Mohera Zamindar Bari

Published:  12:02 AM, 04 August 2018

Historical place in Tangail

Historical place in Tangail

Mohera Zamidar Bari was established in 1890 at Pakulla of Mirzapur in Tangail district. It was founded by Kali Charan Shahagong and at present is operated and maintained by the Bangladesh Police. It has several buildings with different names such as Chowdhury Lodge, Ananda Lodge, Moharaj Lodge, Kalichoron Lodge. 

This palace has four main buildings including the main zamindar mansion. Choudhury Lodge is the first building if you enter through the main gate. 

It's a pink colored building having Roman/Greek styled pillars at the front side. The rich ornate building is having corrugated at the roof from inside. It's a two storeyed building having a garden in front of it. This building is beautiful from the back side too. 

A playground is also there. Ananda lodge is the most stylish building in the premise. This building has a touch of white and blue. It has eight columns in front of the building. 

Most attractive part of the building is the small hanging balcony at second floor. This building has a lovely garden at front side. Moharaj Lodge is a pink colored building having byzantine design. 

Similar to other buildings, it is a two-storeyed building having a nice garden at front side. A tennis court is at his back. The Moharaj Lodge and the Ananda Lodge are adjoining. Kalichoron Lodge was built during the last portion of the Jomidari Era. It has more rooms than other lodges. 

Architecture of the building is somewhat similar to the colonial era buildings. There are other buildings named as Kachari Bhobon, Nayeb Bhobon, Rani Bhobon etc. Also you'll find several large ponds around the premise. Those are named as Bishaka Shagor, Poshra Shagor etc.

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