Published:  01:06 AM, 16 April 2018

Dream of being part of a public university

Dream of being part of  a public university

Universities are the highest echelon of education. The mission of universities is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Tertiary education in Bangladesh comprises two categories of institutions: Degree awarding universities and colleges affiliated with the National University. Public universities are the junction of the best minds of the country. Some of them provide better facilities such as robust library, fast internet; modern laboratories and innovative research being done than anywhere else in the country are present within public universities.

A wide range of subjects like science, commerce, liberal arts, humanities, engineering and technology, law, philosophy, medicine, education and research are taught in the public universities. So, public universities are the first choices for most students after completing Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam. It is just the ideal dream to get admitted into a prestigious public university. HSC exams, however, are one of the most important exams which can change a learner's lifestyle.

As the time, right after completing HSC, is very pressing for a learner in the country. A time-befitting decision and sincere labor of learners during this time are the determinant whether they will be successful or will fail in the later period of life.  Generally, we cherish some dreams of ourselves subconsciously from our childhood and we eagerly wait for that desired moment when our cherished dreams come true. The students can touch the summit of success just by making the perfect decisions at the best time.

On the other hand, a wrong decision can lead the students to the ocean of frustration in the end. Preparing for public university admissions can be a great job for the students after completing HSC exams. University admission is the turning point of a student's life. In our country, the battle for getting admissions in a renowned and prestigious university starts after the HSC exams. Though the competition to get the chance to enter in a renowned public university is getting harder day by day for increasing enrollment at secondary and higher secondary levels.

A determined mind and smart preparation can help the students materialize their long-cherished dream to lead a particular platform just by being a part of a public university. But most of the students fall behind here as they don't get the proper guidelines. They are often in a fix about what to do or what not to do after the HSC exams. They can achieve their goals also with a pragmatic direction. Fear and apprehension will deter this decision so excising them is important. My dear examinees! You should be bold and visionary in the time of taking decisions. You have to give your level best for preparation so that you have no regrets later that you could also get a chance to study further. So, as much time you will get for taking preparation, you should use the best of it.

A common question may often arise among you "Which coaching is the best coaching?" Actually, there are no strong relations between varsity admission and coaching centers. It is very possible to get a chance without coaching. But you should have devotion in this regard. Coaching centers don't let you get admitted into varsity.

You have to ensure the chance only by your own worthiness. Coaching centers can only give you the directions about how to take preparations for the various exam systems of different universities. Some tips mentioned here can be helpful for your admission test preparation. The first thing you need to do is to put emphasis on is your text books. There will always remain a risk of failure if you ignore your previously studied text books.

You have to read daily newspapers and keep monthly current affairs at your home to be updated with the latest news and activities around the world. Strong English knowledge is must. A vast range of vocabularies may help you a lot. You should have sound knowledgeable on parts of speech, phrases, preposition, group verbs, voice, narration, subject-verb-agreement, right form of verbs, spelling, translation, analogy, phrase and clause, word based sentence completion.

You have to collect all the information and books you need for the admission tests. Knowing about question patterns of the universities you will apply for is a great job and you will have to solve all previous questions. You have to be efficient. Considering the shortage of time and perfection of overall management, multiple choice questions (MCQ) are set. So, calculating your time will be effective. You should check and recheck yourself through model tests at your home.

Only nervousness will be your main foe. So, you have to be confident. You should be careful about negative marking and wrong answers. You must acquire the mindset to retain information and memorize certain information in a short amount of time.

Finally, I am remembering David Gemmell. He said, "Trust your instincts and make judgments on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you." You can also bear in mind this speech. Let's start materializing the dream of riding in the red colored bus!

Writer works as lecturer of English at Standard College in Narsingdi

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