Published:  12:19 AM, 12 September 2018

Let women live with confidence

For years, women across the world have been victims to violent behaviours by their male counterparts in society. Even though it is a 21st century modern world advanced in science, technology, knowledge and education, this evil trend has not come to an end. In reality, it brings little respect for the people of modern, civilized and democratic society. 

On the other hand, all forms of violence against women are criminal offenses thus punishable. In order to curb these crimes, therefore, strict laws have been enacted in every country in the world too. But in spite of all these, we are failing to provide women with security they need for their free movement. Also, violent behaviours towards them are increasing in some countries.

In our country, the issue of violence against women demands special attention for it is a very serious national problem. In spite of having a very strict law, tortures on women and girls are increasing in the country. 

As per the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad report, a total of 834 rape cases took place in the first ten months last year. From January to December 2016, 705 girls and women were also victims to rape. The most shocking revelation is that about 70 percent among those rape victims were minor girls. 

The tendency of gang rape and killing afterwards has also increased to a great extent. In 2016, 212 girls and women were gang-raped among whom 31 people were killed after rape. Seventy six percent of the female students of universities in the country are victims to various types of harassment. 

Again, over 80 percent of women are victims to physical, mental and sexual abuse by their husbands. Many women have to suffer tortures day after day due to failure in meeting dowry demands of husbands while many others are killed every year.

Normally, the exact figure does not appear in the published statistics of women repression. Because, 70 percent of rape cases, according to various research surveys, remain unnoticed to the media and law enforcement authorities. Fear for social dignity, intimidation from rapists, even the threats of rape and murder also prevent the family members to be vocal against this social curse. 

So, there is a need to end this stigmatic situation. For this, the law enforcement must be made more effective. But of course that is not enough. Indeed, each and every one in society must have to come forward to ensure safety of women and girls in each family, in every institution. A non-frightful atmosphere, that allows confidence to grow, for women alongside men can surely take society forward.

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