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Foods that fight against diabetes

Foods that fight against diabetes

Whether you have Type 2 Diabetes and are trying to get rid of it, Type 1 and are trying to control it, or are simply at risk of developing Type 2. You may need to know which foods will help you do this. So let's take a look at these foods that combat Diabetes.

Broccoli: If there is one vegetable made for diabetes, it's probably broccoli. It contains a special compound that naturally fights off diabetes and controls blood sugar levels. It even protects against heart disease.

Spinach: Spinach is healthy, duh! But for diabetics, it's even more beneficial. Leafy greens are one of the number one most recommended foods for diabetics, and spinach is so much better than iceberg lettuce.

Tea: Tea is a little know power-food (or beverage) chock full of antioxidants. Most doctors suggest drinking tea on a daily basis, green or black, as long as it is strictly tea with no added sugars.

Fish: Fish is one of the healthiest proteins available, and as most diabetics know, protein is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Like nuts and seeds, fish is rich in Omega-3s (the healthy fats) and has been known to lower your risk of health problems. 

Sweet potatoes: We all know that white potatoes are no good for you. But thankfully, we are given a potato that holds health benefits. Reduce insulin resistance, lower cholesterol, and prevent blood sugar spikes. All the while, eating a potato!

Apples: Everyone likes apples! That's one of the best things about this warrior. Lower the risks of heart disease, high cholesterol, and keep your blood glucose level. Win, win, win!

Seeds: Like nuts, seeds are rich in healthy fats like Omega-3s. They are low-carb and contain a good source of iron. Sunflower seeds are a good choice, but pumpkin seeds are even better. Also, like nuts, they are slow acting carbs. For this reason, they will keep your blood sugar leveled and prevent spikes.

Nuts: In general, nuts are a really good choice! Any kind of nut contains a good amount of healthy fats. These fats are known to improve blood sugar control. Just remember to watch your portion control!

Oats: Oatmeal may not be the slowest carb, but it actually helps your body slow down the conversion of carbs into sugar. Not to mention it is loaded with fiber!

Garlic: Yes, garlic! That doesn't mean Alfredo with extra garlic bread is a good meal for diabetes though! Studies have suggested that garlic can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and your chances of developing cancer.

Berries: What's the healthiest fruit in the world? That's right…berries! Any kind of berry! For Type-2 Diabetes, berries can boost insulin production and for Type-1 it can level your blood sugar levels. They are also rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Beans: Fiber! Fiber! Fiber! As a diabetic, fiber is an important part of your diet and beans are one of the best sources! From garbanzo beans to pinto beans to edamame, a portion of beans on a weekly basis can help level your blood glucose levels. Just watch the portion size as they aren't necessarily low carb.

Flaxseed: Three of the best components to fight off diabetes are packed into flaxseeds: healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Flax is one of the most underrated foods in the world! It may not be tasty on it's on, but adding it to your oatmeal, baked good etc. can do wonders for your body!

Dark chocolate: Wait, you get to eat chocolate as a diabetic? Sure do! As long as it's extra dark as the darker the chocolate, the less sugar. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it has been proven to reduce insulin resistance. Not only that, but it can naturally reduce cravings and calorie intake.

Cinnamon: One of the best things about cinnamon is that it's a good substitute for sugar when seasoning sweets. It can even curb your craving. Studies suggest it can literally lower blood sugar levels!

Olive oil: That's right, some oil is good for you. Remember all those healthy fats we talked about? Well olive oil is one of the number one sources for those. In the Mediterranean, olive oil is a staple that contributes to longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

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