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High summer outfits for men

High summer outfits for men

If I were the almighty God of Weather and other temperature related nonsense, I'd feel like I couldn't win when it comes to the residents of the UK. I'd probably think: "Seriously? They moan about the wind, rain and clouds that I subject them to ten months of the year, but when I give them a gorgeous heatwave they start whining that it's too hot. I can't win! And don't even get me started on all those people with sunstroke…" Whether we like it or not, it's been seriously hot these last few weeks in the UK - and we're all starting to recognise just how under prepared we were for it.

Aside from stockpiling sun cream, parasols and Frisbees, there also comes the revelation that nearly everything that you have in your wardrobe is catered to a completely different set of heat-based rules. Therefore, due to the majority of guys not having very many options to choose from in the warm weather, they tend to lean on the same old sartorial crutch: t-shirt and shorts. And God forbid I mention the dreaded flip-flop. So while I am a huge advocate of keeping things simple during the summer months (mainly because I am primarily concerned with other things, like sun dresses and ice cream), here are all about providing tips on how to stand out from the pack. And although there is definitely a time and a place for t-shirt and shorts, there are plenty of simple tweaks you can make to your look this season in order to cope with the heat in style.

A more relaxed fit: This may seem a bit counter intuitive when it comes to maintaining your style during a heatwave, but hear me out. Yes, fit is king. However, there are varying degrees of what can be considered 'good fit'. Menswear is currently seeing a resurgence of a fuller, more masculine cut for clothing, and this is ideal for hot summers. Even though it sounds obvious, if the material not as close to your skin during the day it allows air to circulate more effectively, which in turn reduces sweat and overheating. Of course, I'm not saying do a complete overhaul of your wardrobe, but for those super warm days why not have a handful of options that focus more on drape than fit - be it trousers, shirts

Popover shirts: Following on from a more relaxed fit, there is one item in a man's wardrobe that was made to be worn a little looser: the popover shirt. For the beginners, a popover style is simply a front fastening, button-up shirt, but the placket stops around halfway down. Think of it as a shirt version of a Henley top. You can find these at various price points and in all kinds of patterns and colours. The shortened button placket of the shirt gives it a casual feel that suits an equally relaxed fit, and they work perfectly with a pair of shorts, light washed jeans or monochromatic chinos. I personally have a vintage Ralph Lauren version in a light blue/white horizontal stripe - it goes with so many different pieces in my wardrobe that it has become invaluable these last few weeks.

Go sockless sensibly:
We've covered this ground many times before, but there's a whole lot more to going sockless in the summer than just skipping the 'socks' part of getting dressed. It's not for everyone, but I personally love the feel of leather against my feet. However, I take the necessary precautions: talcum powder to dry out my feet before putting the shoes on; odour/bacteria spray to stop them smelling; cedar shoe trees for storing after use; and invisible socks for the days that I know I'll be doing some serious walking.

Short-sleeve shirts: Another controversial choice, I'm sure. However, when it comes to warm weather there's nothing more appropriate - as long as it's worn correctly. You want to be aiming for the sleeves to finish at mid-bicep and you should only be able to fit a finger between your arm and the sleeve, along with making sure it fits you through the shoulders and chest. I would recommend buying one in a summer material such as linen, and checking with whoever sets the style rules before wearing them to the office. I purchased a linen one from UNIQLO a few weeks ago in navy that fits perfectly, is super lightweight and, due to the darkness of the navy, you can't see through it - unlike most linen shirts in direct light.Final word: So there you have it, a few simple ideas on how to beat the heat in style - staying comfortable and sweat-free whilst doing so.

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