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Published:  12:00 AM, 07 September 2018

My new colorful mobile

As everyone can recall me a matching and also colorful girl, this time I preferred to buy a colorful set. Oooooops, sorry actually you know my adorable husband presents me a niceeeeeeeee set…………. Yup it's a MOTORIZER V3.

Do you know what color is this? Obviously Pink (Dark). When we went to the shopping mall for have a look, at that time my eyes got stuck only for this. I couldn't even look to other cell. But Zarir wants to buy black one. Do you know why? If I would have been select the black one then he could use that.

Even though he has his own, he usually loves to go for the new one. Actually everybody wants to go for the new things. At that time I was little bit convinced by my sweet pie, but all of a sudden I realized "No". Then I started thinking I should go for the other color, otherwise I will not get that. Heeeeeeheeeeeeeeee. Sorry for ZarirL.

But he was sooooooo cherished that time. After getting my cell, he kissed me…….He feels very happy when he could buy something for me.

On the third day of my mobile, something happened wrong with this. I went to the city with my other two friends for copying the book. Zarir got classes that day and also after class he had his job. While I was talking to him in the afternoon, he replied that after finishing his class he will give me a call. And he tried for 50 times. (excerpt)

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