Published:  01:30 AM, 13 September 2018

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Samuel Bloom was an American educational psychologist who made contributions to the classification of educational objectives and to the theory of mastery learning.

He also directed a research team which conducted a major investigation into the development of exceptional talent whose results are relevant to the question of eminence, exceptional achievement, and greatness.[1] In 1956, Bloom edited the first volume of Taxonomy of Educational Objectives:

The Classification of Educational Goals, which outlined a classification of learning objectives that has come to be known as Bloom's taxonomy and remains a foundational and essential element within the educational community as evidenced in the 1981 survey "Significant Writings That Have Influenced the Curriculum: 1906-81" by Harold G. He died on 13 September 1999 (aged 86) in Chicago, Illinois, US.

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