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Nazmun NaharOn the way to hotel I felt a bit forlorn without the buzzing kids, so

Four poems of Fatema Zohra Haque

  PassionIt must be a while after you leaveScattered thoughts, dry emotions, broken heartsAnd in this

Mughal women

From the very beginning, women in the Mughal era had a profound influence on the men they birthed,

The shores of Bosphorus- part-II

And about food…..? Oh God! There it was. That Magic Lamp finally, not only for food also for

Alauddin Khilji: A hero or a villain?

Riffat AhmedIn the pages of history, Alauddin Khilji has enormously scorched his mark deeply enough to

The shores of Bosphorus

Nazmun NaharOne fine April morning in 2004 when I was working at International Turkish Hope School

The Persian merchant who built Dhaka city

Riffat AhmedWhen we talk about the 17th century, the name that springs up the most is

A mournful note of a heartbroken to her beloved

Fatema Zohra Haque My thoughts and feelings are persistent. Therefore to sit myself down and console

Atwood and Evaristo share Booker Prize

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo have been named the joint winners of the 2019

Nobel Prize for Literature returns after scandal

The Nobel Prize for Literature is set to be awarded on Thursday. Twice.

The forgotten Mughal prince

Primogeniture is the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the

The forgiveness

Shezan's mother left him in the orphanage when he was a new born baby.  A kind man Wilson

Longlist announced for the DSC prize for South Asian Literature 2019

The US $25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, which is now in its ninth year, announced its

An uncanny love story

Nazmun NaharAnamika's heart sinks at the sight of Takek through the doctor's chamber. He is passing

Abul Fazl, a gem in Akbar’s royal court

Navaratnas or 'The Nine Gems' was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in an

Dancing with shadow of life

Greeks of the ancients firmly believed that the universe was guided strictly by order and fate. In King

Respond to the call of time

Md. Nazrul Islam MollahIn spite of being ideal, self denying, dedicated, you're deprived, tortured and harassed.

Fuldi'r Bubu has passed away

Fuldi'r Bubu passed away a few years ago. She had aged, she was lonely without her siblings, she

Shattered dreams

Nazmun NaharWhen Rashik's mom Suraiya is sweating in the Vice Principal's room right under the fan

'Our mother tongue is our culture'

A K M Mohsin is a Bangladeshi newspaper editor and writer living an expat's life in Singapore. To

Shaista Khan: Amazing architect of Dhaka

Mirza Abu Talib was of Persian origin and had a direct connection with the Moghul emperor dating back

A little missive of love

My dearest Mongoose,On the frontier between light and shadow, the feel of your hand as it grazes mine


She knew he was the one, when all he saw was her soul. The rest was just a

One day in Achindwip

Nazmun NaharRumman reaches Achindwip just when the sun sank in the West. Tareque receives Rumman and

Let's say I am

Richard JonesLet's say I am a mouse. I'm not a mouse. But let's say I am.

Let love live

"Oops! Massive crowd, too much noise. Why on earth did I come to this concert and why did

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