

Nothing can be of greater pleasure than a visit to the bookshops on London's Charing Cross Road. It is

Muhammad Azam Shah: Seventh mughal emperor

The Lalbagh fort that stands in the heart of Dhaka with all its glory was once started by the


Translated by Alamgir Mohammad 'Your leader, my leader - Sheikh Mujib, Sheikh Mujib'-once if it were a slogan of

A whole new world

Continued from last weekThe next object to be tried was a living mouse. In his journal, Andi advised her

Woody Allen book pulped after walkout at publisher

A US publishing house has cancelled plans to publish a memoir by Woody Allen,


It's late.When Henry's flight finally touches down at Changi Airport, it is already past ten in the evening and

A whole new world

Massachusetts, 6 April 2022Professor Tuti could still catch the sound of explosion in her head. Two months ago, somebody


Imtiaz Mahmood Translated by Alamgir Mohammad It is so hot in the verandah Harun, you get burned, 

A perfect morning

Deyan Teodorov An early spring morning I woke up with a strange thought "Something's gonna happen."

Shards of memory

Liana BruggemannThe light steps of John O'Malley sank into the thick, muting cushion of snow without

The old man

Hayu Hamemayu I glanced at my phone. Two missed calls. The clock showed it was 2

Sea foam

Latifa SekariniEveryone in school knew exactly how I had developed an infatuation toward Daffa Fadhila by

Akbar, the Great

Riffat AhmedWhen the word "empire" comes into our minds, there are not many we can think

A little bit of news

I'm bursting with the pudding. I had a lot of turkey too of course. But the pudding is sitting

Zeb-un-Nissa:The poetess-princess

We often hear of the famous Princess Jahanara and Princess Roshanara, but not much is known about a

45th International Kolkata Book Fair dedicated to Bangabandhu

The 45th International Kolkata Book Fair (IKBF-2021) has been dedicated to Bangladesh’s founding father

The lamb

Andrea Carter(Continued from last week)We all went back to Dee's house after the pub - the

Sachin Dev Burman: The wizard of music

Riffat AhmedMaya Angelou once said, "Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances" As

The lamb

Andrea CarterIt has been put away for so long, there are times when I wonder if

Small town, Saturday night

Winnie BurkeI had always worshipped Johnny Baxter, back then in our one horse town he represented

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