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Main Uddin Ahmed

The dream was colorful
It was a river side,
Flow was beautiful
Your hands were wide.

There was a screeny room
Made of designed glass
Soft a bed white plus
Lights were like rainbow-
Language is weak now
I describe it tell how?

You were multicoclor
Like a flying butterfly
Looked also a bit shy
Refusing to take dollar.
I have food

Lodge and money
Now want a jou'ney
To heaven is good
I very much love you
A bird sang, "Piew-piew".

Oh the great Mahathir


Dr Augustine Cruze
The oldest leader this planet earth
What a strange!
What an astounding spirit
What a patriotic zeal

Ever known dedicated self ninety two years of age
Unrest a patriotic spirit
Protesting corruption scandal of predecessor
The model of historic strand.
The germs the sprouts
Susceptible to society's disease
 Contaminate the humans' blood
The root causes to destroy a nation
Your patriotic spirit not words but acts
Stronger than the bullet and nuclear bomb
Impartiality justice the spiritual power.
Oh the flame of a nation
I congratulate you I salute you
Live long whip the corrupt
Example of unconditional love for humans as God
Unthirsty for reward burying all egoism and selfishness
But spiritual thirst to satisfy self
Never I mind my verses never reached to you
Enough if known by the global leaders.

Waiting for the truth

Shaila Simi Nur

Night comes
All going back home..
waits for none.
The crowd
around sodium light,

Some exhausted hands,
feet's, fingers,
some Democratic head..
they used to wait
for privacy.
Truth seems hazy!

Waiting at the bus-stand
with enough of inner
uncompromising ....
private thoughts!
City of sadness

around me
will turn into
the city of believe...
when Jesus will breath....
Love to meditate in solitude.

Waiting to get
dissolved within the light ..
So we started visualize
some sort of true
immaculate scenes
in sleep.....

I realized,
There is only you...
Non But You.....
I decided to wait
for the truth ....

Heavenly life

Sahidul Islam Nirab

I dive, I dive into your eyes
I feel, in heart, heavenly joys.
While you peep me aim to see
All of agonies suddenly flee.

I dive I dive into your eyes
I feel , in heart, heavenly joys
Seem a flower while you grin
Find I pleasure, parting pain.

I dive, I dive into your eyes
I feel , in heart, heavenly guy.
Love me love me love me ay
Buss me buss me giving up shy

I dive , I dive into your eyes
I feel , in heart, heavenly joys
Love me love me with your heart
Heavenly life I will start.

I dive I dive into your eyes
I feel , in heart, heavenly joys.

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