Published:  12:43 AM, 14 March 2018

Kids- forename of an inspiration & hope

Kids- forename of an  inspiration & hope

Being a Teacher of Junior Class in an English version school, it's a matter of challenge to treaty with the angles. Every day is a new day with new start. Parents are the first teacher of their kids.First they learn from their parents after that from their other family members. From My practical experience I can say that kids are the most vulnerable, precious and unpredictable.

As they are at their tender age we have to be affectionate with them motherly love and care because from their home they just enter into school, a new environment, new people, so fear, frustration all their in mind, as we are  for them as their idol or mentor, we have to be very friendly ,polite with them. They are learning from us.

Theyare following us. It's not possible that all kids are came up with the same enthusiasm, same passion. Some are always ready to answer your question, some are always have reply to your words, and some are quiet and shy.

Kids who are shy it's our big challenge to make them talk and response. Because of, if they do not talk or response, it's very difficult to understand what's going on in their mind and whether they have understood the lesson or not. So giving them a comfort zone to share and express their views it's our duty. Encouraging them, frequently talking with them might be one of the great tools to boost up their self-reliance.

Kid's physical health and mental health is equally important. So raising them in a healthy way, both mentally and physically, it's all of our duty. Whenever they are in home parents should properly maintain their food habit, hand wash activities. In school and outdoor, teacher and others member should keep eye on this. To encourage kid's performances, good deeds, we should motivate them. Motivational things also should be related with them. So that they can feel they are equally important and could keep trying to improve their performance.  

For anyone our home is our first learning organization. Relations between father and mother and other core relatives reflects in child behavior.Parents who spend their time more with child showed that they are better performer in the class, well behaved and well mannered. Now a day everything becomes so competitive. Kids are also going through in pressure. Exam, study, class test, monthly test, half yearly and final exam and so on. Children will study, but same time their recreation is equally important.

 Kids what are learning in their childhood is the foundation of all learning. As they grow up their learning also become more matured. So spending time with them, taking them outside showing different things will increase their vocabulary and area of imagination faster their thinking process.

Kids are now widely depending on tabs, laptops and TVs. They may watch this for a limited period of time. Parents should more focus on their physical activities,allow them to talk, they should not hesitate to share anything with their parents. Parents should try to understand their kid's area of interest rather than pressuring their child to fulfill parent's unfulfilled dreams. Every child is unique .So never compare your child to anyone. Its mentally affect them.  
It would be better if we try to make our child independent from their tender age. Like if we teach them at home Baba/Maa, bring out your copy from your bag, try to keep all your books in a certain place .keep your shoes in the shoe box .Don't throw your chocolate,chips packet after eating here and there ,put it in the dustbin .In their study time they should how to hold the pencil,ruler etc.

These kind of small practices make them become more confident.It is necessary for the kids upbringing to avoid any kind of unpleasant situation, talk not to discuss with the during kids presence. Sometimes we feel kids are listening, if they listening they are not understanding. But we are wrong, kids are listening and if they not understanding properly that remain their sub conscious mind and mentally may affect them. Sometimes it happened kids are feeling so what we tell them to do.

But rather than getting angry if we able to make them understand this is better for them they must listen to our words. Rather than ordering friendly attitude will be more helpful for them. So this will help him or her to take decision.

Parents should believe on their child. First they have to believe their kids capable of doing everything, then they have to transform this believe into child's mind. Spending time with kids' most valuable thing a parents can gift their child. Parents should give freedom to their child to choose to discuss to express their mind.

All kids are angels. Everyone came up with great potentiality so we need to find them, nurtured them teach them and most importantly give them wings to fly.

Silvia Akther is a Teacher of Junior Section ( Junior 1)Scholars ' School and

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