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Grylls and Headey explore the Iberian Peninsula

Grylls and Headey explore the Iberian Peninsula

Zarin Rafiuddin

In this week's episode of Running Wild, we are joined by Lena Headey, who is known mostly for playing Cersei Lannister of the Game of Thrones franchise (2010-present), as she travels with Bear Grylls to best the Iberian Peninsula, located in the Southwest part of Europe, and divided between Portugal and Spain.

They seemed to be in the region which is a part of Spain. This is the 3rd episode of the 4th season and had aired originally on May 21st, 2018. Headey starts the journey by traveling by car in a particular road and saying that Grylls said he will eventually find her.

She has no idea what is going to happen so she is excited and terrified by "equal measure." Grylls seems to be readying himself on a fan-propelled parachute and says that Headey is one of the fiercest women in Hollywood but this is no game. The only throne here, as he states, is ruled by Mother Nature and he sets off in the air. As Headey keeps driving she says she is mostly scared of jumping off of something high or having to eat poo.

As Grylls is gliding over he says the Spanish cliffs are beautiful, but make no mistake they are also dangerous. He suggests that Lena has to prepare herself for battle. Lena jokes that she doesn't know if drinking gin the night before is good preparation but if it is she is somewhat prepared. Soon Headey spots Grylls and is astounded that he was using a parachute to come her way and soon she pulls over.

Grylls asks Headey how is she with flying and she shows signs of nervousness. Grylls says he will strap her to him and they will be going about 15 miles into the mountains; he states the place is remote but beautiful. Headey jokes that she is going up in the air with a hair-dryer parachute contraption and curses. They start running and then they are ascended into the air. Headey screams in excitement as they become airborne.

Grylls starts giving a breakdown of their journey. He says in the next 2 days he and Headey will be traversing an 8-mile terrain of the Iberian Peninsula. On day one, they will move across an abandoned village and then try to cross a 1000 ft rock feature simply called "The Wall." After they are safely across, they will forage for food and make a shelter for the night. On day two, they have to cross several, freezing cold mountain lakes so they can reach their extraction point.

Grylls states to Headey it may get a bit rough on landing, however, they manage to run down for a landing. Grylls appreciates her courage at flying heights, which she scared of, and Headey is happy. Grylls says that though she seemed hesitant for a few minutes she still went up in the air with him. And in this short time, he realized, "Lena Headey has balls." Grylls states that they will leave the shute but carry their reserve shute with them on the journey and Headey is apprehensive why they may need it later.

Grylls asks why Headey wanted to go on this journey and she says it is a privilege. Grylls jokes that his wife wouldn't think so and wonders why people agree to do this with him with such dangerous routes and menus.

Headey says she has been a lover of the outdoors and she grew up in Yorkshire and she likes doing things as this and she is a nerd. She also mentions she is happy to be here and Grylls is enthused as well.

Grylls comes across broken architecture and Headey wonders if they are staying there but Grylls informs her that is an abandoned village and there are loads of them around this area with some of them going back to the Middle Ages.

They go into a house and Grylls jokes that it has a Game of Thrones vibe and Headey has to agree. He also asks what is the worse way Cersei has to kill someone and Headey says that is yet to come and is a secret.

Headey jokes if they should close the door and Grylls acts nervous and Headey teases him if he scared and Grylls says first stage of enlightenment is knowing one's fears. Grylls mentions that he hears Headey always prepares for the unprepared things as plans may not always go as planned and she agrees as she did not assume playing Cersei will bring her this much fame and as an actor she has to be prepared. Grylls agrees with this life philosophy as they move on.

They reach the rock walls and Headey states she is nervous. Grylls clips them on a rope together. He goes first and then reminds Headey that to be careful when crossing as these jagged rocks.

Headey slips a bit but Grylls encourages her and she makes it with Grylls calling her fearless. Grylls says that he calculated something a bit off. He thought the ridge was continuous and it is not. So, they must fasten their rope to a bush, which Headey jokes looks ancient, and repeal down the wall of rock.

