Published:  12:47 AM, 11 January 2018

In the Father of the Nation's house

In the Father of the Nation's house

It was a special day for me. On that day I got the opportunity to visit the house where our Father of the Nation used to reside with his family. Now it is Bangabandhu Musuem. From many days it was my desire to visit the museum. Several times we went to Danmondi area for shopping but did not get chance to visit the house.

I came to know about Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahaman and his struggle from my parent at the same time we visit the house.  Though it is very little I have read about him in my class books. I have seen in the news paper and have heard from teachers and parents that Bangabandhus's house now is a museum. Not only for the local people but also foreign guests visit the museum frequently. 

I was excited when I reached Danmondi 32 along with my father, mother and elder sister. It was nearly noon. I was thinking about Bangabandhu, his struggle for our independence and about his sacrifice for the nation. My father took the entrance tickets, then we put our bags and mobile phone in a counter as the counter man gave us tokens. It is prohibited to take the mobile and bags inside. At last we enter the house and we started to see from Ground floor. In the corridor there was some photos on the wall, my father introduced me with the photo. He narrated me how Bangabandhu and his family members were killed by the miscreants in 1975.

We enter a room where I saw the photograph of Bangabandhu with famous leaders of the world including Fidel Castro of Cuba, Indira Gandhi of India, Anowar Sadat of Egypt, and so many others. Near that room, there is the personal library of Bangabandhu, still there are books in the wooden almira. There is wooden table and chair.

In the first floor when we reach the place where Bangabandhu were killed, his bulleted dead body was laid down... really it was very difficult to stop tears. Just I can't think how the Bengali people could kill him. It is out of my imagination. He is the only Bengali Leader who has contributed his whole life to achieve our freedom. There is no one like him. If anyone read the book `karagarer Roznacha' he can know about the sacrifice of Bangabandhu,.

 The place where his dead body was laid down it is covered with glass, in the wall there is photography of Bangabandhu, it looks like Bangabandhu is crying.  I have seen the many bullet marks in the first floor.   Probably first floor was the main floor for the family.  There are Bangabandhu and Begum Mujib's room; Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Rehean'room and Seikh Zamal's room.

In the Zamal's room, there is the dress of newly married couple. In that floor, the miscreants kill Begum Mujib, Sheikh Russell,Sheikh Zamal and his newly married wife Rozi Zamal and Bangabandhu's elder son Sheikh Kamal'wife Sultana Kamal.

In the second floor there is a rooftop room which had been used by Bangabandhu, when foreign leaders and journalists had to visit him. Near that room there is a little room where the students of the house used for reading in the exam time.  But when the party workers used to see him, they had to use the room for reading. There was a room for Sheikh Kamal in the floor.

 All the people who were in that house on 15 August 1975 were killed brutally. Luckly Bangabandhu's two daughters, our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehena escaped the killing as they were outside of the country. At the extended building of museum, there are so many rare and uncommon photographs of our long-run liberation struggle. Photographs can be found from British age.

Sometime I see our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina uses very simple dress, lives simply and despite being a busy Prime Minister, she cooks herself.  She said she uses water mug in the bathe time instead of shower and off light himself before come out. After see and hear this the question arises in me why and how she is so simple? After visit the museum I got the answer of my questions. I have seen stuffs used in that  house is so simple that shows the lifestyle of the family.  I think Sheikh Hasina has inherited the simplicity from the family.
 The writer is a Student of class Six , Mirpur Girls ideal laboratory institute

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