Published:  01:28 AM, 17 May 2018

Are we prepared en0ugh against cyber threats?

The emergence of new trends of online crimes every now and then has raised our concern. Through using different social media platforms, these criminals who also have links with international gangs and masterminds are entrapping common users, who lack sufficient knowledge about using cyber space safely, to squeeze out money. To their greater assistance, banking channels are also being used on an indiscriminate style.

 In a number of cases we have seen people have been robbed of a huge amount of money by some local fraud gangs in collusion with their international masterminds through mere Facebook acquaintance. Even though a few gangs could have been possible to nab by the law enforcers, these incidents have left for us room to think sincerely about the all-important cyber security issue.

For the netizens, risks have equally developed besides the flourish of infinite opportunities in the cyber world. No doubt, Internet has brought about a revolutionary change in our daily life. With the assistance of digital tools, it has made almost everything available on a finger tip. People need not physically visit shopping malls to buy their necessaries.

 Rather, the items are delivered to them within moments after paying money through different electronic gateways. But at the same time, Internet has also opened up windows for cyber criminals who are using this very means for an illegal purpose to make general users destitute through cyber-extortion. Cyber crimes, in the forms of hacking, cracking, information and identity theft, spamming, phishing scams, viruses, malware and so on, have now flooded the world of Internet.

Right at this instant, what is most necessary is establishing a secure cyber world for the users.We agree that some gangs have already been neutralized, yet there are hundreds of thousands of other instances where no action could have been possible to take at all, or the perpetrators have remained completely out of reach because of failure to detect them.

 So, alongside nabbing the crime doers, a strong online surveillance system should work round the clock in order to hold them just at the initial stage. Banking channels should be even stricter so that criminals cannot use them to cheat on people. General users have to be more conscious about their doings online.

 They should personally know people whom they are intending to have friendship with in the virtual space. Because, it is awareness by which one can best tackle unnecessary harassment. Let the country advance, keeping pace with the current world, with a protected cyber space.

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