Grylls says it can be dangerous; it is vert exposed and he and Headey wear helmets. Headey is nervous at first to lean back but she does and soon they start. While they are making down Grylls says that a part of his private area is positioned uncomfortable on the rope and Headey begins to laugh.

He tells the audience he went 20 minutes of the Hurt Locker and jokes at how unsympathetic Headey was. Headey loved the experience as it is both exciting and scary, and as she states "Bear got his nuts trapped in the harness" with a smile.

They take a break and Grylls asks if Headey always wanted to be an actor and she says it has been there since she has been a child. Grylls then says his one rebellion in life is not to wear underpants unless necessary and Headey states that is why he had that accident to which they laugh. Grylls and Headey keep on pushing forward as Grylls wants to find a way to the other side of the ride and explains the last resort could be to swim in the water.

Grylls then chances upon a goat carcass, rather a goat leg or hoof. He gives Headey to sniff, as it is pretty fresh and she has a wretched expression on her face. They realize they have to swim across the water. They make their backpack stuffed with some of their clothes and items so it can be buoyant and then they jump into the water. It is cold but Headey and Grylls make it.

Grylls knows Headey can be tired and so they decide to make camp. He finds a bit of an area that seems to be the only flat area and he says it is good as it has bushes and branches for shelter.

Grylls also says there is a lot of drift dead wood for fire. They are going to use the reserve parachute for insulation and protection as Grylls explain that the best insulation in the world is air. Grylls hopes this also protects them from insects and the elements.

Grylls then finds a tarantula under a branch he picked up and he picks it up on some sticks and shows it to Headey, who is nervous. He says to be careful as they could be around as their bite is dangerous and then tells her to put the tarantula back and she is like she is fine and then Grylls, in good sport, chases after her with the tarantula as Headey screams and runs away and Grylls laughs.

He then asks if Headey is really more afraid of the tarantula than the rock face and she agree. Grylls says this is a good time to face her fears and he gives her cluster of sticks with the tarantula on it and tells her to put it outside of camp.

Headey says she may cry but she does it. And, Grylls gives her a high five for conquering her fear a bit. Grylls starts the fire and starts cooking the goat leg marrow. Grylls and Headey then have a personal conversation; he asks where she gets her strength from and she says her kids mostly, having kids changes you and Grylls agrees.

Headey explains that having kids puts life in perspective and makes you realixze what is important or not. Grylls also mentions she is a single mom and that her divorce must have been difficult. She says yes, it is not easy even if divorce is amicable but she thinks about her kids and wants to carry herself with grace so her kids knows she has good intentions.

Grylls is also glad she was honest about her depression and finds it brave. Headey says that there are some things people don't want to talk about but without sharing people will feel more isolated and not make connections. Headey says as she got older she sits with it and she won't deny it as other people.

And, she says when she sits in it and comes out of it, the better things are even better. Grylls then says to the audience that Headey is honest, straightforward, authentic and also vulnerable where most real strength comes from so he isn't surprised she plays Cersei Lannister, a strong character. They eat on the goat and camp for the night.

In the morning, Grylls has been making a simple raft. They are still traveling East and they have to stay out of the cold water as much as possible. Grylls has made a panel with parts of the parachute as well. He assembled the raft with branches, bushes and then the parachute on top as a covering.

Then they raft across to the other side. They keep on climbing up and as the terrain gets more jagged and edgy Grylls ties a line between him and Headey and they go up and look at the wonderful view. They are at the final stretch of their journey before the extraction point.

Soon, they are at the last push of their journey and they have to jump from a ledge and Headey is nervous. But after some time, they do. And you can hear Headey scream "Oh my God!" Soon, they come out of the water exhilarated and they got on a boat. Lena says the experience has been amazing, life affirming and something special. Grylls says this one's been a real pleasure as Headey has a hardworking heart and a great sense of humor. And, the last scene is of them using the speedboat and going off.

Thank You for staying with us on our Bear Gyrlls survival series. Remember that Grylls is an expert and all that he and the celebrities did were carefully planned and executed.

WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE. YOU NEED A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO HELP YOU. We Hope you enjoyed the series. Keep on reading Teen and Twenties for more exciting content.

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