Published:  12:48 AM, 20 August 2018

Chic style right

Chic style right

After having a look at many styles this season, the key trend is about channeling your inner chic style. With these trends you can begin to emerge in that chic style you've been waiting to try out.
1.    Art inspo:
    Get some inspiration from different art work and implement them in your style. Not only will you be making a statement but you'll also look chic with a twist of quirkiness. A creative color palette with different prints should be your go to this summer.

2.    Plaid it
    Plaids go a long way. This pattern is having a comeback. Not only does it perk up your style, but it looks good when worn casually or dress it up as you please. Checks aren't going anywhere.
3.    Polka dots
    These guys are just so much fun to wear. We are a huge fan of polka dots. Not only do they look fun, but it can add that true drama to your style polka dots are going strong, and we can't get enough.
4.    Fruit fun
    Fruits look so yummy and summery when worn right. Apparently cherry motif is in trend, but we love all sort of fruit motif on our attire. Fruit motif looks feminine and super chic. We love our fruits.
5.    Chic bling
    Embellishment and shine seems to be trending this season. It should be everyone's staple for a night out with friends or even family.  Escape into the sparkling lights of your wardrobe. You are going to turn heads around.
6.    Sorbet shades
    Pastel may not be the most ground-breaking trend, but it sure is pretty. Shades of lavender, sky blue, white and pink are popular for this summer season. A little bit of pastel never hurt anyone.
7.    Punk up
    There is something unusually chic about punk clothing. Not only does it bring out your personality, but it surely gives one that attention to boost the ego. Everyone has a punk in them, now it's the time to channel it.
8.    Logo mania
    Logos are, once again, everywhere. Brands are now starting to advertise themselves on just about anything. Wear the logo, and make that chic statement.

The writer is a freelancer

----Sara Mumtaz

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