Published:  12:49 AM, 08 September 2018

Do intoxication habits usher in positivity in life?

Do intoxication habits usher in positivity in life?

Intoxication habits in modern societies have become a common phenomenon in India, partly in Bangladesh plus in other South Asian nations along with rest of the globe. That is why there has been a publicity going on in every year towards the end of the month of June. 

There is a saying that alcohol intoxication is not at all conducive in India and other South Asian nations as compared to countries under European and American continents. The reason behind it is very logical. 

This is that as climate of India and other South Asian nations are so utterly humid that it is not advisable by medical fraternities of India that common citizens should not have too much addiction on the above rather without it all of us should maintain steady and vibrant lives among us now and also in the coming days.
Now there has been a temperament among high level corporate professionals of India as well as various professionals of diverse disciplines to be deeply alcoholic addiction in order to relieve from severe strain and stress of their professional intercourse on daily basis. 

But is it truly the way out from regular drudgery of life rather we can get rid of the phase from reading books in both English, different regional languages (Bengali in Bangladesh) and various other international languages of repute. 

In this regard what we evince modern societies have been too much of club and hilarious oriented that intoxication habits in India and somewhat it is noticeable in Bangladesh plus various other South Asian nations. 

So if any human being like me feels that intoxication habits pave the way for positives in life. I would rather appeal to modern citizens of India to please quit drinking as well as that of smoking so that health of every human being remain sedate till our last breath in life.Intoxication is rather a negative factor in our lives. But readers might wonder when intoxication becomes positive if it is related to reading books. 

This reading phase of human beings always paves the way for betterment of our lives. Thus alcoholic    intoxication is more or less rampant in India, partly in Bangladesh and other South Asian nations but in countries under European and American continents it is virtually on the waning point. 

Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble tasks to analyze in details whether intoxication habits will lead to positives or negatives in life.  If anybody asks me whether alcoholic intoxication paves the way for positives in life or not, the answer to it should always be in negative posture. 

Rational and analytical minded citizens of India, Bangladesh and other South Asian nations will always reiterate that alcohol intoxication should always be referred to as one of the most deleterious effects in human lives. So the time has rightly arrived at that we should endeavor to quit alcohol intoxication and also smoking immediately in order to regain our sound health.  

In this regard the famous comment by Dr A.M.Delwar Hossain, present of Arts Faculty, 'what is the fun in having alcohol intoxication as well as that of smoking which badly damages our life.'  

That is after prolonged campaign by Dr Hossain as Dean of Arts Faculty the impact has become deeply embedded in the hearts and mind of humanities student of Dhaka University which has been really praiseworthy. So full kudos goes to Dr Hossain in this regard whose term is ending in the beginning of the year 2019. 

This gives a clear indication that intoxication of alcohol no doubt shows grim and negative signals to the societies. If the people of Western countries could quit alcohol intoxication then why the people of India and also that of entire South Asian can't cannot quit alcohol and smoking forever. 

There are various ways and means available by which we give up intoxication habits. Some of the common ones are stated as follow: l We must have strong determination and mental strength to quit intoxicating habits. 

l We should be far away from clubs and other places of frolic entertainment in different parts of India in order to quit alcohol and smoking habits forever. l We should be more prone to reading habits in order to shun intoxication habits. 

l During driving in different busy intersections of India we must give up alcoholic and smoking habits in order to be comfortable in the above stated tasks. l During professional timing intoxication should be totally prohibitive. 

Summing up the above views one point always surmise our mind is that in the age of innovation and scientific development we must  undertake vows to quit alcohol intoxication habits as well as that of smoking ones in order to maintain sedate health of us. 

Otherwise our life will remain trounced under the debris throughout our lives. Lastly like me everybody hopes sincerely that we must think positives in life rather going for nasty intoxications in life. 

Government of India as well as different non-governmental organizations (NGO's) based in different parts of the country must be proactive in this regard otherwise we will not be able to get rid from this addiction in life. Also event of June 29 every year in India should be observed by entire nations. 

The writer is a freelance contributor based in Kolkata

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