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A Big Data Story

Jayati Roy

I once met a man
His house filled with books
They climbed the walls
Sat on chairs
Filled the cupboards
And only spared the floors
The Feng Shui master
Would have screamed
Isn't this a hell hole
Where the chi would have flown right out
And left you poorer in health
Even though with Goddess Saraswati's love you are blessed

 A professor by day
A writer by night
Erudite some may say
Keeping his expectations
Straight in every way
I ran out of that house
As fast as I could
For his hand was cold
His heart too

Not a drink did he offer
Not a seat too
Throwing hospitality to the winds
And culture too
A perfunctory smile he managed
For old time's sake
He curled his lips
But looked the other way
Who cares if you were my parents' friend
They are dead anyway
Good luck
He retorted surreptitiously
As I extended my hand
Touched his cheek
Like an aged fool
Engrossed in decadent fantasy
For old time's sake
Bloody woman
What audacity
He must have cursed
With abated breath
As he pulled himself away
His eyes growing to the size of golf balls
She must be a monster from outer space
To expect such congeniality
Farewell little fellow
I cried ignoring his size
As I scampered away
Reminding myself
That emotions are dead
Where in an age of BIG DATA
Big hearts
Are a data of the past

Not going to you

Main Uddin Ahmed

There is a plant you see there
Something we have all to share
Those are flowers feel with scent
Wings of the plant air-flows bend

There are some thorns beneath every flower
Gardener regularly gives the plant shower
At its bottom there the base soil
Manure cow-dung do beauty spoil

A poet in hurry passed by the plant
He saw flowers nice as God's grant
Another one went to see the root
Original source of flower and fruit

He got thorns and some cow-dung
Many sweet songs by first poet sung
At night me not going to you darling
All flowers' eulogy I will sing

I do not want thorns or the manure
You also think so I am sure.


Zulfiqar Haider

I am a book
Your friend in distress
When others have shown
Nothing but a double face.

I am years
Eons of the best thoughts
That occured to the best of people
Among an endless multitudes of mediocrity.

In me you will find
A world full of wonder
Food for thoughts
Reasons to ponder.

Do not think I am just some pages wrapped
That you can leaf through and forget
I am more than meets the eye
Ignoring me results in a sigh.

I am what you are not
I am what you could be
I am what you strive to become
Full of erudite rhetoric but with exemplary calm.

Do not just let me lie untouched
In a blind corner for years
Take me out and read through at times
Before the death bell for you chimes.

Read and let others read
Be a better human from a mere seed
And light the light in you
Germinate the glow for your kid.

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