Published:  12:26 AM, 09 July 2018

Make the best of the rainy season

Make the best of the rainy season

Farizaa Sabreen

Rainy season is all about petrichor, kadam flower, float paper boat in mucky water in the road and eating khichri.Many people often experience discomfort because of having rainy day essentials.  

It's necessary to take the basic items. Don't let the rain spoil your regular life. No matter how sunny it may seem these essentials will help you to enjoy the splashes of water.

UmbrellasAn umbrella is the foremost accessory to add to the outfit of the day. They come in different designs and sizes. It protects your clothes, hair and most importantly, yourself from being soaked by the rain and it gives you the necessary protection you need. Take a folding umbrella in your handbag or backpack.

RaincoatsRaincoats are fashionable and convenient way to wrap you up in rainy days. It gives almost complete protection from the rain. 

Waterproof phone coverTo save your expensive smart phone, buy waterproof phone cover from phone shops and computer stores Plastic bags Always carry a plastic bag during monsoon. This is a handy. You can storage your phone, wallet, and handbag into it. 

Waterproof MakeupNo one wants smeared foundation or dripping mascara. Use waterproof makeup during this season. Matte lipstick is good to go; it's usually waterproof.

Rain boots and flip-flopsKeep away your high heels. Getting messy feet from a puddle of water is not a good idea to start your day. Rain boots prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces.

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