Published:  12:54 AM, 03 September 2018

Modern strategies of education

Modern strategies of education

The role of teachers in the development of education is immense and cannot be described in words. After the family, the teachers are supposed to be responsible for enlightening the students by means of developing knowledge and human values. First of all, the teacher is a man. He may have limitations in terms of knowledge, but he must have to think how to expand that limited knowledge to enrich his students.

And it is only possible by continuing to pursue knowledge. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider whether the teachers of earlier days have made their contribution in the field of education based on knowledge and whether they still exist.

Again, the depth of knowledge can be achieved through the cultivation of knowledge and values. Most importantly, this depth is not developed overnight. For this, association with knowledge for a long time is a must.

The consequence may be that if one cannot adapt oneself to the changes and excellence of knowledge over time, knowledge will go in its own pace and people will remain behind in the field of knowledge. Besides, when backwardness in knowledge affects a person immensely, his advanced universal thinking system is prone to vanquish.

It is often said that manual is seen in a negative way. It is the knowledge of a teacher and student that is limited to textbooks. This limitation creates a kind of conservatism among teachers and students. As a result, many unknown things about the world, the understanding beyond knowledge and mentality are not nurtured truly.

In this case, the concept of formation of knowledge-based society is directly or indirectly affected. And if a knowledge-based society is not formed, it is not possible to develop it as an economic, social and political basis of power. Though the National Education Policy has been declared in 2010, no national policy, on how to build itself as a developed and strong state by forming knowledge-based society, has been made so far.

There is no research on how to create a knowledge-based society by including history, tradition, culture, and mentality of our country. For this, we need to think about whether a specialized research institute can be established to ensure a healthy research environment.

One thing that is important to say here is the need of social workers to form society. But to work with an open-minded liberal outlook, the social reformers are not seen as before. Like the socialists of previous days, the courage and determination to ensure truth against injustice and to lead society on the right path is not seen in the activities of today's social workers.

The process of forming knowledge-based society is not being created due to the lack of real social reformers. The main reason is that people are now emphasizing personal and family interests rather than responsibility towards society and the state which cannot be desired in an advanced social system.

In recent times, one thing that is noticeable is that the number of teachers and educationists who follow shortcut way to success and popularity is supposed to be the barrier to the formation of knowledge-based society. Because of this, there are many alternatives to acquire knowledge.

It is really true that the importance of commercialization of knowledge rather than distribution of knowledge among the teachers has gained prominence. The way in which excellence in technology enhances knowledge does not really enrich the mentality of the people. The matter can be analyzed in such a way that when people need to know one thing, then it is easy to find it easily with the help of Google and Yahoo that temporarily resolves the needs and problems.

But the source, reason, analysis, depth and alternative options of the subject need to think seriously as it is not implemented in humans. As a result, it does not make people truly wise; rather this kind of mentality makes them technologically successful. It is impossible to enrich the kind of intrinsic and innovative thinking without real knowledge.

The trends of change that are happening in the course of research through a study are not evident in the activities of many teachers today. Although it is said that research subjects are only applicable to university teachers, but it cannot be accepted as true in today's era. Now it is applicable for teachers of schools and colleges. Recently, the leadership qualities of teachers are being considered in countries like America, Australia and Canada. Student-teacher relationships are considered to be important factors in many areas.

In today's modern education system, it emphasizes the importance of human qualities, conduct, its loyalty to the country, ethics, social responsibility, its success in the workplace, rather than the degree of certification. And such behaviors will help a student to follow the positive personality of his teacher.

Although it is said to be followed, there should not be any way to imitate. It destroys the individual's personality which is not favorable for the formation of a knowledge-based society. Sadly, instead of knowledge-based society, there are adverse effects of power-based society in the field of education.

When the subject matter of knowledge is not important in teachers, students and education, the main purpose of education is hampered. It is a matter of hope that the government has taken an initiative to create the knowledge-based social structure by establishing National Integrity Policy, Anti-sexual, Anti Terrorism Committee. Drugs and militancy endangered the life of the students making the family, society and state unbalanced.

As a result, the responsibility of the teachers has come into front. If a teacher is conservative and militant, then many students can go astray by him. If the teacher is enlightened with the essence of true knowledge of developed mentality and liberal outlook, then the process of forming knowledge-based society will accelerate. Otherwise, education will lose its true path by destroying society which could surely stop the progress of a nation.

The quality of education will be as strong as the foundation of knowledge-based society. In this, IQAC was formed in the government's move which has been working sincerely to maintain the quality of education. This is undoubtedly a commendable initiative.

But the biggest challenge is that if the efforts are made to bring the universities to the world rankings by maintaining the quality of the education, then can it be maintained or not? For this, accountability, surveillance and accountability will be ensured. Another important aspect of knowledge-based society is morality.

This morality is not only applied to the teachers but also to the students. Bangabandhu had made politics and ideology in his student life -- great achievement through great sacrifice was the basis of his politics. But in the case of student politics, now the policy is not working, rather it is seen from a business perspective which is not desirable in the knowledge-based rational modern society.

APJ Abdul Kalam said, "If a country is free of corruption and good mentality is developed among all, I firmly believe that there will be three people in their social life, who can bring changes. They are fathers, mothers, and teachers." And this is possible only by forming a knowledge-based society.

We have to change our outlook, develop a knowledge-based modern perspective for the betterment of our country. Obviously, if it is possible, Bangladesh will surely possess the power and strength to make all impossible possible.

The writer is an educationist
---Dr Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

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