Published:  01:00 AM, 25 December 2017

Easy homely remedies for cracked heel

Easy homely remedies for cracked heel

Winter comes with the sign of roughness and dryness to our skin. Along with other troubles cracked heels trouble increased during winter. We are conscious enough for hands and face care but feet always remain neglected in the period of winter. Both men and women can fall into this. Lower portion of ankle becomes cracked, split and divided. Which part of the feet carries much weight and find this ultimate result, because of dry weather.

Such crack brings intolerable pain, which can understand only the victims. To get rid of this often we go with some cosmetic creams or ointments. But such chemical items bring some immediate healing but momentary and cause many relevant side effects. Natural ways can only bring the true remedies for such situation. And here are some homely natural tips to get rid of this ill-fated winter trouble -

Rose-water and glycerin feet mask: Whether your ankle cracks are in the initial condition, you can go with this mask.

To make this mask - we need rose-water, glycerin, lime juice, salt and warm water. Take two liters of warm water in a large pot, where you can easily sink your feet up to over some inches of your ankles. Now add one table spoon salt, lime juice (made with an entire lime) and one cup rose-water.

And sink your feet in to that mixer for 15 to 17 minutes. Afterwards remove the hard-dead skin by scratching with pumice stone or brittle brick. And clean your feet with normal water. Now make a thick mask with one tea spoon rose-water, one tea spoon glycerin and one tea spoon lime juice. Paste it politely on your clean feet and keep it like that for the whole night. It could feel viscous or sticky, but you need to go with that. Wash your feet in the morning with warm water and you will find a new change on them.  Follow this method at least 2 to 3 times per week for 3 weeks. And deserving result would be seen gradually.

Coconut-banana feet mask:
Whether your heel's situation is so much unwell, please stop wasting your time  and should go with this  mask as soon as possible.

Method: Take a banana and piece that all. Now take 3 to 4 pieces of fresh coconut. And blend them well together. Paste it on your feet; and do it carefully especially on the cracked areas. Make a wait until it get dry enough and wash with clean warm water. By doing this regularly thrice a week would bring a visible change on your badly cracked-heel. Whether you won't have available fresh coconut - make a banana smash paste and add 3 to 4 teaspoon of coconut oil with it. Follow above mentioned pasting and washing process and find the real positive experience to use this natural home-made mask.

Natural scrub and oil: Use of natural scrub is the peerless way to get rid of cracked heel situation so far. This home-made scrub may bring natural healing for your feet.

To make this scrub you need 2 to 3 teaspoon plain raw rice, honey and white vinegar. Make the rice wet in normal clean water for 15 minutes. Make granule paste of wet rice with blender. Add honey and vinegar as required to make a thick mixer. Now keep your feet wet in a big pot with warm water for 10 to minutes. Afterwards paste the thick mixer over your feet.

Make a wait for 10 to 15 minutes until it get dried fully and wash with clean warm water. Before go for olive oil rubbing, just wrap the feet with towel for make a quick dry. Now give warm olive oil massage on them. Follow this for twice to thrice per week to have a noticeable change. It's perpetually depends on your situation - which type of method or process you are going with. But always try to pick an easy, natural and homely remedies.

The writer is a beauty expert and working with a multinational company

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