Published:  04:06 AM, 12 September 2018

BB to lodge case in USA shortly

Reserve heist

Bangladesh Bank's Governor Fazle Kabir has issued orders to the concerned officials to lodge a case in the United States of America immediately in connection with the central bank's reserve heist which took place in February 2016.

The order from Fazle Kabir came right after the publication of a special report in The Asian Age titled "Hacker identified but BB mum" which appeared on 11th September 2018 on the front page of the English daily.

Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit's (BFIU) Adviser Debprasad Debnath has confirmed the order from the Governor to file a case with the relevant court in the USA on Tuesday while speaking to journalists.

Debprasad Debnath said, "We are most likely to register a case in the US court before the upcoming election. Governor Fazle Kabir has asked the central bank authority to take necessary initiatives in this regard quickly. We hope the stolen money can be retrieved through this case."

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of USA unfolded information on 6th September about the involvement of North Korean hackers with the reserve heist of Bangladesh Bank. 

A court in the USA officially has conferred orders to constitute hacking charges against North Korean hacker Park Jin. Bangladesh views this development as a strong ray of optimism about recovery of the heisted money.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) of Philippines has already started prosecution of Maia Deguito in connection with the cyber attack on Bangladesh Bank. 

Maia Deguito was Manager of RCBC Jupiter Street branch in Philippines when the hacking was carried out. Allegations show that she did not comply with Bangladesh Bank's request to stop fund transfer right after the hacking was done.

BFIU Adviser Debprasad Debnath said to reporters, "The hacking was proven initially in the Philippines court on 5th July. FBI has also stated that it was a hacking by a North Korean cyber culprit. Connections of North Korean hacker Park Jin have been found by FBI with this cyber theft. 

So, now there is more likelihood to rescue the plundered money. FBI is conducting investigation over this occurrence since Bangladesh Bank's money was taken away by the hacker from New York Federal Reserve Bank."

Debprasad Debnath further said, "FBI has also slapped an embargo on Park Jin because Park Jin, according to FBI inquiries, is associated with an infamous hackers group."

Domestic and international financial organizations hold the opinion that Park Jin was responsible for the worldwide cyber attacks during 2017 on top of the cyber theft of Bangladesh Bank's reserve. 

Allegedly Park Jin and his accomplices were at the back of the cyber assault on Sony Corporation in 2014. Park Jin's hackers gang is known as Lazarus Group.

Park Jin's hackers group used to work under cover of Chosun Expo which is a Chinese company. USA has imposed embargo on Chosun Expo for this reason.

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