Published:  12:00 AM, 10 September 2018

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Residential school

I've just come back from a residential school Lane End Conference centre hidden away in leafy Buckinghamshire. But let's be honest in that it was not a weekend of leisure. 

With sessions starting on Friday evening till about 10. Then an early start on Saturday morning from 8am  through till 9pm again and then closing on Sunday from 9am till about 4pm. So yes, pretty busy for all!

I've come away with a renewed sense of confidence. In all honesty going into the school, I was nervous of having to discuss my proposed EBI which had rapidly shifted from my initial proposal as part of TMA 01. In this instance when I first proposed 3 EBIs, two were to do with work and one with a NFP organisation for whom I am a board member.

With a bit of a push from my tutor I jumped into the one related to the NFP, which to be honest is well outside of my comfort zone.The initial proposal of 'Devising a Communications & Technology Strategy for an NFP' rapidly lost its shape and structure during the school.

One of the first activities was a cluster analysis of the problem. The advantage of the cluster analysis was that key issues quickly came to the fore as well as areas where these challenges lay. 

Having introduced my proposal to my breakout team, it became apparent that what was missing was not a communications or technology strategy but an overall business strategy. (excerpt)

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