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Campus TV focuses on campus life

Campus TV focuses on campus life

Beginning Story: On 2011, the idea of doing something exclusive on campus activities of Daffodil International University first popped into the mind of our Honorable Chairman Md Sabur Khan. He proposed that why not to take the advantages of technologies in stimulating the activities of our campuses among the students? He shared the idea with Md Nader Ali, the Joint Director of IT Department.This fabulous idea came up in real with a Radio Station.

'Campus Campus' and 'University Adda' were the popular programs conducted by two RJs ,JayantaKarmakar, Student of Journalism and Mass Communications Department and Syed Raihan-Ul-Islam, student of English Department. Now they both are the proud Alumnus of DIU. JayantaKarmakar is working at Nagorik TV and Syed Raihan-Ul-Islam is the Senior Administrative Officer at International Affairs, DIU. 'Campus Campus' was a type of program where the students shared their feelings, activities and problems in the university. Playing music based on students requests was another part of this program. On the other hand, in the program of 'University Adda' students used to have gossip based on different sectors of their university life.

Midstory: In the middle of 2015 ,the idea of spreading campus activities forwarded one step ahead from Radio to Television by telecasting the program 'Alumni Night'. This program reached to 450,000+ people and had been shared by 200,00+ people. Our Chairman sir got amazed and thought to set up a media lab where the students of Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC) and Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT) will be able to have practical working experiences by making short films, editing videos, doing animations and graphical works. Every activity of Media Lab will be done by our students. According to the plan, the shooting has been started to take in the media lab, Milonayoton 71, MilonayotonShadhinota. These programs are also conducted by our students.

Audiences Feedbacks: There are lots of programs take place in Daffodil International University to motivate the students. This is an era of technology. Why not to take the advantages of technologies to motivate the other students of our country? This realization introduced the term of Campus TV. Before Campus TV, various kinds of programs were centralized only for DIU students. But now it is opened for everyone with the help of Internet. People can watch the programs from anywhere with their handsets by clicking on Facebook LIVE or on YouTube. We already have so many audiences on Internet who are very much fond of our programs as well as the Campus TV. Let have a listen to them what they say about Campus TV.

Hasan Zubaer, one of our fresh graduates from MCT Dept. who worked at Media Lab making Animations shared his experience with Campus TV, "It feels good that still I can attend all the programs of DIU whenever I do want. It is the power of being digitalized." Another student from CSE Dept. Sumnul Islam said, "There are so many educational seminars, workshops LIVE take place at our varsity. I always try to join them. Sometimes I miss some programs due to my classes or my sickness. But by watching Campus TV, I can easily see the missed programs as these programs are also being recorded besides LIVE telecasting. It's great actually."

Programs of Campus TV:
Everyday different types of educational programs are being telecasted from 12.00 PM to 12.00PM of the next day. Every program is being repeated after three hours. Let have an introduction to our programs.

Entrepreneurship Development Program:
Our honorable chairman sir MdSabur khan believes that the graduates of DIU will not have to search for their jobs, they will give jobs to other people. With the aim of this belief DIU has taken an initiative to inform and motivate the educated youths of the struggle and challenges faced on route to success by the well-known entrepreneurs of the country. This program is telecasting via Campus TV. The lecture sessions ofAlhaj Sufi Mizanur Rahman ( Chairman,PHP Group), Syed ManzurElahi(Chairman, Apex Group), Md. Mozibar Rahman (Chairman, BRB Cables), AnisUdDowla (Chairman,ACI Group),Mr. A.K Azad (Chairman,Ha-Meem Group),GeetearaSafiya Choudhury (Chairman, Adcom Ltd), Rokia Afzal Rahman(President, Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs), Mr. Niaz Rahim ( Group Director,Rahimafrooz), Mr. Latifur Rahman (Chairman, Transcom Group), BiBi Russell (Founder, Bibi Productions) have already been telecasted on Campus TV.

Art of Living: The main purpose of this program is to let our students know about the set of capabilities required for leading a happy life. This capability-profile comes close to the notion of 'positive mental health'.Through this program, the students are being taught the proper ways to show respect towards our parents, our teachers, maintenance of discipline and courtesy.Mr Sabur Khan(Chairman,Daffodil Group), Syed Mijanur Rahman Raju( Director of Students' Affairs), Ejaj-Ur-Rahaman Shajal (Teacher) mainly oversee this program.

Employability 360:
This program has been introduced by our dearest ShibliShahriar Sir and his student Sohag Mia to make the students more efficient and confident enough through soft skills for their jobs after graduation.

Globalization: Daffodil International University always believes in internationalization and cross cultural education. Keeping this spirit in mind, DIU is extending its activities to worldwide for the betterment of its students and academic staffs. As a result many of our students have gone to participate at different international programs like Summer Program, Winter Program, Scholarship and Faculty & Students Exchange Program in China, Malaysia, Korea, USA and many more parts of the world. In the 'Glocalization' program we listen to the Faculty members and the students about their experiences on these International Programs.

As we are an International university, we also have so many international students coming from Somalia, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia and so on. In this program ,we also hear about the International students experiences at DIU and Bangladesh. Maruf Chowdhury and Faisal Pasha mainly conduct this program.

Campus Hero: We believe besides studies every student needs mental refreshments by singing, dancing, acting or doing photography. By doing these activities students can revive their minds and come out from the monotonous life. In this program we normally have the students' performances who are doing different kinds of activities fruitfully besides their studies.

Campus Parliament: In this program, the students coming from different schools, colleges, public and private universities sit under the Campus parliament to make the right arguments on various social, political and economic issues, agendas of our country and the world as well.

Team behind Campus TV:
A core team of seven dedicated individuals is mainly associating the Campus TV. Mr. Md. Emran Hossain Director and Md Nadir Ali the joint director of IT department along with his two IT employees Kazi Arif  and Shipon is also working in this great team. SM Abdur Razzak and Nafiza Rahman Mou are working as the Production Director and the Production Manager respectively. Besides them,

The writer is schooling at  Daffodil International University

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