Published:  12:26 AM, 11 July 2018

Chef who conquers the world with style

Chef who conquers the world with style

Farizaa Sabreen

What makes Jamie Oliver a great chef? Is it his good looking face? Or is this only for his flair of cooking? To answer these questions, one has to watch his cooking show. And if you watch it once, you couldn't want to miss his next show. The mesmerizing style of his cooking makes you nothing but his loyal fan.

With wide eyed innocence and occasional spunky demeanor, Jamie exudes a special kind of sensation in the world of cooking. When I watch his show first time, I was like: Finally, a chef who's not just cooking! This chef is totally different from other chefs. 

The style of his cooking together with his sense of humor and tact makes him admired worldwide. A cool and spontaneous guy shows the world how to cook in a healthy way in a minimum of time.

Whenever I feel low, I watch his show and immediately smile spreads on my face. Does this man know some magic to make people happy? Even he changed food habit of many people including me and my kids. I was a veggie hater and fond of outside food. But after watching his shows, I feel something awkward if I don't eat any veggies in a day.

Jamie is not only a chef but he is also a pro organic food activist. Success makes him more committed towards the society. He supports and sets campaign for various food issues. 

This English chef teaches common people that healthy food brings healthy lifestyle. He positively portrays people the value of eating veggies. Sometimes, I wonder how a man cooks in such a relaxed manner!  Unbelievably, he instills the same vibe to his viewers also.

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