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A textual aid for pupils and professionals

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury takes a deeper look into a pragmatic authorial drive on journalism

 A textual aid  for pupils and professionals Book's Title: Television Sangbadikota: Reporting Porikalpana O Reporter Published by Shrabon Prokashoni in February 2018 Price BDT 350/- Total 184 Pages

Rakib Hasan's book Television Sangbadikota: Reporting Porikalpana O Reporter is a useful handbook for journalists who work for television channels and who have the aim to pick up journalism as a professional career. Rakib Hasan has been occupied with journalism for around one decade. 

He has so far worked for Suprovat Bangladesh, Dainik Jugantor, Ekushey Television and some more news agencies with reputation. Rakib Hasan has illustrated his experience in the field of media in this book which would certainly enrich the visions and ideas of young reporters. 

This book contains very precise chapters on different dimensions of television reporting with examples, outlines and features of certain required instruments, style, news selection, news assessment, news sources and some other important things. In this way Rakib Hasan has put higher emphasis on the practical aspects of journalism rather than discussing theories. 

There are many interesting terminologies in the book about television journalism which are perhaps not known to people who are not associated with television channels. This book carries beneficial things for students who are pursuing higher degrees on journalism in universities. 

The relevance and authenticity of reports have been strongly marked with Rakib Hasan which shows his leaning towards professional integrity. In a complicated world where the truth is very difficult to be isolated from the gossamers of lies, presenting objective and unbiased news on television channels is a big challenge.
At the same time news presenters need to retain the attention of viewers while reading out news. Some exclusive ways of news presentations have been featured by Rakib Hasan in his book which would be helpful for newcomers to improve their news reading skills. 

However, the most part of the book deals with the delicate and broad tenets of preparing reports, collecting evidences, safeguarding sources and establishing the credibility of news. 

Rakib Hasan has shared with readers some thrilling stories from his own experience which took place during his job as a reporter. Making investigative reports and conducting news coverage on crimes are very risky things. 

All journalists are aware of these impediments. Still journalists who have the required level of knowledge and professionalism can evade hazards while doing their duties. This book offers some guidelines to news editors, reporters and presenters on these issues.  

With the enormous augmentation in the number of television channels, securing viewers' satisfaction and meeting the expectations of audiences have become very tough jobs for all people who are in charge of running satellite channels in Bangladesh as well as in other countries. 

However, we have to admit that competition is necessary in all trades. So, the competitive scenario which has emerged in the arena of television channels should be addressed in the right way by their owners and employees. 

Novelty is one of the most valuable things to keep viewers engaged with television programs. For this reason program coordinators have to work on innovations all the time. 

News items or entertainment programs which are too common on every television channel fail at the end of the day to preserve the confidence and amusement of people. Diversity is very much important to keep television programs away from becoming a source of boredom.

Viewers do not like to watch the same thing over and over again. People look for something different when they turn on televisions. When a program or report seems outmoded or stale, they jump from one channel to another. 

Now we are living in the middle of technological availability. Android phones, tabs and laptops are in everyone's hands. So, people can very easily access television channels and news platforms of any country. 

Under these circumstances, the higher officials of television channels need to do a great deal of hard work to find out how to keep viewers attached to their programs. Importance needs to be placed on transmitting the sort of news which has exclusively distinctive features making it different from other channels. 

Rakib Hasan has touched upon the length of programs too. Television programs like interviews, discussions, debates and other interactive events should not be made so long that it starts putting people into monotony. Being able to figure out the edge of viewers' patience and to realize the taste of spectators is imperative as well.  

Rakib Hasan's biography shows he was born in 1982. So, he is a highly promising journalist with a lot of prospects ahead of him. On top of having professional ties with television reportage, it is delightful to see that he has spent time to write on journalism. 

Rakib Hasan has worked in all segments of news wings-printed newspapers, online portals and electronic media. His academic profile looks quite rich with bachelor and master degrees on journalism from Chittagong University. 

The reviewer is a literary analyst for The Asian Age

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