Published:  01:10 AM, 31 December 2017

A trustworthy book about freedom fighters

A trustworthy book about freedom fighters Sherpurer Muktiyuddha' edited by A A Zafar Iqbal, Publisher - Reliable Printers (2017)
Main Uddin Ahmed discovered the book as an attempt in making the list of genuine freedom fighters of Sherpur which can be followed as a model.

The book titled 'Sherpurer Muktiyuddha', edited by A A Zafar Iqbal, is really an intelligent and farsighted person's creation. In real sense, it is one kind of research work. The book contains the photographs of real freedom fighters of Sherpur district. The editor took time for searching all the reliable sources while trying to make the list.

The editor avoided all the weak sources and tried to base on trustworthy information. No emotion was entertained in the searching process.

Let us look at the person who edited all information for the voluminous book. With the background of journalist and banker, Zafar Iqbal is a freedom fighter. Colleagues know him as a man of logic and while compiling the materials for the book he tried to save his face and image and we think he has succeeded.

Zafar used available pictures with the write-ups. He made a reliable list of freedom fighters and Birangonas. He has gone through all the sources genuine in this regard.

There are 34 titles representing the chapters of the book where small and large events and fights were described with responsibility. The book contains the list of martyred freedom fighters also. There we find even the contributions of the friend country personnel.

An attempt is going on in the country now to make a fresh and true list of our freedom fighters. It will be really a tough job to make it after such a long time.

Moreover govt-offered benefits make some people greedy to be enlisted in any way. In such a situation Zafar's editing and compilation style can be followed as a model. FFs' list makers of all the districts can follow this book. Going through the book will be wise for succeeding in making a fresh list of our heroes of the Liberation War.

The book on the freedom struggle of Sherpur reflects the result of the hard work Mr Zafar did while collecting info for the book. He left no corner beyond visits while on the journey to discover all the heroes of the district. Zafar can claim appreciation for this hard work.

'Sherpurer Muktiyuddha' consists 349 pages. Leaving some pages white at the end of the book is not logical because there are many songs yet to be sung for our heroes.

Published by Freedom Fighter Advocate Mokhlesur Rahman from Reliable Printers, Fakirerpul, Motijheel in Dhaka in June, 2017, the cover design of the book was done by Mahbubul Alam Khan and the price of this invaluable book was fixed at Tk 700 only.

However, the book is no doubt something special. A A Zafar Iqbal did a very laborious job with a high degree of patience. If there was such book of every district, we could avoid any controversy and confusion while making a genuine list of our freedom fighters. The editor of the book can get applause from all of us. Readers will wait for much more from him.

The reviewer is an Assistant Editor of The Asian Age

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