Published:  12:21 AM, 10 September 2018

Bizarre drama in Washington

Drama of a most bizarre kind is playing out in Washington these days. Vice President Mike Pence, in a clear reference to the contents of an anonymous article in the New York Times, has come forward with a denial about any role he may have had in discussing Donald Trump's possible removal from office. 

The 25th amendment to the US constitution spells out the ways by which the cabinet can move to have the President removed, of course the other steps being a confirmation by Congress of the President's mental or physical incapacity to govern.

There can be little question that President Trump has by now demonstrated all the signs of being incapable of providing leadership to Americans. As the anonymous article pointed out, he has been petty and impetuous. Besides, his statements on nearly every occasion have demonstrated an irrational mind at work. 

He has castigated his own attorney general; he goes on voicing the old grouse about Hillary Clinton; he has defended neo-Nazis by describing them as good people; and he says he went off to sleep when former President Obama came down heavily on him the other day.

Everything now depends on how purposefully and quickly Bob Mueller can bring his investigations into the Trump campaign's Russia links in 2016 to an end. A good number of Trump's former aides are in bad legal trouble, which is rare in American history. 

In simple terms, it is a diminished Trump, despite his endless bluster, in the White House today. But what is really a matter of consternation is the outrageously partisan position Republican politicians in both the Congress and outside have adopted in these present circumstances. They are only shaming themselves.

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