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Published:  01:02 AM, 05 February 2018

How to choose jewelery that flatters your face

How to choose  jewelery  that flatters your  face

Not only is jewellery an intrinsic part of a woman's attire, but it's also a reflection of her personality. For some, the kind of jewellery they wear becomes synonymous with their identity. In fact, for the modern Indian woman, the significance of jewellery has increased because she now has to straddle the fine line of traditional and office-wear. Changing times have only led to newer shapes and versatile designs that complement evolving lifestyles, social trends and mindset.

The current trend dictates that you opt for jewellery that offer the option of versatility - those that can be teamed up with both ethnic wear as well as Western, while retaining their - and their wearer's - individuality. This can cover everything from maang tikas and earrings to necklaces and bangles.

But how does one choose this essential part of one's wardrobe? Sure, it can be simply love at first sight, but should you wish to delve deeper into understanding and accentuating your look, a great place to start would be to select jewellery that matches your face shape, since that's the first thing that people notice about you.

To start, first identify what is your face type - oval-, round-, square-, oblong-, triangle-, heart- or diamond-shaped. Once you've taken care of that, here are a few helpful tips on how to choose the right jewellery to highlight the best features of your face.

Oval face: This is considered the easiest kind of face to accessories, since it complements most kinds of jewellery.
Earrings: Hoops, chandeliers, tear drops and other soft-curve designs are the best bet for an oval face. Even angular designs are great as it can offset the roundness of an oval face. The only style you need to avoid is long shoulder-grazing earrings, since they tend to lengthen the shape of your face.

Necklaces: People with an oval face can wear almost any shape or style of necklace, provided the design is in proportion to the individual's size. Just remember that the necklace should complement the neckline.Round face: Accessorizing a round face is all about creating an illusion of length.

Earrings: Women with this face shape should opt for styles that are long and vertical, like danglers, drops or narrow chandeliers. Also, designs with strong vertical lines such as rectangles and trapezoids that counter the roundness of the face are recommended.

Necklaces: Longer, looping necklaces that visually lengthens the face are ideal choices for a round face. Necklaces with large pendants or other focal components that create a 'V' and longer lines are flattering too. Avoid necklace styles like chokers, collar and princess lengths.

Square face: Accessorizing a square face is all about softening the jawline.Earrings: Large oval hoops, long drops and narrow chandelier earrings are ideal for a square face. A square face needs jewellery that adds length and camouflages the width, hence, women with square faces should avoid wearing studs and wide chandelier-style earrings.

Necklaces: Square faces need necklaces with length and curves to soften the strong jawline. Princess, matinee, opera and rope length neck pieces are ideal. It's best if you choose pendants or other focal components with curves and swirls to counter the strong angular elements of the jaw.

Oblong face: Accessorizing an oblong face is all about camouflaging the length of the face.Earrings: An oblong face is ideal for sporting large, bold styles of stud earrings and wide chandeliers. This face needs jewellery that can create an illusion of width and camouflage its length.

Necklaces: Short necklaces can reduce the appearance of length of an oblong face. Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal, especially, if one has a long neck as well. Circular neckwires and necklaces are good too.Heart-shaped face: Accessorizing a heart-shaped face is all about creating an appearance of a narrower forehead and widening the jawline.

Earrings: This face shape needs width at chin level, so go for horizontal lines of hoops, teardrops, curves, triangles and other dangling, space-filling designs.Necklaces: Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal (specially for women with long neck). Multi-strand chokers, circular neckwires and short bib-style necklaces are also advisable.

Triangle face: Accessorizing a triangle face is all about creating an appearance of a wider forehead and diverting the attention from the jawline.Earrings: The styles and designs that are most apt for this face shape are the heart-shaped ones with the narrowest part of the design at the jawline. The width should be at the level of the cheekbones, Also, ear-cuffs and other styles that curve up the ears are advisable as they create the illusion of width. One can also pair up small studs with a few narrow dangles to create more length.

Necklace: Princess and matinee length neck-pieces are ideal as they create a gentle curve under the jawline and lengthens the look of the face. Choose pendants or focal components with curves and swirls to counter the angularity of the jawline. (excerpt)

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