Published:  12:25 AM, 16 May 2018

Contain the unbridled bus drivers

Bus drivers and their associates have become monsters, they, instead of reaching the commuter or traveller to his mundane destination, often reach him to the heaven. This is true of nearly inhabitable city Dhaka, highways, district and upazila towns.

 It is true and beneficial as well that road communication has spread over almost all areas of the country and for practical purposes people prefer travelling by road whose vehicle is bus and owned overwhelmingly by private companies. But this pervasive transport system has become worrying concern of the nation.

Extortion is now an open secret in the sector and many untoward incidents happen due to that. And the poor travellers have to bear the brunt of extortion in the form of high fare and often unnecessary hassles. Bus drivers and their assistants have their associations which is their right no doubt but instead of playing constructive role they most of the time appear as monster.

They are careless during discharging their duties. The Minister for Road Transport and Bridges himself has said it on several occasions that around 70 per cent of drivers in Bangladesh have no legal driving licence and most road accidents are caused by them and due also to unfit vehicles.

But it is a matter of great pity that despite being well aware of the situation the government is yet to come up with effective remedial measures and as a result of this government failure the rates of casualties on the country's roads and highways are increasing instead of experiencing a decline.

According to local statistics eight people die of road accident in the country, but multinational agencies say -- the average figure is more than three times than the local source say.

It is much known that Bangladesh stands highest in the third world as road accident victim. Against this backdrop we cannot afford to show leniency in this respect anymore. We therefore urge all ministries and agencies under them concerned with road transport act sincerely to redress tragedy in an effective way.

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