Published:  01:21 AM, 08 September 2018

7 ways to earn from facebook

7 ways to earn from facebook

We are getting addicted to facebook day by day. Many people believe facebook is a place for wasting time. It is a place all misdeeds. Facebook is a thing for which youths are going astray. 

All these are not false as all such incidents are taking place via facebook. Teenagers are wasting valuable time leaving their studies. But it is also true that many good things are being done through facebook such as arresting criminals, collecting blood, campaigning for a good cause. There are a good number of examples. 

We should keep it in mind that everything has two aspects- good and bad. Perhaps we waste most of our time doing unnecessary things on facebook due to lack of consciousness. But online professionals think facebook as a boon in the current world. 

It is so easy to remain in touch with a huge number of people across the globe through facebook. The world has truly come to our hands thanks to facebook. 

We can make friendship with one living in USA and get update about the country. In one hand, some people are utilizing this great advantage of facebook and some are wasting time on facebook on the other. It is your own decision how you will use facebook. Here is a guideline how one can be self-reliant using facebook.

How can you earn learning the use of facebook?

1. F-Commerce: One can start e-commerce business in Bangladesh opening a facebook page. Tk 10,000-30,000 can be earnred monthly through this business. If one invests more, he or she can earn more. 

Income may be Tk 1-2 lakh per month.Products: Sarees, female dresses, gift items etc.Challenges: Small investment, product selection, product delivery, marketing.

2. T-Shirt Affiliation: At present, T-Shirt affiliation is a much popular income source in Bangladesh. Only facebook is used for this affiliation. It can be possible to earn Tk 10,000-1,00,000 through this business.Products: T-shirts, mugs, hoodies etc., Challenges: Niche selection, audience target, marketing. 

3. Hosting affiliation: In case of hosting affiliation, it can be earned only through facebook marketing. Income rises with volume of sales, which may range from Tk 5000 to Tk 8000. 

But it is not possible to take hosting affiliation as a profession as regular income isn't possible in this marketing. Product: Hosting of different companies, Challenges: Developing content, finding out potential customers, marketing.

4. Local business: Facebook marketing is currently being used for boosting income of any local business. Businesses from restaurant to fashion house need facebook marketing. Products: Service, training, products etc, Challenges: Investment, product selection, efficient workforce, marketing.

5. Local jobs: As facebook marketing is a big factor in any kind of business, an opportunity has been created for those who have expertise in the facebook marketing. One can get such job with a salary of Tk 12,000-60,000 in Bangladesh. Products: Service, training, products etc, Challenge: Practical experience, boosting profit in business.

6. Bringing traffic to the site: The more traffic is in the site, the income is more, which can be Tk 5000-1 lakh. Product: A blog site, Challenge: Niche selection, developing a site, content development, marketing etc.

7. Branding one's expertise: If one thinks himself or herself expert, he or she can promote his or her expertise through facebook. If people know about your efficiency, jobs will be available. Product: Individual expertise, Challenge: Content development, remaining active in groups regarding the expertise, marketing etc.

---Md Ekram

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