Published:  12:37 AM, 14 June 2018

All this lawlessness

There are things one cannot but notice all over this chaotic metropolis. One must watch all those pavements all over this sprawling urban slum of a capital. Motorbike riders, legions of them, see nothing wrong in using those pavements because they do not have the patience or the time or the decency to wait, like every other vehicle owner or rider, at the traffic lights.

Yes, there was a directive issued by the judiciary to the effect that misusing pavements in such a manner went beyond the law. But did anyone care? You can even see police sergeants, the very people who should be enforcing that High Court directive, committing the same crime that our normal motorbike riders commit all the time.

Few, if any, motorbike riders use their helmets. You see the helmets hanging by the side of the motor bike or is in the hand of the one riding pillion with the bike owner. The police see the whole thing. They do nothing. Our lawlessness is at an all-time high. You don’t believe it?

Here are a couple of more examples. Often it is a police vehicle itself that is making use of the wrong side of the road. And if there is a lawmaker or a minister in a car rushing through the wrong side of the road with nary a care in the world, you know what you have to do: seethe within yourself but don’t even think of registering your protest verbally.

You might get insulted by those policemen busily clearing the road for that VIP. And God help you if you happen to need to cross over to the other side of the road by way of a foot overbridge at the very moment when the road is being cleared of citizens because a VIP will be passing by.

In rain or shine, you wait at the foot of that overbridge, for as long as half an hour or more, until the motorcade of the VIP has gone by.

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