Published:  01:36 AM, 16 April 2018

Ordeal of a female worker in Saudi Arabia

With a broken dream of being financially solvent, a distressed father is moving from door to door with an appeal to bring back his beloved daughter from the hellish situation in Saudi Arabia. But his wail goes unheeded. The victim (19), who went to Saudi Arabia on February 11 being allured by brokers, is now living there in an ordeal as she is being physically and mentally tortured.

"I am now in hell. Hot water has been poured on my body. I am fighting for life. Please take me immediately back to my home," the victim informed this through a video message to a BRAC official Al-Amin Nayon.  After hearing such shocking thing, the victim's father is moving to different offices including police station, media houses and BRAC migration program with a plea to bring back his daughter back.

The father said, "I love my daughter more than my life. If, I fail to bring her back, there will be nothing before me except committing suicide."According to the victim's father and a general diary (GD) filed with Keraniganj Police Station on March 28, Abul Kashem, Proprietor of Grameen Travels at Savar's Hemayetpur and his brokers arranged to send the girl to Saudi Arabia. In fact, the girl is now 19 years old. But, her age was mentioned 28 in her passport. Though she is unmarried, her grandfather was showed as her husband in the passport produced from Mymensingh.

Victim's father said, "Brokers assured him that his daughter will get a good job in Saudi Arabia. But, she is now serving there as a domestic help."Quoting his daughter, the helpless father said, 10-12 men are abusing her daily. She is also being tortured seriously despite doing all household works.

In another video message, the victim who completed HSC, said, "At present, there are 10 to 12 men in the house, where I live. I have to do many works. Sexual abuse has made my life unbearable. I can't endure such torture on me anymore. Please, save me. I want to live. Otherwise, I shall die..."

Victim's father (name not mentionable for social dignity) said, he has made appeal to the BRAC migration program to bring his daughter back home. BRAC informed the matter to the government's Wage Earners' Welfare Board (WEWB), which sent a letter to the Bangladesh Embassy Counselor (Labor) in Riyadh on March 11 with a request to take all necessary steps to bring the girl back soon. No getting any response in this regard, the organization sent another letter seeking immediate steps, but to no effect.

According to the various papers of immigration, the girl went to Saudi Arabia through a recruiting agency named "TPS 360 Bangladesh".Md Rubel, Manager of the agency said, "The girl went there with buyer visa. But, his family did not inform them about her harassment. If they file any complaint, the matter will be investigated."

Rafiqul Islam Babu, Director of Grameen Travels said, "We send 10 to 12 persons including women to abroad each month. But, there is no record like the girl. She might have fallen in the trap of bad men."He further said, the girl's age was below of the required age.

A woman has to be at least 25 years old to go to Saudi Arabia for work. But, she was only 19. Before immigration, her father requested to increase her age in the papers as per necessity. Finally, she was sent to Saudi Arabia for two years. As per rules, her family should arrange everything to bring her back. We are not bound to spend money for her return.

Victim's father urged the government and other organizations for safe return of his daughter.A reliable source said, many women and teenage girls are being victimized like that girl after falling into the traps of some travel agencies and their recruited brokers regularly. The government should take necessary steps on this regard immediately.

-Golam Mostafa Jibon, AA

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