Published:  12:31 AM, 11 September 2018

Literature: The power of human soul

The human spirit and the desire of the mind can be contented through the practices of literary pieces. Literature is a medium that has the power to influence human, society, state and civilization. History of a civilization survives through contemporary literature. 

The more enriched of the literature will be, the more developed the history of that civilization will be. Affection for literature enables one to develop human and universal amity among people. Literature develops unpublished and accumulated thoughts of people. 

As a result, liberal thinking creates a positive attitude. Where people are defeated by misguided truth, people learn to dream and submit themselves to reality. As a result, life faces harsh reality and wars come into reality.

At the International Bangla Literature Conference, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned some important things while looking for the glory of literature, from which literature is related to state philosophy, progress and human life. Literature can inspire people through the formation of just a society. 

It also creates consciousness and values among people against wrong and untrue. Through literature innovative and creative outlook has been developed among the people that develops goodness and exposes the entrenched possibilities among humans. 

The question here may be whether writers, poets, painters, singers, actors are those who practice literary works only or whether they are deeply analytical. Those who write in the real sense, those who watch actors and those who see the pictures of the painters, they also enrich themselves through the practice of caring and nurturing literature.

Because material elements of literature can be literary, but if these materials were not accepted by ordinary people literature would not have been developed. Therefore, the inspiration and encouragement of those who create literature comes from the readers. On the other hand, the readers are able to get drenched with the purity of literature and can change their outlook and knowledge. 

It is often observed that the readers' attitude about the positive and negative effects of any literature can easily be discerned through the good practice of reading and nurturing literature. 

Where it is in place, people of rational and philosophical thought have developed. When there is a discussion of negative issues of literature, literary criticism of its limitations and how it can be overcome, it provides valuable advice on how to change literature and excel into. 

Furthermore, the more a society and state will be literary critic, the more development and prosperity of that state will be. It's not just the matter of economic development of a society or country rather the importance of human development.

According to Amartya Sen, economic progress is difficult to achieve without human progress. In development, these two are inextricably linked, and sometimes it may be aesthetically. However, considering all the areas of human development, it can also stop the economic progress. 

This human progress is possible only through literature. In addition, it is important to think about how to create more literary critics by fondling the general public towards literature. However, it should be remembered that literature criticism should not be made in a person-centric critique. Literary critics will also have to think about the positive aspects of literature.

An author may be temporarily shocked and humiliated by any criticism and once the authors agree to the critics' viewpoint, the ultimate problem will be solved. Buddhadeb Basu believed in his critique of the puja as a worship of the priest. 

After the criticism of Buddhadeb Bose, the poet of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Kabhi', published in the book, 'Obya Bali', the poet said, "I am very happy to read the comment that was given in the last part. On the other hand, I have felt inclined to face the end of the eye sands, and should be condemned by condemnation."

On the other hand, Nazrul's 'rebel' poem has been criticized and parody was written against it. However, nowadays, this poem is the most widely read in the world and it is considered one of the best poems in Bengali language. Here, the evolution of time evaluates the poem with the value of literature. 

Western literary critic Horace gave advice to volunteer for the creation of real art, not being reluctant to publish the young people. Horace did not think of poetry as crazy or crazy. 

He emphasized the importance of moderation and compatibility in industrialization. Horace believed that it would not be true that everyone would have the talent of art or literature of the same genre, that aspect of the kind of artistic talent or potential that is more likely to be chosen should be chosen. 

The main element of his theoretical perspective was that poets and writers would create new ideas in the use of their language and use of words which would be different from one another, and the taste of this difference would distinguish ideas among people. 

Literary critic Lorenas advocates conceptualization of literature. He believed that only those who possess a great and advanced view of man as well as the creation of higher level creative literature can be possible.

We talk about knowledge, talent, philosophy, technology, economics and development based society but do not talk too much about literary society. But the foundation of knowledge-based society can be developed through the formation of literary society. And by changing literature into sophisticated culture, the way society can change is not possible in any other way.

The writer is an educationist

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