Published:  12:43 AM, 13 February 2018

Irrational Obsession

Irrational Obsession

Dhaka, Chittagong, Kasur, Delhi and parts of the national and international regions are suddenly in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Rupa and Nirbhaya cases and legislation enacted immediately thereafter were supposed to restrict incidents of violence against women in the countries. But quite predictably these laws have hardly made life easier for the 'weaker gender' with crimes against women and children scaling a new high in the countries.

The dastardly Nirbhaya, Rupa, Tanu cases which shocked the nations into believing with a certain conviction that no matter how civilized the human race wants to consider itself, the streak of violence, a legacy of his barbarian ancestors.

How else could the alleged the brutal rapes and murders of a nine-year girl in Chittagong, the ten-year girl in Narayangang and seven-year girl in Kasur near their houses be described! Again we are speechless when we hear only eight-month baby girl has been raped allegedly by her cousin at her own house in Delhi.

The baby is still alive and suffering severe injuries to her vital organs. She is in a critical condition and undergone several surgeries. What to do? Have we become so insensible or we have simply accepted this as our fate?Descending to the level of an animal, if a person could give vent to his lustful temperament by engaging in such unnatural acts, these persons deserve no place in the civilized society which has blessed every individual with a deep-rooted power to differentiate between the normal and unacceptable.The perversions, however, continue to curse a society that is slowly degenerating into a stage where fellow human beings are without any feelings for each other.

While the focus has all along been on checking the atrocities against women, the frequency of sexual crimes brought about on children who are not old enough to grasp the reality of the situation continues to upset the nations by the dreadfulness of the immoral acts.

Along the scenario where the terms progress and development are being tagged as a healthy indication of the changing times, it comes as a rude shock to have sexual depravity pushing mank kind to the threshold of the pre-historic period.

As apt cases that warrant more strict laws to put away such falls of for good, the government should be more forthcoming in the introducing laws that could spell an end to these sorts of depravities in the society. Moreover, educating our boys to respect others. But it is easier said than done!  

The writer is Research Scholar,  Goa University, India.

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