Published:  01:34 AM, 14 January 2018

'Forge unity for egalitarian society'

Working classes across the world need to get united for creating an egalitarian society free from all sorts of oppressions. The participation of toiling masses is a must for the materialization of this purpose.  Leaders from 14 Asian countries came up with this call on the second day of two-day International Conference of the Asian Assembly of Peoples' Movements and Organi-zations at a city hotel yesterday.

Presided over by M A Baby, Presidium Member of the Communist Party of India - Marxist, the first session on Challenges and Experiences in Building Socialism in the 21st Century was addressed by Aruna Roy of Moozdoor Kisan Sanghar Samiti o India, Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj of Malaysia and Prafulla Samantara of Indian National Alliance of People's Movement while the session on Peoples' Struggles in Defence of Livelihood and Democracy was chaired by Annie Raja, Presidium member of Communists Party of India.

The second session was addressed by Vijoy Prashad of Communists Party of India, Amit Sengupta of Communists Party of India - Marxist, Pramesh Pokhrel of Nepal, Sushanto Kumar Das of Workers Party of Bangladesh, Marco Fern-andes of Phillipines, Abul  Hossain of Bangladesh Workers Party, Abul Hasan, Communists Party of Bangladesh .

Leaders at both sessions pleaded for forging united movement against all social evils to establish a just society across the world. They said humanity confronts by challenge to unify the people and working class of the world. The speakers said, "We have been building a coordination based on unity of action around a political platform that is anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-patriarchal and anti-militarist."

The concluding session of the assembly was later held at the same venue with Ali Ahsan Enamul Haque in the chair. The session was addressed by Pramesh Pokhrel, Aboul hossain, Amit Sengupta, Malinie Bhattacharya. Critically analyzing the current political, economic and social conjuncture, the session adopted the Dhaka Declaration of the assembly that stressed the need for rooting out imperialism, capitalism, colonialism for establishing a exploitation free fair society in the planet.

The Dhaka Declaration said across the world, financial capital supported by technological and military power, exercises power on the entire range of human activities. Terming the United States as imperialism, it said the US is forcing structural changes in the global economic system to perpetuate its hegemony. These changes are devastating livelihoods of people across continents. 

The leaders and workers of 14 east and southeast countries who met Dhaka for the Asian Assembly of Peoples' Movements and Organizations will meet in Caracas in Venezuela to celebrate the culmination of a coordination process in February next to raise their voice against imperialism.    

-Tapan Khan, AA

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