Published:  12:53 AM, 17 April 2018

Solving illegal immigration is a must without prolongation

Solving illegal immigration is a must without prolongation

Illegal migration confronted by many major immigrant-receiving countries of the world vexes policymakers and publics alike. At present an alarming situation is prevailing regarding the fate of the thousands of "Rohinga" girls and women. Beside this another problem is adding day by day and that is the illegal human trafficking. Illegal human trafficking is widely spreading in various parts of Asia especially in the developing countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia where the per capita income of the people is less and the unemployment problem is increasing day by day. 

Thousands of immigrant people who have left their own motherlands for getting better working opportunities have been living in the middle of uncertain future in various corners of the world. People all over the World are becoming flabbergasted seeing the untold sufferings of the levitating people who are gradually embracing death for the want of food, pure water, treatment and proper accommodation.

It is a grouch for the whole human being that this skint people are being manipulated by some selfish, greedy and corrupted educated people who are doing unethical business using this section of people.  The powerful international organizations working on human development are not still raising their voice against these pathetic conditions so effectively. But the whole levitating and poor people community of the world is still waiting for the support and help of these powerful communities.

Illegal migration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that is contrary to the immigration laws of the destination country. In general, an undocumented immigrant also called an illegal immigrant or unauthorized immigrant is a person who enters and remains in a country without a valid visa or permit from that country or who has overstayed the duration of a visa that has been granted or whose visa has been cancelled. A refugee or asylum seeker is generally not considered an illegal immigrant at least not until their refugee status has been determined.

Illegal migration and human smuggling are growing transnational challenges in Asia and are inextricably linked to economic disparities that exist throughout the region.  Migration in the region has increased substantially in the past 25 years.  Roughly a third of the world's refugees are located in Asia, and yet most Asian nations are not parties to international refugee treaties. In 2005, Asia hosted 53 million out of the world's 191 million migrants according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. In the 1970s and 1980s, international migration from Asia grew dramatically.

The main destinations were North America, Australia, and the oil economies of the Middle East. Since the 1990s, migration within Asia has grown, particularly from less-developed countries with massive labor surpluses to fast-growing newly industrializing countries. Moreover, many Asian and Pacific nations do not consider themselves "immigration countries" and consequently view immigration as a long-term cultural and economic threat. Illegal migration can lead to crime in host countries as migrants who are unable to find legitimate employment must turn to crime to survive.  Effective management of migration in the region must require honest assessment and avoidance of xenophobic mass expulsion polices.

It is the right time to speak against the illegal trafficking and illegal immigration occurring in the different parts of the continent of Asia. To control this problem effectively all the concerned countries and world large communities have to work together. International pressure is to be continued on the government of Myanmar to stop the ongoing torture on the Rohinga. Again it is necessary to uproot the illegal business communities who allure the poor and uneducated Rohinga and Bangladeshi to leave their own country for getting better work.

Though it is ridiculous but true that a big number of innocent children and women are also floating among thousands of people who have left their countries. But the educated and responsible communities, the big and powerful political leaders of the world and the so-called Human Rights Workers are still closing their mouths and not taking any strict steps to rescue those victim people especially the innocent children and women. But anyone of those children would be a child of a powerful person then there might be big news that we have seen how much celebrations, programmes and royal formalities have been performed before and after the birth of the British next successor.

The real philosophy behind this phenomenon is that this class discrimination has been going on from the time immemorial and though at present we are gradually habituating with the concept of democracy and socialism, we are not becoming able to come out of the running evil practice. This philosophy needs to be changed.

The writer is Finance Secretary, Dhaka University Moot Court Society.Secretary of Legal Affairs, Students League, DU Law Faculty Unit and General Secretary, ANUKTO (A pro bono organization by DU Law students.)

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