Published:  01:44 AM, 16 April 2018

Parties may aggravate crisis of democracy

The political leaders in Bangladesh are prone to aggravating the crisis of democracy by trying to shape events to suit their own exigencies while disregarding the urgent need for economic growth, and prioritizing  their party interest more than paying heed to the national interest, a study  compiled  in the Department of Law in Rajshahi University has said.

In a democracy the opposition parties play the role of a shadow government, but in developing countries like ours, the opposition oppose all the actions -good or bad of the government. They create hindrance and bottlenecks on the way to economic growth and political stability of the country, the study said.

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Chairman Professor Rehman Sobhan has said  the term 'ideology' is now a myth. Ideals are used to deliver speeches on national days. Personal development is stronger than idealism. Whoever the player is now, all are motivated with this."

According to the International Crisis Group (ICG), the antagonistic political practices in Bangladesh have played a part in the resurgence of jihadist while the Awami League-led government's crackdown on opponents undermines the efforts to disrupt militant recruitment and attacks.

Pointing out that the use of blunt and indiscriminate force has helped to eliminate a large number of militants, the ICG notes that security officials in Bangladesh fear the groups' abilities of jihadist movement remain unabated.Even, with the political polarization reaching an historic high and local jihadist groups such as Al Islam and Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, with links to IS and al-Qaeda, the conditions are ripe for new forms of militancy, the ICG warns.

To forestall further jihadist violence, the ICG recommend reversing the political polarization and building political consensus on how to tackle the problem while investing in a professional police and judiciary in the days to come.There is a large number of political parties in the country, but very few of them have definite ideology or programme to be followed by their supporters and the future generation. Most political parties are characterized by political conspiracy, self-interest, greed and power hungry, the study said.

-P R Biswas

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