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Published:  12:39 AM, 04 May 2018

Michelle Rodriquez takes on Nevada Desert

Michelle Rodriquez takes on Nevada Desert

Running Wild with Bear Grylls in this episode will be with the famed Fast and Furious star, Michelle Rodriguez. This is the 5th episode of the second season, which premiered on August 10th, 2015.

Their adventure is in the Nevada Desert of the United States of America. Michelle waits for Grylls and says she is nervous but excited. Grylls is on a plane en route to get her. He comments on Rodriguez's success on Avatar (2009) and Fast and Furious franchise.

 He also states she is known to be a tough and all around bad ass which is good as Mother Nature also shows no mercy. While Rodriquez waits for Grylls she comments she has happy he didn't take her to South America as she hates bugs.

She loves life when she can live on the moment and laughs as she states that it happens usually at dangerous situations. Grylls says the desert is known for red rock cliffs, slot canyons and unbearable desert heat. Grylls come and gets Rodriguez and she says she was born ready whether she can handle it or not is another story but she says this with a smile.  She is harnessed with a parachute so she states this.

Grylls instructs her on the safeties on skydiving and how crucial it is to pull the parachute at the right time. He also assures her he will be chasing her down. He tells she can do this as they get ready and then Grylls pushes her out off the plane as she starts her descent. Grylls crosses himself and follows down. It is exhilarating and amazing seeing them skydiving and both give each other the thumbs up.

And Rodriguez then pulls on her parachute and Grylls seems glad. Grylls goes down first and comments that it is much windier here than he anticipated as he spots Rodriguez still descending. He is worried of the 100ft bluff that Rodriguez is supposed to avoid as she comes down to the ground. We hear Rodriguez come down but don't see her face. Grylls gets worried and calls Rodriguez on the radio and gets no answer.

He comments this isn't good and immediately rushes towards where he saw Rodriguez land. Soon Rodriguez swears and says she is good and landed imperfectly as she is hanging off a little ridge and laughs on so much for the perfect landing. Grylls is so relieved to see she is safe. He comments, but you can concern on his face, that the adventure starts when things go a little bit wrong and you see him help Rodriquez down from the ridge.

Michelle is amped up and she is so happy she is alive and one the ground. Grylls shares a hug with her in relief. He has had major accidents before so he was worried. Then he says they will gather their packs and a reserve parachute and start their journey.

On the first day, they will descend down a cliff and traverse through some narrow slot canyons and then camp for the night. On the second day, they will travel up jagged rocks and dangerous boulders to reach their extraction point. Rodriquez has been brought up in Texas, Antonio, Dominican Republic and New Jersey. She also a big family; her mother has twin sons and she has a few brothers and sisters on her father's side.

They soon have to go down and Grylls says he is tying a rope and allowing her to lead down. Rodriguez had commented behind the scenes that she is scared of heights. Grylls mentions the danger of this descent as one false move can be their deaths.

Bear throws a rock down to see how high they are and Michelle comments it took that rock 5 seconds to reach the ground and has some nervous laughter. Grylls states they may have to use the longer rope and says he sees a whole in a rock and Rodriguez says is he crazy that looked like sand but Grylls says he is gonna tie it around the hole that jutting rock.

 He will tie around that rock and they can repel all the way down. As Grylls traverses down the rope he whistles and says he knows he is nervous as he is whistles when he is nervous. Rodriguez is amazed that the rope is holding. 

Rodriguez is advised not to look down as she climbs down and you can see she is nervous as well. When she reaches the ground, she kisses a rock and they both high five for making it. They sit down to drink some water and rest before they can carry on.

Grylls asks about Rodriguez's acting career and she says she always was an outsider but could integrate easily into various groups in school as in she could be tough types and act as them or with nerdy types and play games with them. She felt people thought she was weird and probably she was but this all helped her become an actor that she could mix with many people. Her first audition was for the movie Girl Fight and she was happy as she felt she could fight and there was no makeup involved.

She also went to car racing school and she says you learn there are lines and there is no turn and everything is a straight line and once you have figured that out you are in racing territory. Rodrguez and Grylls then keep on going and she is told to hook a grip to get into a canyon crevice. She succeeds after three tries and they go in.  Grylls soon catches a mouse on the canyon walls and says this will be their meal and Rodriguez jokes he is worse than her cats and is making her go vegan again.

Soon they find a place to camp and Grylls makes Rodriguez a hammock but says he will sleep on the ground. He even tells Rodriguez to gut the mouse and she does. Grylls wants to make mouse soup but realizes they don't have the water to make the broth.

The alternative: one of them pees and they use that to cook the mice. Rodriguez comments Bear is officially crazy in her soup and she goes and then collects her urine for the soup. They eat the mouse and Rodriguez makes sounds of some disgust but she is happy it was her urine and not Grylls'.

 So, he asks her if she has been having a good day and she is happy and Grylls expresses concern again that when he saw her moving towards that cliff when skydiving he was really worried it wouldn't end well.

Yet he commends her as she braced on the ridge and he thought that was amazing. She says there is a risk in everything and even says her fear in being a lead in a film aside Girl Fight means she hasn't been a lead in 13 years. 

Yet after losing people she loved she wanted to refocus and wanted to know what is next as she wants to do more challenging things. Grylls also shares that losing four people in the Everest climb really hit him and he lost confidence and also had to put things into perspective.

The second day they have to climb up a big boulder. They are harnessed and they start climbing. Rodriguez is still acrophobic but she is doing the climb. As they make the summit Grylls is proud that though this was the first time she did this she worked it out and figured it out so he has much respect for her.

Then they climb on motorbikes and make their way away from their journey. Grylls thinks that Rodriguez is misunderstood as a wild person but has a brave heart not to compromise what she wants and he respects that and is a fan. Rodriguez shows respect to Grylls as well and she says he is freaking awesome.

Behind the scenes, Rodriguez says she wanted to challenge the threshold of what she can and push her limits and she has done so in this show. She says she may not be a survivalist like Grylls but has a deep connection to nature. She was scared of heights and made mistakes but it takes courage to push through even after those mistakes.

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