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Published:  12:53 AM, 20 August 2018

Tips to revamp stale interiors on a limited budget

Tips to revamp stale interiors on a limited budget

can be lethal, especially when it comes to home décor. Just as life demands a change every now and then, our humble dwellings also need an update from time to time. Unfortunately, remodeling can put a real strain on ours pocket which, more often than not, discourages us from going through with it at all.

But little did we know that with a touch of sensibility, creativity and some small but clever modifications here and there, even the most mundane of spaces can be brought to life. This Eid, give your home a whole new look by trying out the helpful hacks below. We guarantee instant results, without you having to worry about the money one bit.

Plant a change

Greenery is literally the quickest way to add a bit of vigour to a lifeless room; the best option for this a potted plant or two. The best part? There is no need for one to purchase a fancy pot: you can simply spray paint an old one or invest in a couple of plain white gamlas. Set your new plants in the loneliest corners of your room. A little bit of greenery will go a long way!

Spruce up the sofa

It isn't necessary for the ratty and now worn-out seater that once cost you a fortune to do the same now as well. Your best bet is to make the most of any on-going sales and purchase a new set of throws and cushions to brighten up the old furniture instantly.

Rearrange the room

According to renowned interior designer Vicente Wolf, once can "Consider setting the furniture and the carpet on an angle. It will change the whole dynamics of the room."  Not to mention, when re-arranging, you don't have to worry about finding and buying any new items at all!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

There is nothing better than a mirror when it comes to opening up a tight space. Especially in the case of small, over-crowded rooms, one can always trust mirrors to make them appear bigger. And what's more, a large, framed one also helps break the monotony of walls and can add a touch of class to the entire scene.

Shades of light

Lamps are a blessing when it comes to brightening up a room but they aren't always cheap. If you're running on a low budget, an easy way to bring about a change in your home is to get new lamp shades, playing with different shapes, patterns and colours. A word of advice though: Remember to purchase them all in the same colour.

The curtain raiser

So this might be slightly pricier than the other hacks but a whole new set of curtains is bound to lift up a room.  If one is reluctant to purchase new curtains then trimming the ends of the draperies is the next best thing to do.  A valence or cornice can also help accentuate the height.

Paint over paint

Look around the room you wish to improve. If the furniture, appliances and wall-hangings all look up to date, then a small change in wall colour or texture might be all that is needed. Just make sure to select a neutral tone which will complement the colour schemes of the other items in the room, lest they all clash!

Candles science

A great way to bring out the prettiness of a room is to replace old crystal decorations pieces with some large fancy candle stands. Not only do candles make the  surroundings more romantic, they can give your home a pleasant aroma, provided that they are scented.

The writer is a freelancer

---Natasha Khalid

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