Published:  12:02 AM, 06 September 2018

Diner Sheshe

Diner Sheshe

"Once, while working in my office, I realised that I'd gotten my period and didn't have a pad. I shied away from asking someone for one because I was always taught that this was a taboo -- something to be hidden behind words like 'chums, ketchup or Aunt Flo.'

In fact, when I told my chemist that he doesn't need to wrap the pads in newspaper, I'd apparently made a 'bold' request. He was surprised that a woman would choose to prance around with pads on the street!

That's when I found my purpose - I wanted to make a change to the mindsets of people, including my own! First I started at home, I spoke to my house help openly about periods and got her used to the term.

Then I approached schools to make students and teachers aware of periods through workshops. It was tough at first because school teachers didn't want to have this conversation, but once we got the ball rolling, people started to speak up.
Humans of Bombay, FB

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