Published:  12:21 AM, 29 June 2018

About a true human

 About a true human

Atif Abrar Bhuiyan

There are two things in my life, that I like the most. One of them is my childhood/my past, and the other one is Albert Einstein. He was a great scientist. I love his lifestyle. He was the only one, who had used 28% of human brain. Nobody have used human brain over 18%. Only a few scientists have used 18% of their brain. 

But normally a human being has the ability to use only 7% of it. All of us use 5-7% of our brain. But Einstein had used 28% of it. Albert Einstein was born in a small town of Germany, named Ulm. He was born in 14th March, 1879. 

His father was an engineer. His father used to gift him toys very few days. On the other hand, his mother used to tell him the words of various scientists and great people. Albert liked those a lot. So, he used to record those into a recorder, and listened to that in his leisure times. 

He also used to record the tales that his mother used to tell him. Nobody could realize that his behavior, attitude, character, and mentality is totally different from others. 

When he got admitted to a school, everyday many complains used to come about him like he is not attentive, do not answer anyone's question, remained silent, and used to score the worst of all students in exams. 

When he finally got promoted to the 10th grade, he failed again and again. He was not being able to pass the 10th grade at any cost. One day, when he reached home from the school, he saw her mother was crying for him. 

He loved his mother very much. Seeing his mother crying, he started to study. That year, he proved that even a failure student can also be 1st in exams. Everyone was astonished at the sudden brilliant result of Albert. Although he scored well, he used to remain silent, and used to listen to the past recordings of her mother.

He was interested in Physics. He used to study only the books of science, and the universe. He always used to look at the sky in his leisure times, and used to think very deeply. In a few months, he created the formula of the energies and energy-sources of everything in the whole universe. 

The formula is, "E=mc2 (c square)". At that time, it was caught that, he used 28% of his brain. Many people think that it is just a little thing. But this is the only formula that has accelerated the world of science too far. In this formula(E=mc square), 'E' means 'Energy'. 

And in 'mc square', 'm' means 'Mass', which is 'Weight'; and 'c square' means 'Speed of light', which is 300000 km. per second. Albert used to say that, there may be a possibility of time-travelling in the far away future. 

By the way, he also created the theory, "Law of the Photo Electric Effect". Again in 1950, he also invented the theory, "A generalized theory of gravitation".

He used to tell that, "Life is just like riding a bicycle. If you don't have balance, you'll fall down." He also said, "Telling tales is the best source for the children to express their own passion and intelligence." Again he also advised, "Learn from yesterday. Live for today. And hope for tomorrow."

I like him very much not only because of his intelligence, but also his behavior with people. He had the ability to treat everybody equally. Nobody was bigger or smaller to him except his mother. 

He said, "I talk to my professor in the same way, as I talk with any garbage-cleaner." Most of the people do not have the sense of respecting other people like Albert. There are a huge number of people who are genius. 

But most of them consists a blue heart, hidden from the world. But Einstein was never like that. He is the best person I have ever heard of. Albert Einstein took his last breath on 18th April, 1955.

The writer is a student of Mohammadpur Preparatory School 

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