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How to make friendship bands on Friendship Day

How to make friendship bands on Friendship Day

Lima Aier

Its just about time for Friendship Day and the excitement is already in the air. While most love celebrating friendship in their unique way, one thing that has been a ritual throughout is the "friendship band". 

In case you're wondering what to gift your BFF and want it to be simply exquisite, we have the best ways for you to make a lovely friendship band for your dearest ones and make them feel delighted this friendship's day.So while your friend thinks what to gift you, have a look here and learn how to make friendship bands or bracelets with lovely intricate designs. 

Check them out! Now that you are all set to make a friendship band for your friend, we have some easy yet extraordinary step-by-step instructions on how to make friendship bands at home. Go for it even if you're a complete beginner, our steps will make you a pro.

1. Friendship band with embroidery floss:

Friendship bracelets are an amazing craft to take anywhere! They are great for people who are fond of knitting and making crochets.


All you need to make this friendship bracelet is embroidery floss. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make basic friendship bracelets with candy stripe. You can easily learn how to create a friendship bracelet in less than an hour.

What you need:
Embroidery floss or thin yarn
Tape or safety pins
Step-by-step Process:

First, decide what order you want your strands to be in. This will help determine the order of the color of the rows.
Once these strands are in order, take the first two strands. The strand farthest to the left creates the first row.

Take the first strand and pass it over the second strand. It is essential to knot over the second strand.Next hold the second strand taut and pull the first strand up towards the large knot. Pull until you encounter resistance. This will thus create a small knot on the second strand.

Create another knot by tying the first strand around the second strand again. Repeat the steps.Continue moving across to the right, and use the first strand to create two knots on each strand of floss or yarn in the bracelet.

Once you have knotted all the way across to the right and reached the last strand of floss or yarn, start again by using the first strand on the left. Make sure that you are using two knots on each strand.Keep repeating until you have three to four inches of knitting done.

Once you have got three to four inches of knitting done, you should be done with the bracelet.Create another overhand knot right at the end of the main part of the bracelet. Create the knot and braid three inches. Then knot again.

Next cut off the extra floss or yarn from both ends of the bracelet and you are done.If you have knotted your bracelet, it may tend to curl a little. To help prevent this, you may pin or tape it on a flat surface making sure it is pulled taut. Spray it using a good amount of water and allow it to dry.

2. Friendship bracelet using charms and beads:

Friendship bracelets made from colorful threads are a classic way to declare friendship. Gift them to friends or store them in your jewelry collection, they look fabulous anyway. To make one such bracelet, begin by learning the basic steps and add simple details like charms and beads.


Select as many strands of thread as you like. Opt for color combinations that would make a lovely pattern. Four to six strands can make a narrow bracelet and six to ten strands can make a wider one. The more strands you select, the wider the bracelet will be.

What you need:
Embroidery thread in several colors
ScissorsCharms or beads
Step-by-step Process:

Measure the length of the thread so that it is slightly longer from your fingertip till your shoulder and then cut it accordingly. This length of the thread is enough for the bracelet to stretch around your wrist to create a pattern.
Tie the strands in a knot and pin them to a flat surface.

You can also tape it to a surface or close it in a drawer. Pinning is a better option than taping as the pin keeps the bracelet from wriggling out of the proper position.

Spread out the threads. Before starting to knot, spread out the threads so that the color is in an uniform order. Then pass the first strand over the second strand to tie a knot.

Repeat the same steps using the same strands to make multiple knots. After you create the second knot with the first and second strand, you will need to use the first strand to create two knots in the third strand and so on.

Begin the process again with the remaining thread. Repeat the double knot technique with the far left strand, moving from left to right until the strands are placed in the farthest right position.Continue until the bracelet is long enough to tie around the wrist. Tie the second end of the bracelet into a knot. Trim off additional string using a pair of scissors.

Tie the bracelet together by tying the strands of the bracelet together. Add a simple braid.If you think your bracelet needs a little something extra, add some charms or beads onto the strands as you braid. Tie them into a knot and secure them.

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