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Published:  12:27 AM, 09 March 2018

Get ready for a fantasy game on duty and legacy

Get ready for a fantasy game on duty and legacy

SquareEnix's latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV, will be available in PC systems from March 6th. Notable PC games provider, Steam, has also allowed the "pre-load" function that allows you to install the game before its official release.

The Final Fantasy series is usually a console based game built primarily for Sony's Play Station. This game was no exception as it was initially designed to test and incorporate the specifications of the Play Station 4. This is one of the first times a Final Fantasy game has transitioned so quickly to the PC platform as earlier games took more time to be incorporated for PC playing.

Final Fantasy XV took 10 years in development hell after it was scrapped from its original role. Final Fantasy XV started out as Final Fantasy Versus-XIII. It was meant to expand the universe of Final Fantasy XIII, which was a universe dominated by gods and crystals.

The mythology of XIII was intrinsically linked to the ascension of new worlds and gods through the eventual evolution of humanity.  Final Fantasy XV kept some of these elements in that it does work on the ascension or rather survival of humanity.

The story of Final Fantasy XV takes place in the world of Eos. You play Noctis Lucis Caelum, the next in line to be the king of the kingdom of Lucis. Lucis has always been at odds with the technological nation of Niflheim. Where Niflheim possesses military might and technological innovation, the kingdom of Lucis contained the mystical power of the crystal.

The Crystal was a gift that was given to the denizens of Lucis by the gods of old and possesses great magical power. The power is controlled and distributed through the King of Lucis, which is wielded through a ring. Aside from the gods of old, there are also Astrals, beings who possess elemental power. It is the task of the True King to unite these Astrals and protect people from the plague known as Starscourge. Noctis is prophesized to be the Chosen King. This information makes his quest more dire.

At its core, Final Fantasy XV is a game about brotherhood. The game has Noctis and his friends Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis travel with him to secure his quest to become the rightful king. Yet patriotism cannot only be determined by personal journeys; Noctis interacts with various citizens along the way to understand better his position and the qualms of the people.

The world is Eos is different than most of the previous Final Fantasy installments due to its more modern and urbanized look. Previous games either evoked on the medieval or the fantastical heavily on the design of the stages the game is set. Final Fantasy XV decides to opt for a world like ours only with certain fantastical elements and positions.

For example, Noctis is not the only one with the fantastical power of Lucis, the Oracle of Tenebrae, Lunafreya, is supposed to be a grand Healer. She is also Noctis's fiancée and childhood friend. In such a manner, the world oscillates between the modern and the fantastical with certain shifts. It stay’s true to its roots of fantasy but evolves with the present.

The PC edition of the game incorporates all the DLCs that were released separately for the console. It additionally possesses PC only exclusive material for people who had pre-ordered the game, such as the famous Half-Life game costume, which can be worn by Noctis. Additionally, it also sports first person mode and mod support. The PC edition is set to be similar to the Royal Edition of the game set to be released around the same time for consoles.

As such, the game revolves on Noctis's desire to fulfill his duties as king and also save his world. Gamers should remember that and not shirk away from their educational and personal responsibilities in pursuit of gaming. If one studies hard now they may be the architects of the gaming industries of the future.

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